Meaning of BADLY in English




badly dressed (= not well dressed )

The Prime Minister’s been criticized for being badly dressed.

badly hit

Our ship was badly hit and sank within minutes.

badly injured

Grandpa was badly injured in the war.

badly off

The school is rather badly off for equipment.

badly shaken

He was badly shaken after the attack.


How badly do you want to win?


Why did he treat me so badly?

badly/seriously hurt

Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

badly/severely/seriously damage

Smoking can severely damage your health.

be badly scarred

Her legs were badly scarred from a car accident.

be badly/seriously wounded

Her husband was seriously wounded in the attack.

be badly/seriously/critically injured

Two people have been critically injured in an accident.

be badly/severely burned

His face had been badly burned in the fire.

be badly/severely/hard hit

The company has been hard hit by the drop in consumer confidence.

be shaking badly (= be shaking a lot )

She had been crying, and was still shaking badly.

be well/badly off for sth

The school’s fairly well off for books these days.

do well/badly in a test British English , do well/badly on a test American English

I didn’t do very well in the first part of the test.

do well/badly in an exam British English , do well/badly on an exam AmEː

Maria always did well in her exams at school.

do well/badly in an examination

He did well in his examinations, and went on to study at MIT.

go badly/seriously wrong

The book is a thriller about a diamond robbery that goes badly wrong.

handles well/badly

The car handles well, even on wet roads.

heavily/severely/badly etc polluted

The island has been seriously polluted by a copper mine.

let down badly

She had been let down badly in the past.

much needed/badly needed

a much needed boost to the local economy

need sth desperately/badly/urgently

More blood donors are urgently needed.

react badly (= become annoyed, upset etc )

Do you react badly to criticism?

sell well/badly (= be bought by a lot of people, or very few people )

Anti-age creams always sell well.

seriously/badly/slightly etc delayed

The flight was badly delayed because of fog.

seriously/chronically/badly etc underfunded

Our education system is seriously underfunded.

sleep badly

Eleanor slept badly that night.

start badly/well/slowly etc

Any new exercise program should start slowly.

suffer badly/greatly

The town had suffered badly in the war.

take sb/sth seriously/badly/personally etc

I was joking, but he took me seriously.

Ben took the news very badly.

things go well/badly etc

If things went well, we would double our money in five years.

How did things go?

time sth well/badly etc

Keith timed the pass well.

a beautifully timed shot

turn out well/badly/fine etc

It was a difficult time, but eventually things turned out all right.

well/badly etc designed

a badly designed office

well/badly run

The hotel is well-run and extremely popular.

well/badly/beautifully etc proportioned

Arnold’s perfectly proportioned body

a beautifully proportioned room

well/badly/poorly etc written

The article is very well written.

well/elegantly/badly etc shod

The children were well shod and happy.

work out well/badly

Financially, things have worked out well for us.




I was badly hurt , but I escaped and ran into the open country.

He sees a specialist tomorrow but the club are optimistic that he is not as badly hurt as first feared.

Can't you see the boy's badly hurt .

Penguins and seals have been found entangled in lengths of fishing net, some of them dead and many others badly hurt .

Then he saw, with relief, that she did not seem to be badly hurt .


It was then that things had gone badly wrong .

By the late seventies many observers were concluding that something had gone badly wrong with initially well-motivated regulation.

How did things go so badly wrong so quickly?

If one accepts Levitt's analysis, Hoover got their marketing badly wrong .

When Rebecca emerged into the sunlight, it was clear that something was badly wrong .

Where on this conjoined road of shared experiences did the Prime Minister go so badly wrong and become a Tory?

That alone would have been enough to show something was badly wrong .

Since then, despite deep and life changing bonds being formed, some relationships have at times threatened to go badly wrong .



Local wildlife and agriculture are likely to be badly affected , environmentalists claim.

They may be so badly affected that their productivity drops.

The A-Forty-Eight Gloucester to Lydney road also badly affected , with some roads under two feet of water.

Seabirds were badly affected , with cormorants and black-necked grebes being among the first to die.

Fortunately, none of the family was too badly affected .

Even among those not so badly affected , ignorance about radiation produces powerful if sometimes irrational fear.

The Pang, Ver and Misbourne rivers, already suffering from over-abstraction, are badly affected .

He was believed to have been badly affected by the death of his wife last April.


One of the missionaries has been badly beaten and stabbed.

Some critics of the government were badly beaten .

The women and the kids had been really badly beaten .

Thomas said Stern was beaten badly before other patrons of the bar stopped the attack.

Despite his wound Ahn still fights like a tiger, but is badly beaten and reeling.

Stephen often comes into school badly beaten .

The manager was shot in the leg and badly beaten up.

Further down a big Negro with a badly beaten face was shaking his head in the negative to every question asked him.


Children who behave badly have had years to learn it.

Elsewhere, however, they behaved badly .

He accepted that it would be better to give her lots of love and attention for behaving well rather than for behaving badly .

They were all a bunch of spoiled, badly behaved film stars and he had no patience with any of them.

Yet, he counselled himself, he would not behave badly to her.

As for Auster, I am convinced that he behaved badly throughout.

Apart from politically inspired race riots in the early 1960s, rarely did Black people behave badly towards us.

Certainly, individuals may behave badly in any system.


There was a little blood around his mouth and his eyes were badly bruised .

Trapped in an eddy Graham was retrieved from the barrel badly bruised , just before he almost died of suffocation.

Taylor was left badly bruised down his right side-from leg to shoulder-but escaped without permanent injuries.

He's badly bruised and has difficulty moving because of the stab wound to his back.

Seaman badly bruised a hip and came off early in the second half last weekend but has received extensive treatment.

His nose had bled and his forehead and face were badly bruised from his fall; but he was not seriously hurt.

She's very shaken and her arms are badly bruised from where the men held her.

It's badly bruised - it may have been knocked by a car.


The bodies of the victims were so badly burned they could not be counted.

A dozen others were left badly burned .

He wasn't that badly burned , but yeah, we checked.

Andrew Morton was badly burned when a spark from his welding-torch ignited a fuel line.

His Hurricane was shot down over Kent during the Battle of Britan and he was badly burned .

She probably saved me getting badly burned last week, yet I can't seem to find any gratitude towards her.

It is only in the fashion or fad field that the later comers get badly burned .

His body was so badly burned that his features were unrecognisable.


That dreadful, badly cut shabby old coat and skirt!

It can cut badly , either flesh or other lines, even itself!


The Millar Memorial, however, suffered a setback recently when a fire badly damaged their band hall.

He made several passes in the dark, shot down one B-24 and badly damaged a second.

It was badly damaged in an accident with car thieves.

Only four of the 77 passengers were slightly injured while escaping from the emergency exits but the aircraft was badly damaged .

A bedroom was badly damaged in the blaze, but arson is not suspected.

Car fire: A car was badly damaged by fire in West Witton, Wensleydale.

As many as 44 military planes and helicopters had been badly damaged , he acknowledged.

Many houses some distance from the blast which was close to the nearby police station were badly damaged .


Antiquated equipment, badly designed ballot papers and inefficient vote-counting machinery contributed to the confusion.

Of course, if his tasks are badly designed they may well make unnecessary demands.


During the Salazar dictatorship Madeira fared badly , particularly after the revolt in the island in 1931.

Compared with other nutritious foods, they fared badly .

The party fared badly at the election in April last year, and Craxi's name has appeared regularly in the inquiries.

Sangster has also fared badly through his involvement with Classic Thoroughbreds, a more recent venture.

Ethnic minority groupings, squatters and welfare rights workers, for example, usually fare badly in comparison with statusquo middle-class groups.


He felt badly in need of a lie-down.

And we genuinely feel badly about this.

If he does, that means he is not good enough, and ought to feel badly .

Mother feels badly enough about your not going to church.

She said she later felt badly about calling 911, because she did not believe the matter needed police attention.

Well, I was feeling badly about all this.

They feel badly about their own school failures, and they know their problems are upsetting to their parents.

Lois felt badly that she was just now coming around to pay them a call.


It was then that things had gone badly wrong.

Things go well, and then things go badly .

Then there is the question of what would happen if things went badly wrong.

In each, relationships between males and females tend to go badly .

At this stage, he said, it seems more likely that an attempted mugging went badly wrong.

If things go badly , I move on to the next thing and don't beat myself up 9.


This process seems to have been handled badly , even if it is not one that lends itself to sensitive treatment.

In many cases, they are being handled badly by individual Support staff.


Vodafone, which could also be badly hit by such a move, lost 10p to 504p.

The common view, backed up by hard evidence is that investment has been badly hit by the recession.

It should also drum up more work for a profession that has been badly hit by the recession.

The refrigeration industry will be the most badly hit .

The Tapies market was also badly hit .

So does Huddur - another badly hit town.

Motorists passing through Tewkesbury have been badly hit .


He stepped on to the busy road and dragged badly injured Scott clear of the traffic.

Three years ago, the flocking process contributed to a fire at Malden Mills that badly injured several workers.

On one occasion William catapulted a lump of metal into a classroom full of pupils and a girl was quite badly injured .

It swerved off the road; killed three of the children; and badly injured Anne Maguire.

As a result of this Pyro and his daughter Nancy, who is standing beside him, are both badly injured .

Sefton was badly injured in the bomb blast in Hyde Park in nineteen eighty-two, but survived.

He worked at Anderson's factory and was badly injured when a kiln in which he was working collapsed.

The women were badly injured and two of them have been unable to return to work.


Overall the Fuller could have been a very decent unit but the quality of finish badly lets it down.

In other matches skippers Kim Barnett and Mark Benson scored centuries but were badly let down by their team-mates.

Ferguson then said he would buy the title for the fans he had so badly let down.

Would Merymose, who had been so badly let down by Akhenaten himself, be able to feel any sympathy at all?


Other visitors badly need to experience the royal lavatories: nobody knows where they are.

That this critically important service is badly needed for all media use goes without saying, and here is a model.

They badly needed to get off strong Sunday to erase that memory.

Start thinking Both sides spare themselves awkward questions that badly need to be answered.

Netcom also has the expertise of working with Internet customers that a telephone company would need badly to succeed in the business.

Forget the old adage about non-stop bicycling; the growing Community badly needs a decade of constitutional calm.

We badly need a demystification of the whole process.


For years after Franco's rule, the army, badly paid and poorly equipped, was viewed with suspicion.


But it reacted badly when he started on examples of government action to extend opportunity.

Some mares react badly and their reproductive cycles cease or are disrupted.

Chances were she would react badly .

Do you react badly to criticism at work?

They don't like it too hot in summer and they react badly to over-watering.

Bird lovers reacted badly to earlier attempts to control the birds by poisoning them and removing nests.

Others began to react badly to various chemicals at about the time they developed candidiasis.


But environmentalists have long claimed that the scheme has been underfunded, badly run and above all exploited by the tourist trade.

Man, that was a badly run operation.

We have a wonderful cache of these toys which we picked up in badly run stationers and toy shops.

I think the big national companies are badly run .


Stephen saw that Douglas's hands were now shaking badly as he rubbed his face.

He was badly shaken and needed nine stitches in a head injury.

She had been badly shaken up and obviously distressed by the experience.

She had been crying, and was still shaking badly .

July 1944, failed although he was injured and undoubtedly badly shaken .

I was badly shaken by that pact.

An Arab ambassador said he was bruised, looked badly shaken and needed at least two weeks to recover.


Louisa had slept badly and dreamed ill.

She slept badly and felt tired and depressed all day on Sunday even though she saw John briefly late in the evening.

She had slept badly , tossing and turning in the heat though the room had been cool enough.

Baldwin slept badly and briefly, uncertain about the wisdom or precision of his nocturnal negotiations.

He was sleeping badly , and he knew Celia was worried about him.

Needless to say, Jane slept badly: all her past life rose before her and condemned her present feelings.

She'd slept badly and felt numb with weariness and grief.

She slept badly , often waking to listen so that she would not his going in the morning.


Malone started badly when new outhalf Simon Willis missed two penalties in the first ten minutes.

Paul started badly , bogeying the first.


This is the total opposite to that experienced in the recession of the early 80s when our washroom service suffered badly .

Despite his warnings against escalating prematurely, Giap rashly leaped ahead in 1951 and suffered badly .

Connah's Quay was also affected with the Englefield Avenue suffering badly .

She was, however, suffering badly from shock.

Although I did not get this trouble with my machines, we used to suffer badly when we first got our computer.

If Richard, who suffers badly from asthma, had children, they might not get asthma.

The inter-urban trams suffered badly from unlicensed competition during the First World War.

Britains aerospace industries suffered badly when the cold war ended 4 years ago.


Some were so badly treated they had to be humanly destroyed.

Will their children be treated badly in school?

He said he was not treated badly and that he was with other political prisoners.

We continually talk to ourselves about them, losing force all the time, and feel that we are very badly treated .

It was also beginning to vex Hal, who was treated badly by those wider than him.

Lovely, simple, and demure. Badly treated by her family and underappreciated.

He was treated badly by most of the people around him.

But all women here are treated badly .


North, badly wanting to shut him up, tried to convince him it was otherwise.

He badly wanted to believe it.

Yet he badly wanted her to.

She had badly wanted to help Glover arrange his furniture when the time came for him to move into his new quarters.

Despite everything he had drunk already that night he badly wanted a brandy - and a large one at that.

As he badly wanted a job with Salomon Brothers, he knew exactly what I had to do.

Hoskyns badly wanted him for the post.

I badly wanted the job of fifth-grade safety monitor because Mrs Lambertson said it required supreme bravery.


Both Mccullin and Page were badly wounded , the latter was left with a steel plate in his brain.

The Army surgeons at Long Binh operated immediately, despite all the badly wounded troops they had to attend to.

The animal is not badly wounded .

Badly wounded , Bourbonnais left for downriver some months later.

The station was overflowing with badly wounded who had already been waiting for treatment for several days.

Ricketts' battery was also hit, with Ricketts himself falling badly wounded .

Braque badly wounded , Léger gassed, Derain unscathed but reduced to decorating shell cases.

In the confusion his brother was badly wounded and two men were killed.


I have never taken the Financial Times, finding it dull, badly written and vulgarly obsessed with money.

However, it was badly written and the long-term effects not thought through.

We would, of course, expect people to judge that the passages in which there was a conflict were badly written .

I could not tell whether she was smiling because the book amused her or because it was so badly written .

If they decided it was badly written they were asked to rewrite it.

The songs are often badly written .

And no one who writes badly ever succeeded in doing that.


augur well/badly/ill

Enjoyment of one's past job does not augur well for contentment in the role of housewife.

In another development that does not augur well for transatlantic trade, Zoellick formally asked the U.S.

It hardly augurs well - especially as none of them have won an international in Paris.

Such potential augurs well for the 1990s.

That augured well for the day.

That, at least, augured well.

This augurs well for the future and underlines the truth that music as a universal language is an important resource for ecumenism.

badly off for sth

be badly cut up

be well/clearly/badly signposted

Big Pit is about a male out of Blaenafon on the B4248, and is well signposted .

There are well signposted walks, some of them offering views of the snow-topped Alps.

carefully/well/badly thought-out

But new-wave sanitation experts say sewerage offers little more than convenience when compared to well thought-out latrines.

Each section is well thought-out and presented with a good number of diagrams and chromatograms.

It is here that the value of well thought-out objectives can be seen.

The system is a well thought-out one and seems to work well.

fare well/badly/better etc

I think the men fared better than the women.

It can be seen that, whilst all regions reflected the higher national unemployment rate, some regions fared better than others.

It still fared better than the broader market.

Life may be regarded as an austere struggle, blighted by fate, where only the rich and the lucky fare well.

Not faring well, but resting.

Obviously some clothiers fared better than others for there were quite a large number of bankruptcies between 1800 and 1840.

The Bloomberg Indiana Index fared better than the benchmark Standard&.

There is no reason to believe that diabetic patients fare better and they may do less well.

go down well/badly/a treat etc

It went down a treat with the matrons in safe seats like South-west Surrey.

It seems to be going down a treat.

go off well/badly etc

pass off well/badly etc

perform well/badly etc

After they had performed well in the role, these women made prestigious marriages, as does Cinderella.

All this works only if Hanson's headquarters performs well in its non-executive role.

Anthony Record, Britannia's chairman, said Actron had overcome its problems and was performing well.

Is a nominated subcontractor really likely to perform better than the subcontractor's own subcontractor?

Organizations need some degree of structure to perform well.

This propellant combination performs well and permits a fairly compact vehicle design.

To perform well a team needs a range of roles in its make-up.

Yet these stocks performed well in both.

think badly of sb

I could easily go in and request part-time work, and no one would think badly of me.

Try not to think badly of me.

well/badly/carefully etc organized

From everything I saw and heard, he seemed to be very well organized in Iowa.

In parliament there would be a carefully organized campaign of resistance that would at least slow the government down and raise Unionist morale.

Now that the partisans were well organized in the Province of Parma they committed many acts of sabotage.

Others around us, and we ourselves, demand that we always be well organized and hopeful.

Professionals are well organized , never seen by their victims, and they don't kill.

The anti-London lobby, however, was well organized and had financial arguments to back its case.

They can also be extraordinarily well organized and methodical, as well as deliberate and purposeful.

well/beautifully/badly etc turned out

He looks trim and well turned out in a new dark suit.

Mr. Russ's deputy was Mr. Windust, then probably in his late thirties - always smart and well turned out.


a badly written story

Adams admitted that he had played badly .

Did you sprain it badly ?

It's often taught very badly .

It was badly damaged in the storm.

Lorna speaks Spanish so badly that no one in our class can understand her.

She wanted to go so badly .

The company had been badly managed from the start.

The refugees badly need food and clean water.


But all women here are treated badly .

Grammar and spelling have never been so badly neglected.

In the event the poll was countermanded, but the affair reflected badly on the government and the Janata Dal.

Once again she suffered badly from morning-sickness although it wasn't as bad as the first time.

One of the missionaries has been badly beaten and stabbed.

Some mares react badly and their reproductive cycles cease or are disrupted.

Was it Dominic's fault that he had been given the job she wanted so badly ?

We talked earlier about the computer marketing firm that had badly botched one of its first major corporate sales.

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