Meaning of ASSERTION in English




a bold statement/assertion/claim

In a surprisingly bold statement, the couple said they had no intention of marrying.




A lawyer representing the company currently servicing the loan denies Aikens' assertions .


When you make an assertion , what you are doing is telling your reader something you think is true.

Leapor makes general assertions about marriage in this poem partly because she can not make further particular observations without offending Octavia.

Therefore we can not make the apriori assertion that private ownership and unfettered operation is always more efficient.

Fred is the person who makes confident assertions like this.

Paragraph 8 of the council's statement of claim makes a similar assertion in relation to the article of 24 September.

Often jealousy comes from making judgements based on assertions that we believe to be true but belie the reality of the situation.


Figures from his own department, however, do not support these assertions .

The fact is that the hon. Gentleman can not support his assertions on the basis of the available evidence.

Evidence is not hard to find to support these assertions .

The evidence supporting the assertion would presumably be the available statistical data.

Few other authorities have supported Jennings' assertion and it has not found acceptance by most practitioners of government.


Alternatively the violation can be inverted; like a black comedy, or the assertion of a stark revenge or retribution.

I just had to cast doubt on his assertions.

It was a little less than half enquiry, and a little more than half assertion .

The only thing that is constant is the assertion of difference.

This assertion was a crushing blow to the hopes of the Seminoles and the blacks.

Unfortunately, as we have seen in Chapter 2, this assertion has not been true for more than twenty years.

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