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On 6 December, I announced a further £7.5 million capital allocation for projects for 1992-93.

Great ingenuity was expended in creative accounting to get round overall spending limits or capital allocations .


For the international economy it hopefully brings about a more efficient allocation of investment or financial resources.

Property rights thus have a distributional implication - who compensates whom - but also act to achieve the socially efficient allocation .

The basic economic argument for the market system-that it tends to provide an efficient allocation of resources-Is not easily undermined.

I believe this to be most important if we are to have rational investment decisions and efficient allocations of resources.

Such specialization, we saw in Chapter 3, means a more efficient allocation of resources.

The market therefore does not produce a socially efficient allocation of resources.

If the market does not achieve an efficient allocation of resources there is said to be market failure.


The recommendations of the Working Party have been used as the basis for financial allocations to the Health Service regions since 1977.


City officials during that time were doing technical work and making some initial decisions about allocations of funds.


The largest allocations went, in order of size, to education, public works, defence, local government and health.

The very presence of the mines necessitated a large allocation of precious manpower to keep the roads open.

Transport and communications received the largest allocation , 23.8 percent of the proposed budget, followed by agriculture with 18.5 percent.

The largest allocation went on defence, at 21.3 percent of recurrent spending.

Although they will not qualify for discounts or bonus shares, they will get a larger allocation .

The Assembly was expanded from 195 to 250 seats, allowing for a larger allocation of seats to independent candidates.

The largest rises in allocations went to security and defence.

He wants a larger allocation in any case.


The t treatments are applied within each block by random allocation to the experimental units.


The columns on the right of the form show the total allocation to each project for the period and to date.

Of the total £68.1 million allocation for community care grants, £67.4 million was spent.

The main point to make about the Programme Authorities was that their total allocations from the Urban Programme were very small.

The Ministry was to spend considerably more than its total allocation for the period 1964-69.

It would appear that edited departmental lists only accounted for £800 or so of the total allocation .



So some of the benefits of geographic asset allocation are lost.

No one is saying that asset allocation is bad.


The next step was to devise a budget allocation procedure that reflected the health needs of different areas.

What political strategies and tactics are used to influence budget allocations ? 6.

The budget allocation process is designed to support existing businesses.

Three million pages of information were printed and there was no budget allocation for using outside printers.

Higher spending practices were rewarded for their inefficiency and the more efficient penalised by lower budget allocations .

Fees increase annually, therefore budget allocations have to accommodate this.


Hon. Members will be aware that the access fund allocations for the current academic year have already been made.


That will encourage existing farmers to increase their production per hectare from their smaller land allocation .


The allocation policy is apparently the result of production difficulties.

Access to housing Most housing departments failed to integrate disabled people into their allocation policies .

An example of good practice in incorporating disabled people into an allocations policy was again provided by Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council.

An insensitive allocation policy could only frustrate their efforts.


The budget allocation process is designed to support existing businesses.

The group approach explicitly rejects the notion that a small elite dominates the resource allocation process .

In the face of competing claims on scarce resources, the allocation process can also become highly political.

Allocations of large blocks to individual users should be kept to a minimum because of the inflexibility of the allocation process .

The budgetary process focuses more clearly on the resource allocation process with more thorough scrutiny of existing commitments.


The management of resource allocation involves giving attention to all these matters and how they affect roles at different hierarchical levels.

The presumption is that resource allocation will be improved upon by this type of government activity.

Proposals for resource allocation according to quality of teaching as well as research endeavour are undoubtedly overdue.

We stress the evils of idleness and bad resource allocation which were relevant to efforts to increase output a century ago.

The final perspective upon resource allocation is by age group.

There were of course anomalies, but some would have occurred whatever mechanisms for resource allocation had been adopted.

Such a pattern of resource allocation is called a Pareto optimum.

It is essential that the impact of resource allocation formula is justifiable on grounds other than the composition of any particular formula.


As such it can be seen that this is not a zero-based allocation system or a total formula-based system.

The first move has been in converting to a project-based resource allocation system rather than funding an overall area of activity.


Like most other nurses at that time, Bob was used to task allocation .

This was task allocation taken to its ultimate extreme.

The arguments for and against task allocation are therefore quite mixed.

Is there any task allocation at all - for example, do only one or two nurses give the insulin?

We have considered the possibility that task allocation really serves the organisation, which is therefore the real client.


So marginal changes in time allocation to sport may be difficult.



I shall be announcing the individual allocations for next year before Christmas.

Instead, the Housing Minister announced a £100 million allocation specifically for the target areas.


Minimum estimate of X based on maximum allocation to injuries $ 69, 000 2.


It would then be the responsibility of the institution itself to decide upon the detailed allocation of resources within the programme.


Instead, water distribution will be determined by the relative allocation of solute to the extracellular and intracellular spaces.


At the commencement of training, each trainee should be provided with a training plan which includes details of holiday allocation .


We have rightly increased their allocations this year.

There is some evidence that institutional investors are now more prepared to increase the allocations to gilts in their portfolios.

Mr. Fallon I increased the allocation to St. Helens for improvement work from £311,000 last year to £556,000 this year.


When such a polarized cell divides, the two daughter cells receive different chemical allocations .

The programme authorities and the designated districts receive smaller allocations .


50% of the fund will be available for allocation this year.

Schools will be given cash allocations per student.

Some families lie about the number of people in their household in order to get larger food stamp allocations.

Special ticket allocations were made for members of the company and their guests.

The allocation for atomic research has been doubled.


Does the allocation plan ensure that learners' holidays are known well in advance?

Governments caring sufficiently about redistribution might still prefer inefficient allocations with greater vertical equity.

I just know who got the money and who approved the allocations.

Most of these allocations were for parks and recreation projects.

The management of resource allocation involves giving attention to all these matters and how they affect roles at different hierarchical levels.

The next step was to devise a budget allocation procedure that reflected the health needs of different areas.

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