Meaning of BARLEY in English




barley sugar

barley water

barley wine

pearl barley




There it is added to the fuel in the kilns where the malted barley is dried.

For dark beers such as stout, the malted barley is roasted until it is dark brown, almost black.

You had to throw the malted barley up against the screen.

Then a wort, or tea, is made by cooking the malted barley in boiling water.



Dad got me to read aloud to him and then offered me a barley sugar .

He smelt of outdoors and of secret barley sugar .

The assistants know what they are doing, and never try to sell you barley sugar on the way out.

The castle looks as if it is twirled out of barley sugar .

A fine oak staircase with barley sugar bannisters leads out of the stone flagged hall and the south-east facing sitting-room is panelled.


The meal then followed and all had their fill of sausage rolls and crisps, washed down with delicious barley water .

It was as if he had returned to the pavilion to celebrate with lemon barley water after a half-century.


Although some winter barley growers jumped he gun last week, little was cut as crops were not fit.

John Sluggett, who farms near Probus, mid-Cornwall, says he will be at least a week before starting on winter barley .

A little further south, early winter-drilled wheats looks good, but later-drilled crops extremely patchy and winter barley showing signs of disease.



Erdinger contracts with local farmers to grow some of its barley and all of its wheat, and provides them with seed.


Add barley and simmer for another 30 minutes.

After a bit they sat up and watched the welcome breeze work like an animal through the silver-green barley .

Good quality barley is making £151 a tonne so, not unnaturally, both farmers and merchants are rubbing their hands.

It is made by taking barley berries and soaking them in water.

Judy told me she was picking up a load of barley in East Grand Forks.

Other grains present are rye and barley malt, which also contribute flavour.

Remove barley mixture from heat, and let stand 5 minutes.

You know, the skin rubbed off with carrying the barley .

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