Meaning of ARGUMENT in English




a bitter debate/argument

The country now faces a bitter debate over the issue.

a central argument (= the main set of reasons for or against something )

Let’s consider the central argument for reducing the voting age.


None of these arguments are valid.

cogent argument/reason/case etc

a cogent argument for banning the drug

counter an argument/an allegation/a criticism etc

He was determined to counter the bribery allegations.

embroiled in...argument

I became embroiled in an argument with the taxi driver.

furious debate/argument etc

There was a furious row over the proposals.

line of argument/reasoning/inquiry etc

It seemed useless to pursue this line of questioning.

Opposition parties soon realized they would have to try a different line of attack.

marshal your thoughts/arguments etc

He paused for a moment as if to marshal his thoughts.

massive argument/row etc British English

I had a massive argument with her.

persuasive argument/evidence

a persuasive argument against capital punishment

plank of an argument/policy/campaign etc

the main plank of their argument

a central plank of our policy

powerful reasons/arguments (= reasons that make you think that something must be true )

put forward an argument

He rejected the arguments put forward by the company’s lawyers.

rational argument

Nuclear weapons are so absurd that rational argument about their use is scarcely possible.

room for doubt/debate/argument etc

The evidence was clear, and there was little room for doubt.

settle a dispute/argument/conflict

Every effort was made to settle the dispute, without success.

start a fight/argument

Oh, don’t go trying to start an argument.

sterile argument/debate etc

the increasingly sterile debate on political reform

strand of thought/opinion/argument

Plato draws all the strands of the argument together.




There can be no further arguments about gaps or overlaps.

Your contribution may well resolve some of this difference or create more conflicting points for further argument .

One further argument is used by defenders of the statusquo.

The taxpayers indicated that they wished to present further argument on these points.

Before parting with the case, we should refer to a further argument mounted by Mr. Thornton.

After further argument and discussion, an Act was passed to amend the 1959 Mental Health Act.

She could find no further arguments or resistance.

For journalists, two further arguments are important.


The main argument was, of course, the overcrowding of city graveyards, to which we have already referred.

Here are some of the main arguments for and against the private property rights bill.

Let us get back to the main argument .

Seventeen years after his election, the country accepts his main argument: for lower taxes and smaller, fewer Washington-controlled programs.

At the causal level, the main argument concerns theory and experience.

One of the main arguments for Canoa Hills, for example, is that it will create jobs.

The main argument from the Corsican was that they could hold out for ever.

The second is to develop the promotional materials which can assist in conveying the main , general arguments for teaching history.


How persuasive is this argument in explaining the development, use, and effects of technology now, in the microelectronics era?

Howard Saddler plays Cassius with steely determination, persuasive in his arguments that initially draw Brutus into the conspiracy.

But Haig had persuasive arguments to support his inflexible resolve.

He took me to such a vastly expensive restaurant and gave such a persuasive argument that I was fairly undone.

We find that a persuasive argument , should we need any further persuasion beyond the plain wording of the Act.

A persuasive argument that democracy can and should be based on active and extensive participation by the citizenry.

The preservationists, pinning their faith to moral superiority and persuasive argument , were beaten back every time.

There is a persuasive argument that it was not.


There is a powerful argument for saying that, in general, it should be subject to the rules of administrative law.

There is, of course, a powerful educational argument to be made on behalf of more time in school.

One powerful argument attributes this stagnation to the economic structure set in the early 1950s.

Despite these powerful arguments against mutual funds, there are still reasons why it makes sense for ordinary investors to own them.

These were certainly powerful arguments for sending the coach back, but they did not prevail.

But there is a second powerful strategic argument which has propelled nuclear power forward in Britain, as in other countries.

Another more powerful kind of argument goes as follows.

A powerful argument for causation could be the effect of treatment interventions.


There is a similar argument concerning leisure activities, the theatre, for instance.

But it is not immediately obvious how to write a similar argument against the notion of justified belief.

I made a similar argument in chapter 1 about practical support in contemporary society.

By a similar argument , P underestimates the effect.

A similar argument can be made for currency boards, on which Schuler had enthused earlier.

A similar argument holds for any other commodity we try to tax.

Another writer with a similar argument is the eighteenth-century cleric Bishop Butler.


Compared with the strong forces and arguments working the other way all this counted for little.

He produced the strongest arguments why these provinces should not be partitioned.

The first, simplest, and strongest argument was that it was wrong and unnecessary to place eleven-year-olds in separate schools.

It is one of the strongest arguments for theism that it can do that.

There are other very strong arguments for the importance of reading for pupils under the age of 16.

One strong argument for the latter position would be the career of songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

In the original submission the deputy head felt that the impending school closure was a strong argument for receiving the money.

There would seem to be a strong argument , with so many millions of us, only to do it once.



I do not accept this argument .

Seventeen years after his election, the country accepts his main argument: for lower taxes and smaller, fewer Washington-controlled programs.

Mr. Jones I do not accept that line of argument from the hon. Gentleman.

City Clerk Kathy Detrick says her office is now accepting written arguments on the pro and con sides of the ballot props.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal did not accept that argument .

The court did not accept this argument .

These points are accepted in the current argument .

Archbishop Fisher accepted the argument and became the enthusiastic leader of the new movement.


They argued that a new racism based on arguments about cultural difference had largely taken over the arenas of public debate.

All such activity is in the interests of both personal and national safety, but also is based on an economic argument .

It is perfectly acceptable to draw conclusions of your own, based on the arguments and evidence you have presented.

The formal challenge to Lewontin and Huxley must be based on mathematical argument but the general biological points are as follows.


Steele v. Williams and Hooper v. Exeter Corporation were cited in argument , but no reference to them appears in the judgments.

And the license was denied, though not on the grounds we cited , because our argument raised constitutional issues.

No cases are referred to in the judgments or were cited in argument .

He regarded the case as governed by Morgan v. Palmer, 2 B. &038; C. 729, which was cited in argument .

They did, however, cite the arguments of those who did.


During one closing argument that summer, Gwinn broke down and cried.

The retrial is now in the defense rebuttal phase, and closing arguments are tentatively set for next week.

She said he spent 3 { days on his closing arguments because he has a weak case.

The two sides will discuss jury instructions with the judge Friday, and will present closing arguments next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fujisaki will probably rule next week on whether defense lawyers can draw a more sinister inference from the delay during closing arguments .

Testimony ended Wednesday afternoon, and attorneys are to give closing arguments Thursday.

After the defense finishes its closing argument , the plaintiffs will have the opportunity for a brief rebuttal.

But Baker said he and his co-counsel Robert Blasier will pick up those themes when their closing argument resumes Thursday morning.


Are you convinced by my argument ?

I have never found this a convincing argument .

Frank was convinced of his arguments and fought bitterly with Tom, another academic, when he mocked the whole system.

The Bears made some convincing arguments Saturday in a 63-37 debacle against Washington State.

But this idea is not available to anybody convinced by the regress argument .

The Labour movement was not, however, convinced by these arguments: rather it continued to oppose family allowances.

Milosevic, however, knows that the reality on the ground is the most convincing argument and he s busy creating it.

We were not convinced by the arguments to the contrary.


The last time that I heard that argument so brazenly presented was by Mr. Neville Chamberlain's spokesman before the war.

We have heard the argument time and again because the benefit is paid to all families, whether rich or poor.

If Simpson is found liable, the jury would then hear arguments on what compensation to award.

I shall be interested to hear any arguments in favour of that proposal, for it would be easy to knock them down.

Judge Walker set Nov. 14 as the date for hearing arguments on a preliminary injunction covering the same subject matter.

Therefore, I can speak of the experience when four hon. Members sit in quasi-judicial godliness hearing the arguments for and against.

The high court will hear arguments in the case later this year.


Its campaign against the euro, however, presented xenophobic arguments against further international economic integration.

The two sides will discuss jury instructions with the judge Friday, and will present closing arguments next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Blaug presented his argument with a rather different emphasis.

The black students wanted to present different, additional arguments from those in the Texas brief in favor of affirmative action.

An educated cleric well versed in Shia theology, he presents reasoned arguments for the beliefs of the conservative establishment.

That will come Friday morning, when attorneys for both sides present closing arguments .

Claims for loss of cargo should present some nice legal arguments .

Without preaching, writer-director Tim Robbins presents the arguments of opponents and proponents of the death penalty.


Millett J. rejected this argument too.

The justices, without comment, rejected that argument .

The Federal Court ended the battle by rejecting all arguments presented on his behalf.

Wilson denied him clemency and two judges rejected his arguments .

Why do the Government reject the argument that even a Home Office Bill is capable of improvement?

But a California court rejected the argument , and Kennedy settled.

The judge rejected the argument that publication of the information in an article would be in the public interest.

The state jury rejected arguments that Richard Boeken had freely chosen to smoke.


The lawyer advocates formal legal propositions which he supports with reasoned arguments .

At least this one case supports the argument for a flexible policy.

Moreover, anarchists and socialists who offered alternative ways forward had few tangible achievements with which to support their arguments .

Now, to support that argument , we were going public with some very private stories.

Mr. Richards supports the argument of counsel for Madame Bihi on this question.

Hastings said he would approve the trip unless the defense attorneys could cite legal precedents supporting their argument .

It does not support the abolitionist argument .

There is not the slightest scientific evidence to support such arguments .


He didn't want Gina using those arguments next time he told her how much better he could have done for himself.

A key ingredient of this proof was to represent the complex numbers geometrically, and then to use a topological argument .

Anybody who was in a concentration camp as a guard could use that argument .

The bigwigs attempt to persuade him, using a variety of arguments , that he is making the mistake of his life.

Technically sweet and politically acceptable, it avoids accusation of moral hypocrisy by using economic arguments to appeal to self interest.

And they are not used as arguments to deny the national unity of each of the countries concerned.

There is an obvious weakness in this attempt to use an argument from experience to justify all arguments from experience.

In some ways, she might be justified in using that argument .


Unlike Locke, it does not possess the assurance of having won the argument on that ground.

Invariably, marketing people are more senior, and win the argument .

This time he managed to win the argument , but it was no bargain.

You can, too, win a straight argument with them if you have a sound case.

But, though we have won the argument , we are losing the war.


be spoiling for a fight/argument

Be that as it may, Cooper was spoiling for a fight, as this unpublished letter shows.

circular argument/logic/reasoning

Clearly the more elaborate the dress, the more dress-fasteners required, although there is here the danger of a circular argument.

Failure to recognize this leads to circular arguments.

Pupils can often fall back on a circular argument such as: Why is the relationship linear?

The Court refused to allow itself to be caught in a circular argument as to which State needed to waive immunity first.

The irony in all this is the circular logic of what appears to be the new strategic competition.

This appears to be a circular argument, typical of closed-belief systems.

We start by talking about a problem of circular reasoning to motivate the diagram.

compelling reason/argument/case etc

Barring a compelling reason, governments should not discriminate between classes of citizens.

But there are a number of compelling reasons to stand in line.

But, in any event, there is no compelling reason to justify section 9.

He was energetic, headstrong, and unorthodox-and he had compelling reasons for reducing the ruinously expensive Soviet nuclear arsenal.

However, it is necessary to say a word or two here to refute this seemingly compelling argument.

In the high-visibility, emotionally compelling cases such as maternity stays, an uproar resulted.

The record is good but there is no compelling reason to buy.

Unless there are other compelling reasons, therefore, never borrow money yourself to obtain funds needed by your corporation.

confuse the issue/matter/argument etc

His reply was inpart denial of the criticisms, and inpart an attempt to change the issue or confuse the matter.

Making comparisons between brains is a very risky business because there are confounding variables to confuse the issue.

Perceptions, such as hers, distort the truth and confuse the issue.

The Catholic arguments confuse the issue, but this time, for all the wrong reasons, the Pope is infallible.

The politicians, on the lookout for arguments to extend their authoritarianism, jumped at this opportunity to confuse the issue.

This attempt to confuse the issue went unanswered, and Santa Anna continued his preparations to advance on the capital.

This will only serve to confuse the issue.

for the sake of argument

Let's say for the sake of argument it was the scullery window.

Let us assume for the sake of argument that Inevitable is correct.

Let us assume for the sake of argument that you are not Joan Crawford.

Let us say for the sake of argument that it is five different partners on the same night.

Suppose, for the sake of argument, man, the true perpetrators of this crime are our enemies.

This already poses problems, but let us say, for the sake of argument, that it is equivalent to place.

heated argument/debate/discussion etc

After a short heated argument, the inspector agreed to pay the costs in cash from his local station funds.

After fifteen months of heated debate, Billingham was abandoned.

It got off to a hairy start with several heated discussions about what a wild boar is.

No presidential policy is so controversial that it provokes heated debate.

Since 1980, a balanced-budget amendment has been the focus of heated debate in congressional committees and on the floor.

There was heated argument at the meeting, with strongly differing views advanced.

There was a heated argument between the two men which at length it fell to Branson to settle.

Witnesses have already given descriptions of the pair who were seen having what appeared to be a heated argument.

punch holes in sb's argument/idea/plans etc

pursue the matter/argument/question etc

Anxious to avoid further difficulty, Harriet did not pursue the matter.

I regret that they were unable to pursue the matter any further.

If you feel upset by an apparent unfairness, pursue the matter through the grievance procedure.

It is capable of extension, but we shall not pursue the matter here.

She wouldn't put it past him but in the brilliant afternoon heat she wasn't inclined to pursue the matter.

There was no need to pursue the matter any further prior to arrest.

put up a proposal/argument/case etc

In other days Managers would have put up an argument as to the folly of this approach by Management.

the nub of the problem/matter/argument etc

Even so, some brain cells were still working, as I stared inwardly at the nub of the problem.

It sounds perfectly reasonable, but you will perceive that here is the nub of the matter.

This is the nub of the matter.

This, however, was the nub of the problem.

threadbare excuse/argument/joke etc

valid reason/argument/criticism etc

A 1977 Supreme Court ruling permits police stopping a car for valid reasons to order drivers to exit.

A second and equally valid argument is that the publishing world is an invaluable source of knowledge.

Accepting criticism Accepting valid criticism is also part of this group of assertive actions.

But a complete justification of authority has to do more than to provide valid reasons for its acceptance.

But neither do we have to be defensive if they occasionally have a valid criticism.

But there are also valid reasons for optimism.

No serious thinker can make a valid argument that to discriminate based on species is acceptable.

Povert drudgery and loneliness are valid reasons for sadness; beyond and beneath, far outreaching them all, is unrequited love.


A 29-year-old man was shot and killed today after an argument over a gambling debt.

Do you agree with the argument that violence on TV makes people behave violently?

I'm sorry I'm not in a good mood. I had an argument with my husband this morning.

My sister and I had a terrible argument last night.

Phil got into an argument with a guy at the bar.

Rose presented a good argument .

The main argument against smoking is that it's bad for your health.

What are the arguments for the legalization of cannabis?


In his mind Cameron continued the argument throughout the meal.

It is not clear how much of the argument is really about policy, and how much about personality.

Just stick to your argument that the dealer said you'd make a certain profit.

Learn to study footnotes for further information and as clues to the scholarship and plausibility of the historian's arguments.

Testimony ended Wednesday afternoon, and attorneys are to give closing arguments Thursday.

This provides an important argument for the lead causes-hyperactivity hypothesis.

We can regard the statistical argument about numbers of planets as an argument of last resort.

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