Meaning of CHAOTIC in English





Using enzyme concentration as the bifurcation parameter it was possible to induce reversible transitions between periodic and chaotic behavior .

Experimental literature that explicitly suggests that chaotic behavior has been observed in neural systems not subject to periodic stimulation is more limited.

It is possible to speculate that this system might enter a region of chaotic behavior in vivo.

Thus, if the second-messenger network were to enter a domain of chaotic behavior , chaotic variation in membrane potential would result.

Specifically, can chaotic behavior result in a single-loop feedback system with a nonmonotonic nonlinearity?

Theoretical arguments also indicate that multicellular neural systems can enter domains of chaotic behavior .

They found evidence for chaotic behavior .


Secondly the standard routes to chaos imply the existence of a well-defined onset of chaotic behaviour .

These are the terms that are considered to induce chaotic behaviour in these cosmological models.

We have noted that chaotic behaviour can arise only for systems governed by non-linear equations.

Then chaotic behaviour recurs, with the phase space trajectories being initially confined to bands and subsequently filling a whole region.

An important aspect of such chaotic behaviour is sensitivity to initial conditions.

The existence of expanding and contracting directions is an essential prerequisite for chaotic behaviour in dissipative systems of this sort.


Mere words could do little in the short term to reverse the chaotic situation .

The chaotic situation gave an opening for the military coup.

Some observers feared a chaotic situation that could deprive the eventual winner of the legitimacy needed to govern.


Newscasts continued to broadcast images of the chaotic minutes after the shooting.

The chaotic social and economic conditions could lead to civil war.

The city is a sprawling chaotic metropolis of some eight million residents.

We flew on the day after Christmas and the situation at the airport was completely chaotic .


Dawn saw the north wind still blowing strongly, and a chaotic sea right to the horizon.

Lord Owen condemned the voting as chaotic .

One can contemplate at least three roles for these chaotic regimes.

So the chaotic sea has an ambivalent character as well, like the sea, its visible expression.

Some observers feared a chaotic situation that could deprive the eventual winner of the legitimacy needed to govern.

The only defence open to enterprises and manufacturing industry would be a chaotic cut in their demand for these raw materials.

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