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A more analytical approach was needed.

The work naturally becomes more analytical and mathematically challenging at this stage.

Grossman's analysis offers a more analytical treatment of why rational economic behaviour would require higher participation by higher income groups.

A reconsideration of these moves us on to a more analytical plane, and points the way forward to discussion in subsequent chapters.

At a more analytical level, these micro-observations are being placed in a series of broader contexts.



This issue comprises an extensive effort to apply economic modelling techniques and other analytical approaches to policy issues in a specific sector.

Some felt that the old analytical approach to science had been played out, that a new approach was called for.

A more analytical approach was needed.

The enumeration in such schemes reflects an analytical approach to knowledge, with subjects subdivided into their component subfields.

The written examinations would provide the opportunity for assessing whether the student had acquired a sufficiently analytical approach to the subject.


Still, the book is of great value, especially for analytical chemists in industrial labs.

These chapters are excellent for the conscientious analytical chemist , and can truly be used as a manual / handbook.

They went into partnership as analytical chemists at Lincoln's Inn in 1885.

Quevauviller is very successful in systematically altering analytical chemists to effective means for achieving quality in analytical speciation.

There is certainly a need for a comprehensive guide to materials characterization techniques for industrial scientists who are not analytical chemists .


Its contents goes well beyond what is actually relevant for analytical chemistry .

It also makes an ideal text to support an undergraduate degree course in analytical chemistry .

This is a very well written chapter and covers material not normally found in other analytical chemistry texts.

These topics are important, but instrumental analytical chemistry plays an essential role in analysis these days and needs better coverage.

Alan Townshend, professor of analytical chemistry at Hull, agrees that phasing out carbon tetrachloride is a minor worry.

A thorough knowledge of analytical chemistry and experience in chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques is therefore essential.

Applicants should have a degree or equivalent qualification in chemistry and relevant post-graduate experience or training in analytical chemistry.

The education in analytical chemistry and environmental sciences will certainly profit from this book, too.


Chemometrics and analytical data extraction are the main topics covered in the computer corner.

Other supporting evidence for the use of different sand sources can be found in the analytical data .

Hughes established that 36% of the single thesis which she studied was unpublished because it consisted of raw analytical data .


This type of analytical framework posits a range of views from strong versions of racism to weak versions of ethnocentrism.

Even if we accept this, it is questionable how useful an analytical framework is which has an untenable base.

What makes Austen's work interesting is that it can never be reduced entirely to simple analytical frameworks .


The problem is by no means limited to analytical instruments .


These papers demonstrate also the necessity of international cooperation between analytical laboratories .

The whole work is well presented and is recommended as an invaluable source of reference in the analytical laboratory .

To what extent are these factors likely to be present in modern analytical laboratories ?

Specific aspects of laboratory practice and particular areas of accreditation which may cause problems for analytical laboratories are also discussed.


A fundamentally different analytical method is to use the concept of bibliographical coupling to construct clusters of co-citing journals.

They offer contrasts both in the dynamical basis of rhythmicity and in the analytical methods that have been used to examine them.

It is one of the most useful texts for communicating to the reader an understanding of an analytical method and its potential.

In another analytical method , neutron activation, an atomic reactor is used to bombard the mineral with fast-moving neutrons.

Tests to confirm that the analytical methods used in stability testing are in fact stability-indicating should be conducted.

All analytical methods should be validated in respect of accuracy, precision, linearity and specificity.

The emphasis on analytical methods in these final chapters is also out of date.

Nevertheless, not withstanding the adoption of an analytical method , the dominant tradition is both anti-rationalist and anti-formalist in conception.


But his coldly analytical mind dismissed the idea.

The trouble comes when the analytical mind is shut down by restimulation and the auditor is seeking the ally computation.

David Anderson was a selfless public servant with an incisive analytical mind .

She is the associative restimulator something his analytical mind , told to scent danger, picks up as the cause.

People with analytical minds have a great tendency to be negative.


There are important analytical problems to be addressed concerning the siting of such monitoring equipment and these are elaborated on later.

A number of analytical problems are raised by the rather stark polarization between these opposing views.

There is insufficient attention paid to the analytical problems to be addressed in biochemistry.


Negative assurance may be expressed as a result of review work, on the basis of inquiry and analytical procedures .

This time consuming analytical procedure has the advantage of simplicity and requires little specialist equipment.

For negative assurance, enquiry and analytical procedures will be required.

The analytical procedure is to use each theme as an axis around which different elements of empirical data are grouped.


These are distinct for analytical purposes though in practice they overlap.

For analytical purposes , the 12 categories of land cover recognized during the classification stage were compressed into five representing: 1.

Historians, too, must determine how to classify their data for analytical purposes .


The emphasis is on the development of critical and analytical skills .

Her superb analytical skills will find a less adversarial niche.

Ability to apply sound analytical skills to a creative process.

His excellent analytical skills were clearly apparent.

These professional advisers will need statistical and analytical skills as well as expertise in drug therapy.

Some firms prefer candidates with business backgrounds because business courses emphasize quantitative analytical skills .

Because of their quantitative and analytical skills , the demand for economics graduates is buoyant.


Part 1 is concerned with analytical techniques , including some aspects of data quality control.

The next chapter will explore some of the analytical techniques that are commonly employed in working capital management.

Since spectrometry forms the basis of most analytical techniques to be described it must first be defined.

The analytical techniques available to the bureaucracies of modern states are increasingly sophisticated.

McNeill Alexander adopted a different analytical technique , and came up with a much slower dinosaur than Bakker's.

In this way modern analytical techniques are providing the basis for greater appreciation of some of the world's greatest painters.

The new inductively coupled plasma mass-spectrometry laboratory is a leading exponent of the application of this powerful analytical technique to geological materials.

An early investigation of Roman lead-rich glazes using this analytical technique was carried out by the late E.M.


In addition, Mrs P. Wüstefeld is thanked for her assistance with the experimental and analytical work .

Medeva does however have a development laboratory capable of formulation, stability and analytical work , which is being expanded.


Alan Townshend, professor of analytical chemistry at Hull, agrees that phasing out carbon tetrachloride is a minor worry.

He did not want to be too analytical about it either.

In addition, Mrs P. Wüstefeld is thanked for her assistance with the experimental and analytical work.

The analytical glint was there now, oddly mixed with her distress.

The problem is by no means limited to analytical instruments.

The Special Branch, on the other hand, was under G-2 and was principally an analytical organization with no operational control.

These are distinct for analytical purposes though in practice they overlap.

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