Meaning of CAUSAL in English




a causal connection (= that causes or is caused by something else )

Psychologists have established a causal connection between behaviour and rewards.

a causal relationship (= when one thing causes another )

the causal relationship between cigarette smoking and lung cancer




Cause, on the other hand, situates the causal agent prior to the event caused and so requires the to infinitive.


They are thus perfectly suited to the analysis of our beliefs about causal chains or sequences.

We regularly take it that a causal circumstance is linked by way of a causal chain or sequence to its effect.

The importance of such an outcome is very different depending on where in the causal chain the third variable comes.

And, by the same token, the world will come to be filled with the links in this causal chain .


Some equations, asserted in a certain context or on certain assumptions, have to do with parts of causal circumstances .

I have latterly been speaking only of causal circumstances , and not causes.

These are pairs of things in a fundamental way like causal circumstances and effects.

We also have it that effects do no more than dependently necessitate their causal circumstances .

Strictly speaking, in what ontological category of things are causes and other conditions, the things which comprise causal circumstances ?

Do all of what we take to be causal circumstances and causes precede their effects?

Each ordinary causal circumstances is simply required for the effect, the effect requiring it.

In some respects there seems not much room for argument about our conception of standard effects and their causal circumstances .


There is also a causal connection between the two processes.

There must also be a causal connection between disability and a substantial limitation on a major life activity.

The idea that science does not involve causal connection also faces other difficulties, one of which can be given briefly.

But even if there is not this causal connection , the fantasy does have a causal effect.

The causal connection between the addictive use and the damaging consequences may be denied.

The achievement of a goal will serve to reinforce the behaviour and so establish a causal connection between needs and goals.

The causal connection between mood-altering substance or behaviour and the damaging consequences continues to be denied and the denial is intensified.

There is no important causal connection between the reinforcing effect of a stimulus and the feelings to which it gives rise.


In other words, the primary communicative function of causal connectives is to signal causal direction .

The causal direction hypothesis predicts that performance will be better on the causal task than on the temporal task.

Consequently, in the intentional mode, there is a complex relationship between causal direction and temporal order.


We can not directly infer a causal effect from a statistical effect.

Being female has a causal effect in two ways.

We now turn to causal path models to guide us as we summarize the various causal effects .

The slope can be thought of as a numerical expression of the strength of causal effect of one variable on another.

But even if there is not this causal connection, the fantasy does have a causal effect .

However, we can not even be sure that it has got the causal effects absolutely right.

First, they allow direct and indirect causal effects to be calculated and compared.


Among the studies that have found that small farms have higher land productivity, different causal explanations may be found.

The orbital motion of the earth provided a causal explanation for why the planets appeared to meander across the sky.

Nor have we tried to decide whether rules and reasons can only be considered in a hermeneutic framework incompatible with causal explanation .

This view characterises most sociological explanations of crime, including those that fall into the third category of causal explanation: invention.

Is the meaning account merely preliminary to a real causal explanation ?

Crucially, therefore, causal explanation is the proper procedure when we engage in natural science but not elsewhere.

The Smith-Thomson critique offers no causal explanation of precisely why shifts have occurred in the balance of community and state provision.

From these examples it will begin to be apparent that witchcraft is invoked as a causal explanation of irregularities.


These are not experimental because no causal factor is assumed to be operating in the survey situation.

During the past decade, much research has addressed possible causal factors .

Weight by itself can thus be eliminated as a causal factor .

Second, the relationship between age and poverty may be the consequence of other causal factors .

Instead, when fully understood, the apparent contradiction may reveal a new causal factor that was not considered before.

There are, of course, profound disagreements between Marxist and elite writers as to the causal factors generating this phenomena.

For had the causal factor not been present, everything would have been different.


However, the very preoccupation with identifying causal influences begs more fundamental questions about whether contemporaries shared intellectual assumptions.


Yet the current view is also that explanation involves an appeal to causal laws and not solely to generalizations.

The rules of the social world are, from a hermeneutic point of view, importantly different from causal laws .

This billiard ball behaves precisely like any billiard ball in the same conditions, and there are causal laws to explain why.

Every blink conforms to the causal laws of this physical movement.

They would retort that, if rules are causally effective, it must be in the manner of other causal laws .

This way of looking at causal laws is a delicate compromise.

On the contrary, some can, and have often been called and regarded as causal laws .

Such laws , although sometimes run together with causal laws, are best regarded as otherwise.


We want a link between belief and truth to prevent this happening, and a causal link looks promising.

In other words it enables one to modify the artificially simplistic notion of clear-cut dependent and independent variables having one-way causal links .

The material causal links may not always be readily perceivable, but they are there all the same.

Some courts have however looked to the causal link between the existence of a hearing and the final outcome.

There could be a causal link between demanding social justice and realism as a method, but it is not shown.

If this causal link is not present the application will fail.

Explanation extends our understanding of the world, by moving beyond simple observation of events to the causal links underpinning them.


Thus the causal model is a two-step one.


Let us construct a causal path diagram depicting one possible set of relationships between these variables.

In traditional macho science, scientific explanations stressed hierarchies and unidirectional causal paths .

We now turn to causal path models to guide us as we summarize the various causal effects.

As we learned in chapter 8, these results could be depicted in a causal path diagram as shown below.

To calculate the effect of an indirect causal path , the values of adjacent paths are multiplied.

Draw a causal path diagram indicating the relationships you would assume to exist between these variables.


Researchers rarely conduct research with a finished model of the causal process they want to test in mind.

The salient causal processes in the creation of this deferential coalfield culture are the subject of considerable debate.

Normally, this result would be explained in terms of the three causal processes of attention decrement, discounting, and assimilation.

At best it shows only that something similar is happening without showing why, or identifying key causal processes .

That is, to explain the experimental findings in terms of the subjects' account of the experimental rather than causal processes .

These can be compared with the causal processes mentioned.


A general concept can be exemplified by any number of particular instances which need not stand in any causal relation with each other.

This emphasizes a causal relation between what A wants and what B does.

There is no causal relation between these various events.

That would entail the existence of causal relations between such persons, in all their physical complexity, and the divine being.

These causal relations are essential to what they mean: without semantics a language is an uninterpreted formal language.

Therefore, additional evidence clearly pointing to a causal relation between H pylori infection and gastric ulcer disease has to be provided.

Such a projection does not in general preserve causal relations .

The caveat pertains too to what follows in this chapter, further conclusions about causal relations .


Nevertheless, in this two-way causal relationship , poverty is primarily a cause of illness and only secondarily its effect.

The Synagogue and communal agencies, as has already been pointed out, should have a direct causal relationship .

But the existence of a causal relationship is still debated.

Clearly, then, a causal relationship would be plausible.

The aspiration towards some sort of rational understanding of the causal relationship is probably the best we can achieve.

Indeed, the two have a causal relationship .

The first casts older people as being almost inevitably poor and this draws a causal relationship between income and later life.

A word such as because makes an outright claim of a causal relationship between one idea and another.


These were termed severe events and were assumed to have a causal role .

This encouraged the authors to argue for some causal role for these specific event types.

In the longitudinal part of the enquiry, the investigators examined the possible causal role of support.

Establishment of a causal role for leukotrienes in the pathogenesis of mucosal damage has, however, remained elusive.

Scientists have long recognized that environmental factors play a notable causal role in many cancers.

They must be accorded a permissive rather than a causal role .


Through a series of strategic puns Sukenick associates the collection of evidence, analysis and causal sequence with political totalitarianism.

In their study, three-to five-year-old children observed causal sequences involving a Jack-in-the-box with two runways into the box.


Table 5.4 summarizes the main evidence marshalled in support of her causal theory of social revolution.

This move should call to mind some remarks made in 2.4 about the causal theory of knowledge.

This thesis about the meaning of ethical words is presented against the background of a causal theory of meaning in general.

And we could take the causal theory in this way.

The conditional theory is less demanding, and hence escapes some of the difficulties which the causal theory faced.

So the conditional theory is a generalisation of the causal theory.


A word such as because makes an outright claim of a causal relationship between one idea and another.

Any one pair of these elements can be causal , and these relationships may change within the period being measured.

However, these data combine spontaneous and induced abortions and thus reflect different causal phenomena.

Motivation is therefore a causal relationship between effort expended, the performance attained and the reward related to the performance.

That would entail the existence of causal relations between such persons, in all their physical complexity, and the divine being.

The objection, again, is that we do not in our standard causal thinking have or use such an idea.

These findings add considerable weight to the claims that emotional arousal is of causal significance to relapse.

To take a causal circumstance as having no redundancy is obviously to exclude things wholly irrelevant to the effect.

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