Meaning of BATHING in English




a swimming/bathing cap

A swimming cap will stop you getting your hair wet.

bathing cap

bathing costume

bathing suit

bathing trunks


bathing/jogging etc suit

A more natural line evolved as bathing suit and fabric technology was improved to push, pull and lift invisibly.

Babur puts on his new bathing suit and shows off.

I shower and lay out all seven bathing suits on the bed and try to picture myself in one in particular.

Seeing Felix resignedly pick up his towel and bathing suit , Mabs and Tashie rushed behind a rock to change.

She got into her old pink jogging suit and her sneakers.

She was looking very pretty in her bathing suit , her hair still damp from swimming.

There they were, those pretty young girls all in a row, wearing standardized bathing suits , glamour gowns and smiles.

They have doctorates in education, and pace the halls in jogging suits .


For the first time in her adult life, Polly went to bed without bathing or cleaning her teeth.

I think bathing is jolly good f-fun.

It then took more than an hour of bathing and shampooing to get Tosh back to his natural ebony colour!

Leisure activities still take place here although they are more likely to be water skiing, wind surfing and sailing rather than bathing .

Rituals of bathing and tending the body.

There, as if a curtain had been raised on both sides of the river, suddenly were campsites, fishing and bathing .

Unfortunately, like the Med, the Sea of Sacramento is shallow and polluted - bathing is not recommended.

When the dun evening comes the kids go down to the irrigation channels for some bilharzia bathing .

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