Meaning of ANTIQUITY in English






Roman funerary customs; art and mythology; women in classical antiquity .

For the Renaissance: a reverential longing to recapture classical antiquity .

The spread of this belief marks the divide between the mental outlook of Classical antiquity and that of the Middle Ages.

The Kalahari only partly closes the way to the South; and the Sahara was crossed as early as classical antiquity .

For most philosophers of classical antiquity the world was both animate and divine.

For the first time in classical antiquity the nuclear family had assumed a central role in the politics of state.

Dealers in primitive, tribal, Oriental art, classical antiquities , and objetsd'art are excluded.

Ivory continued to serve many of the same purposes in Christendom as it did in Classical antiquity .


There are trips by water dolmus too, and longer coach excursions to the great antiquities of Epheseus.

At the base there is a locally derived ground moraine that may be a remnant glacial deposit of much greater antiquity .

Were they really placed as milestones or could we be on the track of the elusive mark stones of great antiquity ?

There was a dank, sour smell to everything, a smell of decay and great antiquity .

St Sophia still survives and is generally accepted as one of the great buildings of antiquity .


The bust was mutilated in late antiquity , probably by Christians who carved a cross in the forehead.

Until late antiquity Vulso's triumph remained a byword for luxury.

The building fell in an earthquake in late antiquity , but all its features are recoverable.

Even in the sciences it was thought in later antiquity that all wisdom lay in the past.

The nose is mutilated; the bust was apparently deliberately buried in late antiquity with a companion piece of slightly later date.

This hairstyle proved pervasive, lasting with minor variations into late antiquity .


the antiquity of Chinese culture

The museum contains Soane's personal collection of art and antiquities.


Beyond its antiquity , it is hard to say precisely what makes the Old Course such a pleasure.

Norbert Schimmel was famous as a passionate collector of antiquities spanning 8,000 years of human creativity.

Prehistoric archaeologists the world over have increasingly focussed attention on the ecological and economic aspects of life in antiquity .

The Kalahari only partly closes the way to the South; and the Sahara was crossed as early as classical antiquity .

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