Meaning of ANTAGONIST in English






The possible therapeutic effect of a specific receptor antagonist in inflammatory bowel disease remains to be evaluated.

Such effects may be blocked by administration of histamine receptor antagonists , such as cimetidine.

Combination of a histamine H 2 receptor antagonist with a prokinetic agent may therefore provide an alternative treatment for reflux oesophagitis.

These results are similar to those reported in maintenance trials of H 2 receptor antagonists analysed by the same method.

Those taking H 2 receptor antagonists stopped this medication at least one week before endoscopy.

Also, cisapride produces healing rates of up to 50% in erosive oesophagitis that are comparable with histamine H 2 receptor antagonists .

All patients were treated with H2 receptor antagonists after the procedure.

A specific leukotriene receptor antagonist awaits development.


In recent years the relationship has become complex, but in the early years of each they were antagonists.

In the fluctuating combination and recombination of groups, old friends and old antagonists come across one another in shifting social contexts.

Yet, on the whole, the rich man remains the natural antagonist of the poor.

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