Meaning of ATMOSPHERIC in English




atmospheric pollution formal (= air pollution )

The oil wells continued to burn, causing atmospheric pollution on a massive scale.




As levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane increase, the greenhouse effect will trap increasing amounts of heat.

Estimating the future rate of energy growth is of critical importance for predicting future concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Disturbed soils are an additional major source of atmospheric carbon .


Everything we use comes in one form or another from the earth, its oceans or atmospheric gases .

Then a balloon, looking like a bundle of long cylinders, is unreeled from the probe and inflated with atmospheric gases .

Carbon atoms can form bonds not only with themselves but with the atoms of important atmospheric gases , oxygen and nitrogen.

Loss of atmospheric gases and impactor materials to space becomes even more important for larger explosions.

Even modest-sized impactors can blast atmospheric gases off of Mars at speeds above escape velocity.

Indeed, three separate classes of meteorites are known that contain Martian atmospheric gases .


Some 1800 million years ago atmospheric oxygen was fast approaching the present level of about 21 percent of the total.


Other wells continued to burn, causing atmospheric pollution on an epic scale.

Nylon was chosen for its strength and its resistance to extremes of temperature and atmospheric pollution .

The polytechnic has employed research student Jo Denn to see whether a link can be established between childhood asthma and atmospheric pollution .

Taken together, they represent the most forceful link yet made by respected institutions between man-made atmospheric pollution and global warming.

It is part of a research programme aimed at understanding the basic processes causing damage to trees and crops due to atmospheric pollution .


The cabin is usually stabilised at less than atmospheric pressure , so its air has less oxygen than usual.

One was its glass house-the vacuum chamber that shielded the chronometer from troubling changes of atmospheric pressure and humidity.

It usually equals the atmospheric pressure .

In a cabin soaked in pure oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure for five hours, almost anything bums.

The technique makes use of the properties that water develops when heated to high temperatures at high atmospheric pressures .

If it is frozen at different atmospheric pressures , the ice crystals formed are different.

The temperature pattern also reverses when the pattern of atmospheric pressure of the southern oscillation reverses.

Normal atmospheric pressure is about 100 kPa, so the cabin pressure was just over one third of this.


a writer of atmospheric novels

Snow crystals form when atmospheric conditions turn water vapour into ice.

The cylinder swelled and contracted with the changing atmospheric pressure.


At times slight, but warm, gentle and atmospheric .

I feel that the effect of my white washes gives an airy, atmospheric quality.

Indeed, the fact that not many people can converse comfortably about antennas and atmospheric conditions is part of the appeal.

More importantly, it held the soil in place, helped alleviate flooding and moderated the atmospheric temperature.

No sulphur deficiency has yet been detected as a result of falling atmospheric levels but there is a need for continued vigilance.

Normal atmospheric pressure is about 100 kPa, so the cabin pressure was just over one third of this.

This use of cats in Peake's bleak Gormenghast Castle may be more than merely an atmospheric description.

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