Meaning of BAR in English


I. noun


a bar graph (= a picture of boxes of different heights, in which each box represents a different amount or quantity )

The monthly variations in rainfall are shown on the bar graph below.

a bar of chocolate (= a long block of chocolate )

He bought a Coke and a bar of chocolate.

a bar of soap

She was washing herself with a big bar of soap.

a beach bar/restaurant (= on the beach )

We watched the sun go down from the beach bar.

bar billiards

bar chart

bar code

bar graph

bar mitzvah

bar stool

a bar stool

bar/box-office etc takings

Cinema box-office takings in 2001 were £600m.

bull bars

bullbarred vehicles

cash bar

cocktail bar

coffee bar

colour bar

juice bar

lounge bar

monkey bars

open bar

oxygen bar

parallel bars

piano bar

public bar

salad bar

sand bar

scroll bar

snack bar

space bar

the bar exam (= in order to become a lawyer )

He is studying for the bar exam.

the hotel restaurant/bar/gym

The hotel bar was empty.

title bar

topless bar/show (= one in which the women serving or performing are topless )

wet bar

wine bar




This chocolate bar has the highest percentage of cocoa on the market.

A reified chocolate bar can also vary in quantity.

The chocolate bar project has stimulated all sorts of alliances within and between the North and the South.

The topping was a melted chocolate bar , sprinkled with a handful of soggy peanuts.

That is, as long as I can bring one little bitty chocolate bar .

The older soldier presses a chocolate bar into my hand, then pushes me towards the crowd of waiting women.

Ilene Karp Boy: Did you hear about the new chocolate bar called Jaws?


Maxim stopped just inside the door to the public bar and looked around.

Pubs and eating places: both hotels have public bars .

That evening, Connor was behind the counter in the saloon when he heard angry voices in the public bar .

Some are large public bars while others are service bars to enable table service to different areas.

The Harp Hotel Lounge bar with heavy atmospheric decor, restaurant, and public bar without distractions.

The public bar was already doing a brisk trade.



Dining chairs surrounded the breakfast bar table which was covered with the debris of a champagne breakfast.

Sitting on a red vinyl padded stool at the breakfast bar , she told us the sad news.

Inset single drainer stainless steel sink unit with mixer taps over. Breakfast bar .

There is a well-known breakfast bar in town.


He bought a comic, several candy bars and a bag of liquorice all-sorts.

During the first few months of traveling, I ate only candy bars and salad with Tabasco sauce.

I used to take candy bars , little toys, sharpened pencils, anything small and easy to mail to school.

They take the wrappers off the candy bars I bring my son.

Go to the grocery store and buy yourself a candy bar .

The men took frequent smoke breaks; they ate candy bars and exchanged stories.

People eat candy bars and put butter on their popcorn.

Compare Boston Chicken to Mars, maker of the candy bars .


This option allows you to make more sweeping changes - for example you can go from a bar chart to a line chart.

To illustrate this I want to put a bar chart and a table from the spreadsheet in my word-processed document.

The bar chart shows Sales on the left and Cost of Sales on the right. 4.

Drawing a bar chart Arrange the bars in some sensible order, such as in order of their lengths.

Immediately the activities and their durations are entered the Gantt bar chart and the end date are displayed.

Back to back bar charts can be used as back to back stem and leaf displays were to compare two distributions.

Typically these will include bar charts , pie charts and line graphs although numerous other types can be prepared.

If the retailer wants to find out about sales figures, for example, he may present information as a bar chart .


It is only 500 metres from the centre of Dassia with its array of cocktail bars , pubs and discos.

A cocktail bar , with two or three bar stools in front of it, took up the whole of one corner.

The origins of the hotel are also apparent in the impressive entrance hall, cocktail bar and lounge.

If the plans get the go-ahead the Inn will become a hotel, pub and nightclub with a restaurant and cocktail bar .

The smart cocktail bar is an ideal meeting place with a pleasant atmosphere and the restaurant serves a good selection of food.

The Krallerhof has several bars: the Kralleralm, two cocktail bars, and the igloo bar.

They met in the cocktail bar of the Richemond.

With the exception of brands like Janneau and Sempé, armagnac is rarely seen in duty-free lounges or glitzy cocktail bars .


To read in such a small bar code successfully requires a very high degree of resolution.

Here bundles of cloth arrive from the mills decked in bar codes .

The do-it-yourself bar code user therefore has to write his or her own reader software.

Next month some practical bar code hardware and software will be described.

There is a bar code plus thirteen digit number on the front of this copy of Everyday Electronics.

When a bar code is read, all that is fed into the computer system is the same number.

Without this massive data base, all you read in from the bar code is a meaningless number.

And as bar codes have only 13 digits, are they going to run out of codes?


Yet, despite the mushrooming of coffee bars in the high streets of western countries, supply still exceeds demand.

Complimentary coffee and tea; also has a coffee bar for espresso and biscotti.! end! &038;.

Again, as in the coffee bar , I almost turned round, so clear was the tone, so near.

We never had a good restaurant or coffee bar before.

He was still gazing at her across the warm fog of the coffee bar .

But you can do more than stand around the coffee bar and wring your hands with your co-workers.

We went to a coffee bar .

Other new retail ventures include a new coffee bar and a 24-hour diner on Main and Fourth streets.


This can be done on an annual basis with a bar graph which reveals the annual growth rate.

The output was a bar graph to show how much the new input resembled each of the ten people.

Breathing rhythm was established by the movement of a bar graph displayed on the computer screen.

Underneath the bar graph are listed the inbred mouse strains or transgenics from which the analysis was made.

The following bar graphs or charts show how the information can be broken down and looked at more closely.

A bar graph shows present depth and maximum depth reached.

About how much of every £100 is spent on each item shown in the divided bar graph ?

After each set of lessons bar graphs can be generated to illustrate the progress made.


Rather than stop him, we drain it and then decide to order more -- at the hotel bar .

Though Manhattan sports any number of bars capable of making a great drink, the grand hotel bar is a rare breed.

So it's come to this; sitting in a hotel bar in New Orleans partaking in solvent abuse.

In our quest for experiencing the ultimate New York hotel bar , we must pare down the prospects.

But I digress ... We are all somewhat the worse for wear after a long night in the hotel bar .

But what is it doing in a grown-up hotel bar ?

We're in the hotel bar after the second show, when we hear the bad news.

The tale: A business traveler meets a seductive woman in a hotel bar .


All the ground floor windows were fitted with iron bars , a sufficient deterrent for the average break-and-enter boys.

Dignified old rowhouses on historic Mount Vernon Square were marred by iron bars on their windows.

A somewhat different system simulated the effect of momentarily jamming an iron bar across the terminals in the substation.

A heavy iron bar lay on the floor beside my left hand.

And no sign of chains or a whip or iron bars .

The windows are guarded with iron bars , those on the lower floors viciously spiked to keep out thieves.

A framework of iron bars is placed across the top and this supports fine mesh netting.

They ceased to be fortresses protected by strong doors and iron bars and became elegant shops with windows in place of grilles.


The lounge bar looks out on the garden with two doors giving access to the terrace and seats some 100 persons.

The Beau Brummel Plus lounge bar with attractive Regency decor and good bar lunches.

Lunch served in the lounge bar .

Both bars are serviced by a central servery through the lounge bar.

The Union area includes a main hall, modern lounge bar facilities, a travel office, shop and cafeteria and disco-bar.

They were in a lounge bar .

Michael ordered them both hot whiskies and they settled down in the lounge bar .


There is a bar , lounge, restaurant and late-night piano bar.

A piano bar is open twice a week.

Or, if preferred, have a snack in the piano bar .

This quality hotel has a piano bar , and the bedrooms are tastefully appointed.

A weekly gala dinner is held with folk music, and a piano bar provides music three times a week.

A piano bar operates several times a week in high season.

A piano bar is open once a week and in front of the hotel is a pool and sun terrace.

There is an exclusive beach club, pool, tennis courts, restaurant, piano bar , nightclub, and beauty centre.


Balberith ripped the remains of the fruit and salad bar from its mountings and flung it through the roof.

The salad bar has over 50 items, including hot pasta and baked potatoes.

Choice of Pizzas, pastas, steaks and burgers, plus a salad bar .

The salad bars in these places are basic, and most of the other items are out of cans.

BWith that, Kevin darts to the salad bar and dips his grubby fingers into the crouton jar.


Above the entrance to the saloon bar there is a picture of Shakespeare on the swinging sign.

But the Telegraph was not taking its line from saloon bar advisers.

What the saloon bar lacked in creature comforts it made up for by the complete absence of journos.

Wexford went into the saloon bar .

Meryl didn't want to come - and played darts in the saloon bar .

There was a long silence, such as falls over a saloon bar in a Western at moments of confrontation.

Better the mild academic joke than the jollities of the saloon bar .


The hotel has two main restaurants, pizzeria, pool snack bar .

Her snack bar was roughly equivalent to a trust fund.

Each location has a counter service restaurant at lunch time, along with a coffee and snack bar open all day.

Admission is $ 3. 75, skates are $ 1. 75, and a full snack bar is available.

Poolside bar; club bar; snack bar.

Another snack bar serves the fifth floor fitness facility.

Poolside bar; snack bar; nightclub bar.

If you want to run out to the snack bar , go ahead, whatever just happened will happen again.


A firm in Maidenhead designed an hydraulically operated bar stool with a large base housing a compressed air tank.

Professor Ito pulls himself up tall on his bar stool .

I strolled over to a bar stool , mounted up and set Barry down in an ashtray.

I jumped up on a bar stool and began making a speech.

He hoisted himself on to one of the bar stools and nodded in greeting to the barman who was busy serving another customer.

If a patron throws a bar stool , Pat will at least have experience at dealing with it.

Nicola was shown on a bar stool in a black skirt that barely hid her crutch.

They also provide a more comfortable perch than a bar stool for those most interested in conversation.


If he was lucky he might start a wine bar when he left.

Thurso has got a swimming pool and a wine bar .

The theatre's members only wine bar situated between the first and second floors.

There are wine bars and pub sin every setting from a converted canalside warehouse to the ground floor of a theatre!

A wine bar and a smart hairdresser marked the divide.

Alsace is becoming established as a reliable, perhaps even the most reliable, wine bar white available.

Casinos are the wine bars of the gambling world.

None the less, the dealers who were gathered with him at the wine bar succeeded in changing his mind.


be called to the Bar

raise the bar

tend bar

Scott tended bar part-time while going to college.

After high school, Medville found herself looking at a future on welfare or tending bar.

Albert was tending bar, but the thirsty were three-deep in front of him.

He pays the rent by tending bar and working for a couple of unlicensed moving companies.

In August she took a weekend job tending bar.

Jack, though he had tended bar in his time, was not required to do manual labor.


a candy bar

A lot of houses had bars across the windows.

I helped him take the wrapper off his candy bar .

I used to buy a bar of chocolate every day and give half to my friend.

O'Keefe stood at the bar , drinking and watching the girls.

One of the ships got stuck on a sand bar .

The gold bars were transported from the bank in an armored truck.

the menu bar on your computer screen

They played a few bars, then stopped.

We go through so much soap in our family that I buy about 10 bars a month.

We went to a sports bar to watch the game and have a few beers.


After high school, Medville found herself looking at a future on welfare or tending bar .

After repeatedly failing his examinations, he was eventually called to the bar in the Inner Temple.

Employees stayed late every night to drink from the open bar and banter about advertising concepts with their mentor.

Fantasy: I stand in a crowded bar .

Manningham perched on a black leather stool by a well-stocked bar with a large mirror behind it.

One efficient method of covering the roof is to combine twin wall Lexon Thermoclear sheeting with Twinfix aluminium structural glazing bar .

Some tanks had a cutter bar mounted in front to improve their ability to move through jungle.

II. verb


be all over bar the shouting

be called to the Bar

no holds barred

There are no holds barred when it comes to making a profit.

He told me he was going to shoot the whole works, no holds barred.


In 1903 the New York School Board barred married women from teaching.

She stood in the hall, barring my way.

Some of the survivors said that one of the fire exits had been barred.

Sorry, you can't come into this club - you're barred.

The fans were barred from ever attending football matches in England again.

The owner of the house had barred the back door.


After telling a guard he wanted to look around, Morse was barred from entering.

Content Advisor, which provides a way to bar kids from unsavory Web sites.

Even these companies are barred from selling to the domestic market.

The court also ruled that no public policy bars men from fathering children posthumously.

The Court of Appeal held that even if there had been a right of rescission it was barred by lapse of time.

They then barred him from watching Prisoner Cell Block H, before extending it to a total television ban.

III. preposition


be all over bar the shouting

be called to the Bar

no holds barred

There are no holds barred when it comes to making a profit.

He told me he was going to shoot the whole works, no holds barred.

raise the bar

tend bar

Scott tended bar part-time while going to college.

After high school, Medville found herself looking at a future on welfare or tending bar.

Albert was tending bar, but the thirsty were three-deep in front of him.

He pays the rent by tending bar and working for a couple of unlicensed moving companies.

In August she took a weekend job tending bar.

Jack, though he had tended bar in his time, was not required to do manual labor.


He died with no possessions bar a small piece of land in Ireland.

I get hardly any mail, bar the occasional postcard from my mother.

No work's been done in the office today, bar a little typing.

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