Meaning of AEROPLANE in English





But to leave it there is about as practical as learning to fly an aeroplane by reading a book on the subject.

Four months ago, you know, he could not even fly an aeroplane .

Throughout 1912 he test flew aeroplanes for Ducrocq and also instructed novice pilots at the Ducrocq-Lawford Flying School.

Right from the start the military way of flying an aeroplane is different.

Years of flying so many different aeroplanes with different cockpits and harnesses can make escape very difficult.

Using a quarter mill correctly requires practice - like flying an aeroplane .

Never having flown in an aeroplane , I was unable to corroborate this view.

I have never flown in an aeroplane , and I never will!


This construction proved very successful and, with minor modifications, is still the standard way of making aeroplanes .

He loped up the street in zigzags, swooping and making aeroplane noises.

Though this makes many passengers change aeroplanes , it is highly efficient for the airlines themselves.

My six-year old daughter has ominously started making paper aeroplanes and dividing them into teams.

I was doing my war work making aeroplanes .


Entebbe is where you came on the aeroplane .

He loped up the street in zigzags, swooping and making aeroplane noises.

It started on the aeroplane on the way out.

One of the officers showed me into the aeroplane and himself sat down in the pilot's seat.

She recalled no aeroplanes flying over the heath.

The aeroplane fell apart when it hit the ground.

The remainder will replace older aeroplanes.

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