Meaning of CASSETTE in English




cassette player

cassette recorder

cassette/tape/record deck

digital cassette/audiotape etc

a recording on digital audiotape

video cassette recorder

video cassette




This is slower than an audio cassette recording.

Another example is pop music, emanating from radio, audio cassettes , etc., and geared to a specific age group.

The price, which includes an audio cassette , is £28.

The ideal would be to have the soundtrack on an audio cassette .

Other seminars concentrated on media skills such as poster-making, writing, drama, audio cassette production and the use of newsletters.

This is almost the same size as a conventional audio cassette .

Then the Activity Book introduces games and exercises, with songs and pronunciation activities recorded on the audio cassette .

A 46-minute audio cassette tape on Middlesbrough's promotion-winning season will be launched in Cleveland Centre on Saturday.


Tommy picks up the Magnum and fires it twice at the stereo, one bullet in each cassette deck .

It has a serious graphic equaliser, full logic cassette deck and an all-singing all-dancing spectrum analyser.

The supplied infra-red remote control handset also enables control of a suitably appointed Nakamichi cassette deck .

And a cassette deck crooning the blues and Bach.

I scrambled up and reached for the eject button on the cassette deck .


Anyone with a home cassette player can testify to the questionable long-term durability of tape recordings.

Some studies of portable cassette players found that test subjects used headphones at levels ranging from 65-112 decibels.

You may want to install a few luxuries like a portable television, radio / cassette player or a telephone extension.

One reason cassette players and other consumer electronics are played so loud, Hull said, is the phenomenon of auditory adaption.

The amount of explosive hidden in the radio cassette player which destroyed the aircraft was not detectable by any X-ray equipment.

Gao Ma kept a smal cassette player in his pocket, listening to it with earphones.

She put a tape in the cassette player but didn't hear the music.


The amount of explosive hidden in the radio cassette player which destroyed the aircraft was not detectable by any X-ray equipment.

Thieves broke into five cars, smashing the nearside windows and taking radio cassette players and cash.

A £165 radio cassette player was also taken from a car parked in North Road.

Wilmot, of Waterloo, Liverpool, is jointly accused with another man of stealing a radio cassette player from a car.


The Spectrum +2, with its built-in cassette recorder , simply isn't worth £150.

They were no use for recording programmes, however, and the public opted for video cassette recorders instead.

Whacks a tape into the cassette recorder .

Earlier this year, I set my cassette recorder to tape Bach's Magnificat in D from an original recording.

From the rattles and clunks it's difficult to tell what's happening, but I switch on the cassette recorder in case.

The aid that we are most likely to use for the same reasons as video is the audio tape or cassette recorder .


He opened it and looked at the video tape cassette inside.

With the fully charged battery in place, you are now ready to load a tape cassette , following the instructions.

With regard to the replacement tape cassettes for your echo machine, I haven't got a clue!

She didn't find it, but buried right down at the bottom she did find a tape cassette in a box.



He had played his cassettes to her and she had begun to understand what he had lost.


All the songs are recorded on the cassette .

Lectures may be recorded on to cassettes for ward or school teaching programmes.

Many of the texts are recorded on the accompanying cassette .


cassette recorder/tape recorder/video recorder etc


Assemble edits are made much easier if the camera-originals are all shot on one cassette .

Finch ejected the cassette , peered at it, replaced it and tried again.

It is much better to buy a naked C64 and one of the superior independent cassette players such as Mills Associates' Load-It.

It was very much later that evening when she remembered the cassette .

Osmone I is available as a small impregnated cassette which lasts for six months.

The best part of the magazine is the wide-ranging review pages of cassette compilations, demos, flexi discs and singles.

The organisation Relaxation for Living offers cassettes and classes, in some areas of the country.

With a fully-charged battery in place, the blank cassette can be loaded for recording.

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