Meaning of AIDS in English




a cancer/AIDS etc patient

One in three cancer patients suffers no pain at all.

a cancer/AIDS etc victim

He helped raise £2,000 for a dying cancer victim.

AIDS/cancer/asthma/arthritis etc sufferers

a support group for cancer sufferers

lose sb to cancer/AIDS etc

He lost his father to cancer his father died of cancer last year.

the AIDS/flu/polio etc virus

They are trying to stop the spread of the flu virus.




It was the latter path that a group of New York AIDS activists took in 1987.

His first, Kristine Gebbie, resigned after being criticized by AIDS activists for being ineffectual.

As demonstrators blew whistles and chanted on the streets, other AIDS activists got stuck into the science.

Degaying had the opposite effect that many AIDS activists hoped.

His opinion has been almost universal among gay and AIDS activists even to this day.

Many AIDS activists have opposed home test kits, because they feared people would receive inadequate counseling.


However total AIDS cases are estimated to be between 100,000 and 150,000.

Retrospective Diagnosis Using the first technique, researchers found dozens of possible AIDS cases from medical records dating back to the 1930s.

An increase in AIDS cases will strain both preventive and curative services.

Two AIDS cases have been identified from death certificates where Kaposi's sarcoma has been mentioned as cause of death.

Tens of thousands of AIDS cases over many years uniformly fit into predictable patterns.

Chin said on June 17 that by the year 2000 around 90 percent of global AIDS cases would be among heterosexuals.

The Bay Area ranked fourth in the nation, with 83 AIDS cases per 100, 000 residents.


Several big drug firms said this month that they would provide AIDS drugs at steep discounts to poor countries that want them.

Agouron Pharmaceuticals launched an AIDS drug earlier this year.

That was before Holman, 30, began taking a new cocktail of AIDS drugs .

Patients eventually develop a resistance to AIDS drugs , so doctors are obliged to rotate the type of medication.

If pot concentrates the AIDS drugs , they could be toxic; if reduced, they could be ineffective.


Kate has been overseeing an AIDS education course in Constanta together with a local representative, Ana Ureche.

During the second semester of his first year, Craig became involved in AIDS education on campus.

Chris Bennetts, senior health promotion officer for AIDS education , was actively involved in this area.

The best AIDS education program requires the personal involvement of management and employees.

In the schools the needs for AIDS education has never been greater.

We recommend that in-person group informational sessions form the core of the AIDS education program.

The same approach should be taken with AIDS education .

There are now AIDS-related organizations in many communities that will assist employers in developing AIDS education programs.


Recent topics include career guidance, parenthood and the AIDS epidemic .

Self-education is hardly new to gay men in the AIDS epidemic .

The country is battling an AIDS epidemic .

For a long time, doctors thought anti-viral drugs would be enough to stop the AIDS epidemic in its tracks.

So far, the global AIDS epidemic is thought to have killed 19m people.

And he has boosted federal spending to combat the AIDS epidemic .

All the ingredients for an AIDS epidemic that has yet to begin.

No other methods have ever been found anywhere in any country during the entire course of the AIDS epidemic .


We tried to find out whether reactivation of T gondii in AIDS patients induces similar antibody secretion.

Today, like many other public hospitals that once took polio patients , it houses many AIDS patients.

Every AIDS patient is a monument to the theory of evolution.

Economically, the care of AIDS patients will put a tremendous strain on our already overburdened and costly health care delivery system.

Jab hope in aids war AIDS patients are being given a new vaccine which could slow down the effects of the disease.

The typical AIDS patient comes into his office at least once a month, needing tests, treatments, even hospitalization.

During 1992 twice as many new carriers or AIDS patients were diagnosed as in 1991.

Like many AIDS patients , Pieters swallows the drug combo to help his body suppress the virus day after day.


Our first and subsequent courses have been a success and are part of a long-term commitment to AIDS prevention .

The connections between environmentalism and AIDS prevention are more than merely rhetorical.

Gay groups and AIDS prevention groups are beginning to experiment with different kinds of messages.

Yet it is rarely posed as a major issue of AIDS prevention .

Educators feared these young men were missing the AIDS prevention message.

If the world of AIDS prevention worked that way, the process might look like this.

But there are virtually no powerful forces within the gay AIDS prevention movement arguing for prevention first.

The enterprise of AIDS prevention in the gay world has strenuously avoided any detailed examination of these mechanisms.


But AIDS research is moving so quickly that the current cocktail soon will be obsolete, Teixeira said.

But AIDS research is overwhelmingly carried out in the industrialized world.


Scientists were optimistic about the prospect of developing an AIDS vaccine .

He noted that hopes were high for an AIDS vaccine in the mid-1980s.

Getting governments to recognise the importance of an AIDS vaccine is as critical as getting the science right in the laboratory.

So the federal government must make a special effort to keep AIDS vaccine research afloat, Gallo said.

In 2000, Bill Clinton promised millions more dollars to fund AIDS vaccine research.

More distant prospects include improved vaccines for tuberculosis and childhood diseases, and possibly an AIDS vaccine, Young said.

Developing a new AIDS vaccine ranks among the most difficult of all medical challenges going.

Genetic engineering techniques will speed up the development process for the AIDS vaccine , but these experimental new techniques still require time.


One of these AIDS victims was a haemophiliac who probably contracted the disease through infected blood products.

About 70 percent of AIDS victims throughout the country are male homosexuals and bisexuals.

Since the virus can spread through blood, transfusions could account for the 25 percent of AIDS victims who are not gay.

In addition. AIDS victims often develop a rare type of cancer, known as Kaposi's sarcoma.


The man then told them he had the AIDS virus , though prison authorities have not confirmed whether this was true.

Unlike the virus that causes the flu, the AIDS virus can not be transmitted through the air.

All cases of transmission of the AIDS virus ever studied fit into one of these three categories.

The risk assessment of oral transmission of the AIDS virus has a theoretical basis only.

Blood that has been collected for use is tested for the presence of antibody to the AIDS virus .

Maternal transmission is becoming a major problem as increasing numbers of newborn babies enter the world already infected with the AIDS virus .

In about ten years, the genes of the AIDS virus change as much as human genes change in 10 million years.

There is no danger of infection with AIDS virus by casual social contact.


About 70 percent of AIDS victims throughout the country are male homosexuals and bisexuals.

Beyond that, AIDS patients must pay or go on Medi-Cal.

Evidence shows that the AIDS virus may also attack the nervous system, causing damage to the brain.

It had heard that the paper was planning to include an item on AIDS and demanded to be consulted.

It was a hint that AIDS is more than one disease.

Our educators present a personal message, each one having had experience of caring for those dying with AIDS at home.

Unlike the virus that causes the flu, the AIDS virus can not be transmitted through the air.

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