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landscape architect




Yakovlev, the head of Agitprop and one of the chief architects of the cut-back in provincial newspapers in January.

The chief architect of the new Web page is 18-year-old Roderick Portales.

He was the chief architect in charge of the then-burgeoning rapid transit system - and it turns out he was also a painter.

This was virtually the Conservatives in disguise with Baldwin, rather than the prime minister, Macdonald, its chief architect .

The chief architect of this incredible advance in bombing efficiency was unquestionably Don Bennett.

Mr Gates will retain strong links with the company he founded 25 years ago by becoming chairman and chief software architect .

It is now the office of the chief architect of the city of Prague.

The chief architect of the document was vice chairman Makoto Tanabe, who was widely tipped to succeed Doi as leader.


Greenridge is a category B listed house, built in 1840 by the famous architect , Archibald Simpson.


He had Daedalus, a great architect and inventor, construct a place of confinement for him from which escape was impossible.

The characteristic styles of great architects and designers may be seen clearly reflected - Chippendale, Sheraton, Adam and Hepplewhite.

Many of the country stations did not enjoy the pedigree of great architects to sire them.


The buildings themselves, often paid for by local philanthropists, were commissioned from leading architects .

He achieved great success and became the leading landscape architect of the day.


Three times, local architect Val Welham offered 110,000 pounds of her own money but each time it was rejected.

We visited the office of Dail Dixon, a brilliant local architect whose work we had admired.

Plans have been prepared by a local architect for a clubhouse, traditional pavilion and all-weather nets.

Orchids &038; Onions was founded in 1976 by local architects to improve public awareness of design.

On the other is the pressure group, Birmingham for People, championed by local architect Joe Holyoak.

Mr. Wing was a prominent local architect and he went on to design and build the House of Industry.

Find a local historian or architect who can help you in dating or describing it.

It was built in 1864 to the design of a local architect , Peter Ellis, and is of five storeys.


Mr Greenwood, who was the main architect of the currency link, thinks the present rate is about right.


Since the death of his predecessor, Professor Blakely, he was one of its principal architects .

Horner was the principal architect of the air campaign and orchestrated its execution.

He was the principal architect of the paper's style and the only journalist involved with the original Founders.

Mr Levin, the former chief strategist of Time Inc, was a principal architect of the 1989 merger.


Christina found herself remembering the way the promising young architect had first come into their lives.

Equally outstanding is the record of a score of young architects in the country.

Soames returned from answering the door accompanied by the young architect , Holdernesse.

The young architect acknowledged that it was a tough question, that he faced it on site often.

It would be pleasant to have a film of curate Ramsey talking to the young architects of sand-castles.

He was greatly cheered to find so many young architects designing the new classical buildings of which he so much approved.

Now there is to be twinning between the two regions, to be followed by exchanges of students and younger architects .

Cassirer was a friend and sponsor of the young architect Erich Mendelsohn.



Finally in 1974 the San Francisco landscape architect Lawrence Halprin won the commission.

Santee recently hired a landscape architect to begin drawing designs for a skate park.

Few are any more attractive than those they have replaced, despite the work of designers and landscape architects .

The book by Folkwin Wendland, a trained garden- and landscape architect , traces its history since 1450.

By the 1920S the former had won the day and landscape architects turned their talents to municipal projects.

On this occasion Andy, the landscape architect , whom her father nicknamed Adam the gardener, was invited.

He achieved great success and became the leading landscape architect of the day.



The Toronto-\#born architect is on a roll.


These dwellings belonged to the poorer white small holders, and were built without consultation with architects or planners.

Do they have all the things that are necessary to build the building the architect wants?


In order to create as varied development as possible, each of the five building phases will be designed by a different architect .

Palaces are designed by architects to be looked at rather than lived in.


As a result, they have the knack of employing the best architects , but not getting the best out of them.

Thomas Hardy was employed by both architects and may have been involved in the work.


Sometimes a project of this kind will involve working alongside an architect and interior designer.

She had supervised the renovation of a large Victorian home, working with the architect and numerous subcontractors.


Beveridge is usually thought of as the architect of the British National Health Service.

St Paul's Cathedral was designed by the famous architect , Sir Christopher Wren.

the chief architect of the election victory

The Imperial Hotel in Tokyo was designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

We're working with a team of architects on the plans for the new building.


As well as being an architect , he is a chartered town planner, and is specially qualified in building conservation.

I read the account of an architect who was consulted by a church with unsuitable premises which they wanted to adapt.

Livings was their architect for the iron foundry at Stockton, which John now had ideas of enlarging.

Previously, some of the most ardent opponents of architectural conservation have themselves been architects.

Since the death of his predecessor, Professor Blakely, he was one of its principal architects.

Weck Glass Block has introduced some new product lines to that old favorite of architects everywhere.

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