Meaning of CELLAR in English




coal cellar

salt cellar

storm cellar

wine cellar




His brother Gawain ignored him, gazing at the salt cellar or the window for minutes at a time and stolidly chewing.

Later, in the café, we put the flag into the salt cellar and waited.

A sign of taking too much salt is if you find it difficult to remove the salt cellar from the table.


The royal palace was splendid and reputedly contained a large wine cellar .

She suggested a toast, and while he went to the wine cellar , she put the powder in her cup.



Raffles A lounge cellar bar with a relaxed atmosphere and a real coal fire.

There is a lounge, T.V. room, table tennis, cellar bar , large sauna, solarium and steam bath.

There is a small cellar bar , a sun terrace, a large garden and small heated outdoor swimming pool.

Downstairs is a Tyrolean-style bowling alley and cellar bar .

There is a new tennis court and, new for 1992, an open air swimming pool and cellar bar .

She was prevented from entering by people surfacing from the cellar bar .


They often drag down members of their family into their coal cellar of degradation as they fuel the fires of self destruction.

Wes's greatest triumph was undoubtedly the time he removed the grating from the coal cellar outside Skeldale House.

Otherwise the attic or the coal cellar had to suffice, but concealment had been the fashion.

I had lights put in the coal cellar and wash house too while he was at it.

It might seem a bit like looking for a black cat in a coal cellar .


There were three loud knocks on the cellar door .

People say I mistook the cellar door for the wine closet.

When they start to unpack, they find they can't get the cellar door open.

He was sitting directly above the cellar door , close enough to the kitchen door to hear their angry words.

Antoinette locked the cellar door and flung the key on the table.

Hard draught from under cellar door .

They heard a sound at the cellar door .

Also in here she kept the key to the cellar door .



Their collective mood had found its cellar , a malaise like a ladder they had descended rung by rung.


Down in the cellar Broadman looked up, muttered to himself, and carried on with his work.

Finally, he had to hide her in a cellar .

Have everything brought in and taken down to the cellar .

He announces that there are invisible demons in the cellar , and that they claim that the house is legally theirs.

His brother Gawain ignored him, gazing at the salt cellar or the window for minutes at a time and stolidly chewing.

I'd like them shown into the cellar , please.

She'd lain for two days on the cellar floor.

There were three loud knocks on the cellar door.

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