Meaning of BUILT in English



built environment

built...from scratch

He had built the business up from scratch .

specially designed/built/made etc

The boats are specially built for the disabled.


Rome wasn't built in a day

be built of sth

Many of the houses are built of brick.

Everything seems to be built of mirrors - what on earth has happened to brick?

Gley's chambers were built of one of the new metals created through the exigencies of war.

It made a sound like he was built of hollow wood.

Its sister mission in Tumacacori was built of adobe and has crumbled under the weight of the years.

The church was built of brick and chicken wire.

The colossal church in southern Charlotte is built of glass and steel spires, rising above its stone front.

The evidence suggests that almost all the village houses in earlier days were built of dried mud with thatched roofs.

Very few of the stations on what was built of the Cape to Cairo railway were anything more than small wayside halts.

heavily built

A heavily built man in a corduroy jacket edged closer to him on his left.

Angus is heavily built and fair.

Constantine was tall, heavily built and had a commanding presence.

He was certainly a heavily built man, but a lot of it was fat.

In a rough kind of way he was good-looking, but he was heavily built and looked an aggressive type.

Luckily, my shield was heavily built.

Shorter than Carver - five foot seven - he was heavily built with wide shoulders and stocky legs.

To his left was a heavily built grey-haired man, who looked straight ahead.


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