Meaning of APPOINTMENT in English




an appointment card (= one with your appointments on )

The dentist gave me a new appointment card.

appointment book

confirm a booking/reservation/appointment

I am writing to confirm a booking for a single room for the night of 6 June.


patients who fail to keep their appointments




She has a dental appointment this afternoon and she's been a little bit nervous about it.

Nobody gets injured, but some one may be called to supper or a dental appointment and require a substitute.

I was already forty-five minutes late for a dental appointment and had plenty of time to reflect upon the day.

So if you dash to work unfed, you're more likely to forget that vital mid-morning phone call or dental appointment .

She's moaning about all your dental appointments , saying it would be better if you could go after school.

But you haven't had any dental appointments , have you?


However, the better judicial and quasi-judicial appointments generally go to barristers.

He talked about his Kansas upbringing and touched on issues like judicial appointments , foreign policy, education reform and drug use.

Hopton received no further judicial or administrative appointments from the king.

Most were routed into judicial rather than revenue appointments .

By the time a barrister is considered for judicial appointment , the dossier will contain considerable information about him or her.

The number of such judicial appointments for overseas territories is considerable.

In the 1990s some of these will move into the ranks of successful barristers from whom judicial appointments are made.

The party membership of judges has always been an important factor in judicial appointments and promotions.


David will leave Emap and take up his new appointment at the end of July.

Three new appointments were announced to the Council of Ministers: Maj.-Gen.

The other new appointments were Guillermo Rolla Pimentel - Health.

A firm may also be restricted for a period from accepting certain types of new appointments without the committee's consent.

Other new appointments made in response to the changing balance in international relations between economic and political considerations were less significant.

Their new appointments will reunite Mark Baker and Bruce Lack, who first met several years ago on a training ship.

When orders came to a new appointment there were regrets all round.

However, under the 1988 Education Reform Act no new tenured appointments can be made.


Second, the old-boy network offered a time-honoured alternative to advertising, particularly for the most senior appointments .

Ron Price is to join as a non-executive this month and a further senior marketing appointment is to be announced this month.

There is, however, some potential for abuse in the system, with senior appointments being made by the Prime Minister.

Three senior civil service appointments were also announced yesterday.

A two-year course in a Soviet General Staff academy appears to be mandatory for those taking up senior appointment .

Even if it worked for senior house officer appointments it would not work for registrar appointments.



Sullivan threw open the appointment book and checked the date.

You won't find it in the appointments book .


After discharge, patients should attend weekly outpatient appointments , moving to fortnightly or monthly attendances as appropriate.

Patients allocated to normal care were given outpatient appointments to see a psychiatrist or social worker, but non-attenders were not pursued.

In addition 60,000 operations had been cancelled or postponed and 75,000 outpatient appointments had been cancelled.

The wait for an outpatient appointment is invisible.

Much of the debate has related to reducing waiting times for surgery rather than for outpatient appointments .

We report the potential dangers of long waiting times for a routine outpatient appointment at a urology clinic.

It is important for hospital-based therapists to realize that many self-poisoning patients fail to keep outpatient appointments .



Moreover, the covenant went on to restrict the defendant's ability to accept any professional appointment .

First, he quit a post on the Texas Railroad Commission to accept an appointment from then-Gov.

Although reluctant, Davis accepted the appointment and worked for the inspectorate from 1878 to 1884.

There are numerous recent cases of character assassination and reputation assault that would discourage any sane person from accepting high government appointment .

Yet it flows naturally from the choice of the person and begins the moment that they accept the offer of appointment .


In October Museveni announced the appointment of a commission to investigate ways of ending the rebellion in the east.

In a first for Brown, one of his announced choices rejected the appointment .

Emap will immediately commence the search for a new Finance Director and will announce an appointment in due course.

Murrells concluded by announcing the appointment of three new headmen chosen by himself and asking if there were any complaints.

He did several newspaper interviews Friday, his first extended on-the-record sessions since Clinton announced his appointment in November.

Albright may announce additional appointments at her first State Department news conference Friday afternoon.


The Majlis must approve the appointment of all members of the Council of Ministers.

The board selects the president and approves the appointment of all corporate officers.

He had the ultimate power to approve the appointment of generals, admirals and prime ministers.

Here again the Secretary of State must approve the appointment of the chairman and members.

They generally approve budgets and the appointments of department heads and commission members submitted by the chief executive.


When you receive the inspection voucher simply telephone the most convenient centre arrange an appointment at any time between 9.00a.m. -6.00p.m.

I have already arranged an appointment with Senator Simon.

I've already phoned a couple of agents to arrange appointments to view.

So I arranged an appointment with this therapist-that they used to make me go see?

Your consultant will be happy to contact you and arrange an appointment at a time to suit you.

I was unable to reach the president so l spoke with her assistant so l could arrange an appointment .

Having sifted through the estate agents' details, arrange appointments to view as many properties as possible.

Since the president was unavailable, I spoke with her assistant to arrange an appointment . unnecessary repetition.


The fact is, I cancelled the appointment so now I have a morning at home to myself.

After 1 have one of those, I just get my secretary to cancel my appointments and drive me home.

Two days earlier I'd cancelled an appointment with a psychic healer, thinking perhaps I should leave well enough alone.

Then he hung up immediately, phoned his office and cancelled his afternoon appointments .

He cancelled his appointments for a week, and stayed in the Loire, spending each day with the boy.

She had cancelled all other appointments .


The club has officially confirmed the appointment nineteen days after Liam Brady resigned the position.

Sundram then must be confirmed to the lifetime appointment by the full Senate.

Other parishioners successfully petitioned the House of Lords in 1643 to confirm his appointment .

Please send us a copy of your letter confirming the appointment .

A two-chamber federal parliament would confirm these appointments .

On the last day of the month the Company confirmed his appointment , subject only to his presenting himself in London.


Robins is now back in the warren, however, following the appointment of a fresh management team in June 1991.

Preliminary work began last September following the appointment of two countryside officers who are employed full time on the project.

Twenty six patients were given follow up appointments , either to assess treatment or to give the results of histological examination.

Labour gained one seat but lost two in the by-election following appointment of aldermen.

Inevitably, follow up appointments were given to some extent on a subjective basis according to the laser endoscopist's previous experience.


One had even held an appointment under Heath as minister of state for Employment.

Despite holding political appointments , in all matters of criminal prosecution they must act independently of the interests of government.


These activities would include the appointment of case managers for individuals such as the vulnerable elderly when it was appropriate. 2.

Future plans for the Orangerie include the appointment of a professional director with financial acumen and specific experience of the art business.

Rice says this philosophy should be extended to include the appointment of care managers.

The inquiry's 72 recommendations included the appointment of a children's commissioner to oversee complaints.

The dispute broadened to include the appointment of judges after the retirement of several members of the Supreme Court.


In the distance he could hear a woman's heels catching on the cobbles as she ran to keep an appointment .

Charlie Northrup drove his car to the Biondo farm at dusk to keep his appointment with Jack.

We continued talking for well over an hour, duly keeping the next appointment waiting.

The idea of keeping appointments was an alien concept.

But if you keep your on-line appointments diary up to date, a calendar on the network can compare everyone's schedules.

Access to care is controlled by the client, who can choose to keep or not keep appointments .

She drew a deep breath, then went out to keep her appointment .


Will the court prevent an appointing authority from making an appointment because one of the parties objects to the reference proceeding?

When Macey wanted to see her husband, she practically had to make an appointment .

Unfortunately, the 1989 will was drafted and signed without making any appointment of the income from her father's estate.

They made an appointment and while walking toward the building, stopped to sit on a bench.

Particular emphasis on socially oriented topics, such as receiving visitors, making visits, appointments , entertainment and business travel.

That makes Frosh's appointment all the more important.

There may, for example, be circumstances which make such an appointment undesirable.

They tell you that you have to make a new appointment .


He remembered he had missed their appointment last night.

When she missed an appointment , Meyer reported the fetus as a child in need of protection.

The most deprived parents-those overwhelmed by financial anxieties-are the ones most likely to miss appointments with officials.

Ashamed of not sticking to their diets, they would miss appointments and fake their food diaries.

Back home. he'd missed more appointments .

However, it was not required as Miss Green resigned her appointment as District tutor-organiser in December 1939.

He never missed my medical appointments either.

He had missed his appointment with Lorton.


Ickes left the White House after the election when he did not receive a high-level appointment .

Lords of Appeal in Ordinary - Law Lords - receive life baronies on appointment unless they are already ennobled.

He received the appointment , but Parker himself was never sworn into office.

With the death of Coleman, the way was cleared for Edinburgh-qualified veterinary surgeons to receive regimental appointments .

The 31-year-old job hunter was delighted when she received an appointment for a job interview.

After Preston's death he received appointment as one of the regular justices of the newly established assize circuits in 1274.


City spokesman Kelvin McNeill said police plan to schedule an appointment with the parents, each of whom has a separate attorney.

You should schedule an appointment with your doctor to check this out.

They say they make more phone calls, schedule quicker appointments , do more comprehensive screenings and even make occasional house calls.

Now and then, there is the need to ask a brief question schedule an appointment .


a doctor's appointment

a five o'clock appointment

Barron recently received an appointment as vice chairman.


By appointment only, to serious collectors and decorators.

His first interview recently was at 8 a. m. and his appointments were scheduled back to back until midnight.

His original appointment this year was also as manager.

It was expected to lead to the appointment of an impartial body to determine responsibility for the conflict.

Judicial appointments have the potential to matter more than legislative recommendations.

The appointment of supporters on the Cabinet committee dealing with economic strategy has already been noted.

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