Meaning of CATEGORY in English



a broad category

Our range of programmes fall into three broad categories.

distinct types/groups/categories etc

There are four distinct types.




The expressive notation facilitates abridgement in order to specify broader categories .

A broader category of 38 gambling stocks has dropped 32 % since the beginning of 1994.


In chapter 4 I suggested that you might try ignoring certain categories of unacceptable behaviour.

Man as he now is lives under certain categories of Cosmic Law, which keep him at his present level of development.

It is not due to the exclusion of certain categories of people from attendance.

Also on Jan. 1 Havel declared an amnesty which involved pardoning certain categories of short-term prisoners and reducing the sentences of others.


Give five different categories of hotel. 4.

We present twelve different categories of these, but the number could be greatly expanded.

The different categories of traveller are very hard to assess at all precisely.

A lot of things in a lot of different categories .

Analysis of variance and the Newman-Keuls procedure were applied to measure the statistical significance of means from different diagnostic categories .

Since there are many different categories of debt issues, there are many different possible types of yield curves.

Box 18 gives some examples from the different categories .

Corporation tax systems fall into different categories .


Revisionist analyses of socio-economic trends in the countryside fall into two distinct categories .

The enemy strategic assets will largely fall into three distinct categories .

These functions fall into two wholly distinct categories .

Not one person identifies fathers as a distinct category .

Advertising structures the newspaper into distinct categories and sections.

Materials in the center are organized into three distinct categories: reference, child-use, and staff development.

The two distinct categories are muddled in a manner that is difficult to separate analytically.

They do not represent four predefined, distinct categories of user.


All the music we listen to falls into two general rhythmic categories .

They must be able to generalize from specific to general categories .

When looking at the firm overall, management must contend with two general categories of risk: business risk and financial risk.

Alternatively, general categories or headings are established and topics listed under these headings.

Plants in the same general category produce different configurations of wastes, since they operate in the slightly different ways.

Your answers will provide you with general categories of physical activities that are appropriate for you at this time. 1.

Two general categories are used in describing neural network organization.


There are 60 grammatical categories specified within this lexicon indicating such properties as transitive verb, plural noun, proper noun etc.

Firstly one must determine the grammatical categories of the words in the lattice.

Hence it was necessary to first determine the grammatical categories of the words in the corpus.

Each word is tagged with its grammatical category .

Indeed, it is not surprising that a member of this particular grammatical category should have been brought into play here.

Example 1 above should be detected as an error by analysis of the grammatical categories of the words.

The process of learning words, learning their grammatical categories and acquiring them in correct combinations is very much a two-way affair.

We can see this very clearly if we consider the grammatical category of gender.


What of higher categories - genera, orders, classes etc.?

He argued that all the higher taxonomic categories can be divided into five subordinate units that fall naturally into a circular pattern.

Baldwin was not in the highest category of orators.


In the St Ann's study, the sick and disabled constituted the fourth largest category of the poor.

Card and Krueger studied restaurant workers, the largest category of minimum-wage employees.

Initially, you might discern the larger category of three different word groupings.

In every area it remained the largest category , although distribution was heavily skewed toward Canning Town.

Current assets, particularly accounts receivable and inventory, often represent the largest single category of asset investment for many firms.

The largest category of these is market loans.

It represents the largest category of federal payments to the states.


To summarize, broadly speaking there are three main categories of such patients. 1.

The main categories of change, and the processes through which they work are set out in Figure 2.5.

The six main categories are discussed below.

Wegener's third main category of evidence was palaeontological.

What main categories of stock are likely to be held by a manufacturing business?

The answers to this question fall into two main categories .


These flat roofing materials fall into three major categories: built-up felt roofing, mastic asphalt and single-ply membranes.

In this chapter we have seen the three major categories of financial statements.

The second major category of feeders is the scavenger group.

Ironically, such cases were among the only major categories in the study in which median awards declined.

It is likely too that non-manufacturing activities need to be broken down into major cost-driver categories .

The film still had nominees in all other major categories , including acting, directing and writing.

For a typical many-electron atom, such as Fe, we may divide the orbitals into three major categories .

The four major categories of cur-rent assets held by most firms are cash, marketable securities, accounts receivable, and inventory.


This year's Better Environment Awards for Industry include a new category: for companies with bright ideas on recovering waste.

It took little time to discover that I was in a new category .

The new category of genetically modified organisms has been subject to far less testing than one should reasonably expect.

The hottest new category of online freebies is full Internet access.

A whole new tragic category of bankrupts are in the making.

It codified previous provisions excluding aliens and added a long list of new categories of persons to be excluded.

While there was scepticism about property funds, there was general initial hostility to the other new categories .

You can now drag and drop any folder, or shortcut within a folder, and place them within your new category .


Many seven-day members disapproved of members in other categories , such as social having full voting rights.

There are other higher-level categories , such as Strategic, which requires information from all areas for planning purposes.

It is essential to realise at the outset that desktop publishing software is totally unlike any other software product category .

What are the prospects of obtaining a quantum theory of gravity and of unifying it with the other three categories of interactions?

While there was scepticism about property funds, there was general initial hostility to the other new categories .

No other category of asset came close to rivalling that performance.

There are three other categories: widowed, separated and divorced.

The possibilities are enormous; other leaders may reveal other categories .


Indeed, it is not surprising that a member of this particular grammatical category should have been brought into play here.

We have examined the class situation of a particular category of workers at a particular site.

Now, in a similar tradition, comes the particular category of assault called acquaintance violence.

Therefore, the degree to which official statistics underestimate the actual level of crime depends on the particular category of crime.

A merger is essentially a particular category of takeover; no special distinction is drawn in this book between mergers and takeovers.

This approach assumes that female psychologists in a particular category are all the same.

In the second consultation south of the border the scope of the registers was reduced from all land, to particular categories .

The new Legal Aid Board would accordingly be given power to make alternative arrangements for the provision of particular categories of work.


Accounting for certain Investments in Debt and Equity Securities classifies investments in three separate categories .

Included in a separate category are those allowed entry because they proved they have unique employment skills.

Almost twenty separate categories are listed but there are also pages and pages of other activities which defy classification.

The judging addresses seven separate but related categories worth a total of I, 000 points.

The present case does not fall clearly into any of these separate categories .

Maslow's hierarchy isolates needs for self-esteem as a separate motivating category .

He described his experience thus: There are two types of approach falling into two separate categories .

Centres should note, that to recognise student achievement on more than one instrument, modules have been given separate instrumental categories .


For the first time, Polaroid will recognise student entries with a special category .

These are all special categories that need institutional care.

Should they not be investigated as a special category of people affected?

Family stories, such as the ones about my Aunt Naomi belong to a special category .

Everywhere save Britain the constitution is defined as a special category of law.

But since Derrida has no special category for literature,. this solution would clearly be of no use to him.

These special categories , forming a substantial part of the collection, present special difficulties because of their age, condition and value.

In-laws Relationships with in-laws form a special category of kin relationships.


Exemptions Various categories of vehicle are exempt from the need to obtain an operating licence.

Look at the various categories with them and show them the lines where they can add their own descriptors. 4.

The Validation Statistics present totals for the various categories of results.

Figure 1 shows striking declines in death rates for various age categories from 1930 to 1975.

The various categories of operating expenditure are broadly in line with budget for the year.

So much so that, when the various category prizes were announced, he all but swept the board.

Table 11, below, shows how 3978 items issued in the course of the exercise were distributed among the various categories .

There could be a four percent difference in the mortgage rate between the various categories .



This is true for every age category and every income category.

And their suicide rate is two to three times higher than ours in every age category .

There will be races for both men and women, as well as for a variety of different age categories .

It was unclear why the last man in the age category did not get tested.

Figure 1 shows striking declines in death rates for various age categories from 1930 to 1975.



At least some of the seven small buildings just outside the military compounds at Corbridge may also belong in this category .

This series belongs to the latter category , believe it.

The clinic records, from an inner city teaching hospital we examined indicate that some believe sildenafil may belong in this category .

Family stories, such as the ones about my Aunt Naomi belong to a special category .

Language has always been regarded as belonging among these secondary categories .

Have the students name some other things which belong in each category . 2.

Anyone belonging to these categories who had been taken captive was to be freed.

The essence of any collection of stamps or of teapots must be that each specimen belongs in a distinct category .


The competition is divided into two categories: Professionals and Amateurs, with substantial prizes for the winners of each section.

The program provides many different pieces of artwork, divided clearly into categories .

In the format for the interviews, the external information was divided into five categories as listed below.

The games on the site are divided into two categories: friendlies and tournaments.

The interactions are divided phenomenologically into four categories .

The many forms of atheism can usefully be divided into two categories .

To put computer images to work, they need to be divided into two categories .

Block Funding Under block funding trainees will be divided into five categories or premium levels.


Instructions fall into four categories: arithmetic-logical, memory access, branch, and miscellaneous.

Generally speaking, however, they appear to fall into two categories: external and internal.

Team kites fall into several categories , chosen for precision flying or ballet and to suit the wind conditions.

Less than one percent of homicides recorded nationwide last year fell into this category , McCrary said.

If you fall into this category and have a low income, you may be entitled to Poll Tax Benefit.

The trick is figuring out which kids will fall into which category .

Of course, as far as headhunters are concerned, these companies fall into the category of poaching grounds.

Entrepreneurial organizations clearly fall into the task-oriented category .


The reaction against this structure has produced forms of politics that do not fit into traditional political categories .

The set of services that fits into this category , however, may well be negligible.

We do not know what sort of a variable it is; it does not seem to fit into any category .

Perhaps 15 percent to 20 percent of the men referred by courts fit this category , he says.

We fit into the latter category in these terms, but not in our own.

Certain chronic or terminal ailments may fit into this category , as may negative aspects of membership of a minority group.


This year's Better Environment Awards for Industry include a new category: for companies with bright ideas on recovering waste.

Mrs Cigans tells the children to sit at one end of the table but mercifully does not include me in this category .

Not all the interests in land known to the law were included in the category of real property.

It is now necessary to expand the accounting equation to include the last two categories of data, revenues and expenses.

Dramatised television and radio productions can be included in this category .

See Table 2-I for a list of seizures included in this category .

We can include in this category empathy or intuition, and also telepathy.

The term broadly includes the commonly-used categories of fluorescence and phosphorescence.


Emma Thompson won an Oscar in the Best Actress category .

Housing authorities that enforce the policies will qualify for certain categories of bonus funding.

Insurance companies identify six main categories of driver.

The novels are divided up into three categories: historical, romantic, and crime.


In some areas over 50 percent of planning applications fall into these categories.

Karen Quinlan falls into this third category , despite initial medical and popular views to the contrary.

Obviously all claims not requiring the appointment of Loss Adjusters can not be inspected but certain categories require closer investigation than others.

These labels all belong to one category .

Women in low-status social categories are especially likely to experience this.

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