Meaning of APPROVED in English



approved school




On May 24 the Bundestag approved legislation to this effect.

Congress on Oct. 1 approved legislation giving the Securities and Exchange Commission extensive new powers to regulate markets and combat fraud.

At the close of its session on May 11 the Great Hural approved legislation which legally entrenched the multiparty system.

Also on Oct. 15 the Sejm approved legislation regulating television and broadcasting and allowing for commercial stations.


The transport committee yesterday approved plans to build another boat.

Yesterday's meeting of the borough planning applications sub-committee approved plans for the 48 hectare golf course subject to certain legally binding conditions.

Writing specifications based on the accepted and approved plans are an essential part of the designer's work.

The district council's planning committee last night approved plans for the upgrading of land in Leeholme, near Coundon.


It wasn't really that different from the approved school .

Several in both groups were lesbian, some because they had formed such relationships in approved school or Borstal.

The approved school was bloody disgusting.

Finally he was sent to an approved school and then he disappeared from the district.

About three years ago I was reading a newspaper and there was this big article about my approved school .

Child care authorities were also involved in running remand homes and approved schools .

Borstal institutions, remand homes and approved schools filled by the products of an unhappy home life.

When I was running away they put me in an approved school for girls run by nuns.


Rule 2 A later approved version of the module exists.

A new issue number is also added to signify an approved version; e.g. version 01.02C is approved as 01.02.

It is recommended but not essential that the version supplied for the Product package be an approved version.

It is recommended that this is an approved version , although a development version may be used if necessary.

To achieve this a user can reference the next approved version of a module in anticipation of that module's approval.

Only development version number allowed An approved version number has been entered at the new package version or new module version prompt.


Again, applications may be made by the nearest relative or an approved social worker and two medical recommendations are required.

Finally he was sent to an approved school and then he disappeared from the district.

The 1983 Mental Health Act stipulated that only approved social workers should be allowed to deal with mental health cases.

The concession will not therefore normally apply to rights already granted under an approved employee share scheme.

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