Meaning of AXLE in English






Secondly, I have problems with oil pressure building up in the front axle .

No, but the engine and gearbox and front axle will all fit.

A second-hand tractor front axle would have cost a lot more.

Wheelbase is the horizontal distance between front and rear axle centres.

Another lorry had too much weight on the front axle .

Replace the front axle complete with a driven unit.

Later, for the 20 and 30, the motor was moved ahead of the front axle .

The next hurdle was finding a front axle .


Replacing a Range Rover's ball joint which joins rear axle to A frame Military or civvy?

I wonder if you could tell me who could supply parts for the output differential to the second rear axle .

If we had to cite a bad point, it would be the hard-to-reach drain plug on the rear axle housing.

I argue that rear axle radius location arm must be out of true.

This increasing castor thus compensates for any inclination of the car on the rear axle .

Third provides direct drive and fourth an overdrive, driving through a new two-piece propshaft to a 3.07:1 rear axle .

Wheelbase is the horizontal distance between front and rear axle centres.


A string led from the axle , via a pulley held by another patient pupil, to a dangling weight.

After fetching the wagon bed, they rolled out the wheels and axles and assembled the vehicle.

And putting it in an alley can cause garbage trucks to sink up to their axles.

The axle had been hurled 575 feet by the blast and had crashed into a parked car.

The Albion axle production plant in Glasgow is to lose 67 jobs.

Those riverbeds could snap an axle as crisply as the way that Zervos snapped his fingers when he danced.

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