Meaning of BANANA in English




a bunch of bananas

Bunches of bananas hung in the trees.

apple/corn/banana etc fritter

banana peel

banana republic

banana skin

This government has an unhappy knack of slipping on banana skins .

banana split

slipping on banana skins

This government has an unhappy knack of slipping on banana skins .




This always included milk and green bananas , though the latter do not feature prominently on a wild orang's menu.


Beauty was everywhere. Large palms and banana trees lined the roads and hamlets.


Though small , the banana settlement is worth noting.

Over in a corner, at the entrance to the recreation center, is a small grove of banana and ficus trees.



Vehicles and people both were festooned with banana leaves-symbol of rejoicing and fertility, I later learned.

My father sliced open a square of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves .

They put up bunting-banana leaves-round the stadium that day.

Sometimes the boat was made of wood, sometimes of banana leaves .

Then they cut it up, with everyone crowding round, ready with banana leaves in which to wrap their piece.


Then a guy slips on a banana peel .


This is proof of the erosive effects of past inflation rate which climbed to banana republic levels in the 1970s.

The Agency had huge collections of intelligence on banana republics and their leaders.

The guy has more titles than the leader of a banana republic .


The enamel has peeled off the taps like so much banana skin , revealing dull, patchy brass.

They dug in garbage piles, looking for anything at all, banana skins , orange peels, discarded greens.

He's just warning voters of the political banana skins on route to the polling booths.

Carrie kicked off her shoes and peeled her leotard down like a banana skin .

A tug-o'-war ensued and suddenly the rope came - unzipping all those carefully placed runners like a thumb through a banana skin .


He passed veranda-ed houses with red-tiled roofs half-hidden by the great fringed, paddle-like leaves of banana trees .

Little tin shacks and round huts are scattered across the hills between the banana trees .

Large palms and banana trees lined the roads and hamlets.

Coconut and banana trees quickly give way to a dim still forest.

Occasionally I saw clearings on the sides of the hills where banana trees grew.

It sang in a sweet trembling voice about a yellow bird up high in a banana tree .



He scrapped segregated dining rooms and often walked around barefoot and in casual dress, eating bananas .

He took the opportunity to stretch his legs and eat some biscuits and bananas .

Said she liked to walk in the rain and eat peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches.

The Cuds eat two bananas a day.


Then a guy slips on a banana peel.


go bananas

Dad will go bananas when he sees this.

Roy's customers think the council has gone bananas .

Victor will go bananas , and Rachel will think I got laid.


But tonight he would like to have something equivalent to a stalk of bananas to purchase, circa 1910.

Pepita began to pick up the fallen bananas and place them back in their crate.

Q: We are new to growing bananas.

The Clinton administration, though generally supporting open markets, had taken a neutral position on the banana question.

The leader either numbers each pair or gives them names such as apple, banana , cake, or other fruit.

They brought bananas to Africathey had boats, they travelled.

Though small, the banana settlement is worth noting.

Wines Fruit was picked from a plantation growing mangoes, guava, grapes, oranges, lemons and bananas.

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