Meaning of ATTORNEY in English



attorney general

district attorney

power of attorney

state attorney




The assistant attorney general then shipped it back to Dewey without even attaching a letter.


BReid, who is a former deputy district attorney , did not return a phone call seeking comment.

The second time we met with Daley, I went with Warren Christopher, the deputy attorney general.

A deputy attorney general sat ready to protect the interests of the State of California.

The matter then goes to Justice Department superiors in the office of the deputy attorney general.

Almanzo is a deputy attorney general in Oakland.


But local attorney Bill Risner raises a potential problem for Scott on the governance side of the conflict equation.

David Holton and Hughes already have entered into an agreement with the local state attorney to settle criminal charges.

Attorney General Brewster made an attempt to punish the violators by ordering the local district attorney to make arrests.

Some local attorneys worry about short-term privacy lapses and long-term effects of even small radioactive doses.



Gwinn, who takes over as city attorney in December, has addressed police and judicial groups around the country.

Mayor Graham Richard should direct his city attorney to release the report.

So the city attorney wants him to say goodbye to the animals that have become his extended family?

For the city attorney , such a public reversal of legal advice is rare.

The city attorney rarely takes a position on the legality of proposed ballot measures before they qualify.

Finally, they visited the city attorney .

Louise Renne, who ran unopposed for city attorney , threw a dim sum party for successful treasurer candidate Susan Leal.


The overwhelming caseload has made the government reluctant to postpone trials, even though virtually all of the suspects lack defense attorneys .

The decision appeared to stagger defense attorneys Williamson and Michael W.. Krumholtz.

Morgan is a well-known defense attorney .

Then, trials frequently proceeded without defense attorneys because only 3 percent of defendants could afford them, Gahima said.

Finally, the weight of scientific evidence, wielded by an implacable defense attorney , got Miller released and another man indicted.

But defense attorneys in a number of cases already are being notified that the document may contain information pertaining to their clients.

Goldston told jailers he was doing so because he wanted cigarettes, magazines and Los Angeles defense attorney Johnnie Cochran.

The bread and butter of defense attorneys is to see how many people they can put on trial.


He was a district attorney in Pennsylvania, I was a writer on Cape Cod.

BThe district attorney notifies them by letter to attend a meeting at the school auditorium.

The plea was part of a deal struck with the Dallas County district attorney .

Under an arrangement with the district attorney there, her testimony in San Jose can not be used against her.

Ultimately, the district attorney dropped the charges in October 1984.

The showdown between a district attorney and a Houston Chronicle reporter who refuses to reveal her sources moves into federal court Monday.


The Washington state attorney general had not decided whether to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

He was more interested in telling me about the tactics of the attorney general .

When the Texas attorney general wrote an informal opinion saying the records should be released, the school district sued Lett.

We have an attorney general who was a leading opponent of gun control in the Senate.

Afterward, he was elected Arkansas attorney general and served as governor for 10 years before becoming president.

A deputy attorney general sat ready to protect the interests of the State of California.

They met when Clinton was attorney general of Arkansas and Riady was an intern at an investment bank there.


David Holton and Hughes already have entered into an agreement with the local state attorney to settle criminal charges.

She later backed off that statement, but state attorneys are still working out the details for implementation of the law.

The latest rumors are separate from actual talks between cigarette maker Liggett and state attorneys general.



But according to plaintiffs' attorneys , the privilege log could be invaluable in helping them pry loose potentially damning documents.


They have hired separate criminal defense attorneys .

He works the crowd so long that the bodyguards hired by his attorney roll their eyes in exhaustion.

Other investors have hired attorneys and are deciding whom to sue.

In November, the millwrights' local voted to hire me as their attorney .

The tribes were forbidden to use any compensatory money they received to hire attorneys .


Some jurors even embraced the residents and congratulated lead plaintiffs' attorney George Chandler after the proceedings.


That, said the Phoenix prosecuting attorney sardonically, was a story she could sell.

The prosecuting attorney was a lifelong friend of both Wilfred and Mark.

The prosecuting attorney , I think to myself.

There is additional evidence of bad feeling between you and the prosecuting attorney inasmuch as you personally fired him from his post.


An attorney representing a client before a court helps to make the trial fair, but the attorney is not neutral.

The professors were not training young attorneys to represent peo-ple.

Theodore Graham, an attorney representing the out-of-work San Diego Symphony musicians.

As an attorney , he represented the poor free of charge.

I really believe that we would get an attorney and we would represent ourselves.

Cameron the right to bring her own lawsuit and thus requiring her to find an attorney to represent her.

Gary Near, a San Francisco attorney representing the plaintiffs, said the airlines have precise records of who should get refunds.


This fall is the earliest a trial could be held by Schwartz, attorneys said .


A former legal-aid attorney , Mr Morrison is unusual in accepting, even welcoming, a liberal label.

Abbe David Lowell, a white attorney who has defended numerous public officials, including Democratic Rep.

But the reverse is true when an attorney represents a person who is obviously guilty or whose guilt is widely perceived.

Hastings said he might allow photographers into the courtroom for the verdict and the final arguments by attorneys.

Lee is a working attorney undeniably in the mainstream of that community.

The attorneys general in Florida and Massachusetts are taking a different approach.

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