Meaning of CHRISTMAS in English



a birthday/Christmas/wedding cake (= a special cake for a birthday etc )

Lucy had twelve candles on her birthday cake.

a Christmas gift

Before 1940, most people did not wrap Christmas gifts.

a Christmas present

What would Dad like as a Christmas present?

a Christmas/Halloween etc party

I hope you’re going to the office Christmas party.

celebrate Christmas/Thanksgiving etc

How do you usually celebrate New Year?

Christmas cake

Christmas card

Christmas carol

Christmas cookie

Christmas cracker

Christmas Day

I always spend Christmas Day with my family.

Christmas dinner

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve cooking and getting ready for Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve

We’re arriving on Christmas Eve .

Christmas pudding

Christmas shopping

So you've done all your Christmas shopping, have you?

Christmas stocking

Christmas tree

Christmas/Easter/Independence etc Day

What day of the week is Christmas Day this year?

Christmas/New Year celebrations

They invited me to join in their Christmas celebrations.

Father Christmas

Sunday/Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner (= a special meal eaten on Sunday etc )

We usually have a walk after Christmas dinner.




Meanwhile, may I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for the coming year.

If you want to be happy on Christmas Day, give something away, give something away.

Wishing you all a very happy time this Christmas .

Love to Jane and the children. Happy Christmas !

I wish every one of you and your families a truly Happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.

We wish you all a happy Christmas .


We Wish you a Merry Christmas , this one's called.

Hello, Father! Merry Christmas !

In the hasty and confused breakup, nobody wished anybody a happy Hanukkah, a merry Christmas or a happy New Year.

Faith still does the impossible! Merry Christmas !

Here's hoping for a Merry Christmas .

But no matter what trips your escapism triggers, City Week still wishes you and yours a big Merry Christmas .



Plowden Station was featured as a Christmas card and Russell Mulford has a copy of this postcard.

Every year fewer Christmas cards arrived, and fewer still were sent.

I shall put this in with your Christmas card , so here's wishing you every happiness at Christmas.

She sent me a Christmas card .

The two men communicated less and less over the years, but his wife would send an annual Christmas card .

I bought some Christmas cards all on my own.


Every year fewer Christmas cards arrived, and fewer still were sent.

I bought some Christmas cards all on my own.

The repair bill had come through Henry's letter box along with some Christmas cards .

More distant friends exchange letters or Christmas cards , and so on.

Two childish Christmas cards , obviously made at school, stood on the mantelpiece.

He remembered her using it, writing Christmas cards with it, and shopping lists.

Better make it fifty, he thought, seeing himself distributing them like Christmas cards .


Made up the words and music to a Christmas carol ?

The offices are so old-fashioned that one was used as Scrooge's office in a recent film version of A Christmas Carol .

The repertoire was as follows, in chronological order of being devised: A Christmas Carol .


Legislation to outlaw Christmas Day trading looks set to be in place in time for this year's festive period.

His death came on Christmas Day , 1875, three months after his wife, Margaret, and baby died in childbirth.

Des O'Connor Tonight returns on Christmas Day .

Then they broke the chair into pieces, agreeing to save the folding tables for a Christmas Day blaze.

On Christmas Day little Anne looked lonely.

So on Christmas Day I found myself flying with Farris.

But there was scarcely enough to colour the greyness of Christmas Day itself.

Clinton will make similar calls on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day , they added.


Helped to cook the Christmas dinner ?

When Joe was asked to join the First Family each year for Christmas dinner , it posed a dilemma.

Over £1,500 was raised at the fete and this will be used to give 200 pensioners a slap-up Christmas dinner .

I wish she would show me how to get through homework and adolescence instead of just Christmas dinner for 40.

And tonight the traditional college Christmas dinner was cancelled as a mark of respect.

Frank would go home with a friend for Christmas dinner and I would be left here alone.

At the lunchtime Christmas dinner Tina, Jean and Hilda decided to wear their new bonnets with the flowers all round.

Margaret cooked a small Christmas dinner .


On Christmas Eve my nine-year-old grandson James was admitted in the early evening for an emergency appendix operation.

His third day in jail was Christmas Eve .

This would be their first Christmas Eve alone.

Although they set up housekeeping a couple of years ago, Dave officially proposed last Christmas Eve .

Within this period, the most significant day is Christmas Eve .

The reindeers just would not have managed without him on this dark Christmas Eve , they would have got lost.

It's Christmas Eve , remember?


These will be on sale very soon and would make an ideal Christmas gift .

Next they began accepting credit cards, running advertising, and promoting park permits as Christmas gifts .

Its new Web site offers one thousand items for sale, mostly targeted towards the Christmas gift market.

I got mine as a Christmas gift .

Of course, an attractively arranged selection of sweets also makes a lovely Christmas gift .

During December, people shop for Christmas gifts .


Our only hope is a good old winter storm over the Christmas holiday .

When the Christmas holidays arrived, I was shocked and disappointed to learn that the company does not give bonuses.

It took place on the Monday after Twelfth Day when the farm workers returned to work after the Christmas holiday .

Over the Christmas holiday , the airlines started a series of fare hikes -- the first since October.

The new machine is capable of producing 800-1000 square metres daily and should be operational before the Christmas holidays .

The Christmas holiday , which is eight months away, will be another major threat to the system, analysts said.

You will probably become an addict and spend much time over the Christmas holiday on fringes for stoles and scarves as well!

The 1906 Christmas holidays were also filled with racial disorders.


Her grandmother was now on her feet again; in fact, she had got on her feet on Christmas morning .

His renewed interest sparked a Christmas morning argument.

Then woke up and it was Christmas morning .


Everything I said about the Christmas party was true.

A Carol Service had been arranged and the Christmas party would take place on 15 December.

And now she expected Gabby to come to their rotten Christmas party .

The Welfare Committee and friends help out at the children's Christmas party .

The office for foreign students arranged a Christmas Party .

It is an elevating experience filling gas balloons for the Christmas party .

At the hospital and even at the Christmas party with former patients, disability 143 was the norm.


Euston Films' future Christmas Period Stand-By was not an overnight success.

It is intended that a steel structure forming the skeleton will be erected over the Christmas period .

At best, only about three-quarters of trains are expected to run over the Christmas period .

More shows would be crammed into the Christmas period to enable poor producers to eat in the coming year.

He caused many an offence during the Christmas period by openly stating his hatred of the Geldof coup.

Volunteers will hold a meeting this weekend to discuss fund-raising plans for the Christmas period .

We had agreed that over the Christmas period he was not going to play.


I dig the garden, or wrap my Christmas presents .

Could that be where the explanation lies as to why she gave her already suicidal husband twin pistols as a Christmas present ?

Tomorrow was Christmas Day, and she had only one dollar and eighty-seven cents to buy Jim a Christmas present .

When Jim arrived home from work, Della told Jim what she had done to buy his Christmas present .

Why not make an extra batch for a delectable Christmas present ?

Obviously they were trying out a Christmas present .

He was an unwanted Christmas present .

They had sacrificed their greatest treasures to give each other the best possible Christmas present .


Safeway, the food retailer, was up 0.7 per cent after news that its Christmas sales had exceeded market forecasts.

The home-improvement chain blamed weaker-than-expected Christmas sales .

Retailers have been almost unanimous in reporting higher Christmas sales .

While analysts predicted pre-Christmas sales were flat, retail sales in November rose 1. 2 percent.


The Christmas season , in case you hadn't noticed, is almost here.

All told, I counted about 200 catalogs that my overburdened mail carrier had to tote and deliver during the Christmas season .

The grand opening was in the Christmas season of 1896 on 14 December.

I keep them around, for which I became very grateful this Christmas season when suddenly I needed some clip art.

Whether the ministerial Working Party will reach agreement before the Christmas season remains to be seen.

Retailers were delighted, likening the sales pace to the Christmas season .

Players will begin trickling into the marketplace by spring, with the biggest push at the Christmas season .

Hiring was weak in much of the state, reflecting the lackluster Christmas season reported by many retailers.


One group at Christmas time invited some elderly people into their school to talk about Christmas when they were children.

The ship should return about Christmas time .

Festive Food Everyone seems to enjoy special foods at Christmas time - from roast turkey to stuffed dates and other sweet treats.

The Julenisse have very bad tempers, so children leave them bowls of porridge at Christmas time .

What do Tarzan and the animals sing at Christmas time ?

Thus the amount of notes in circulation is always more at Christmas time .

Imagine friends that you see only once a year, say at Christmas time .


Baked star biscuits to hang on a Christmas tree ?

We had a tumbleweed like that in Arizona for a Christmas tree , but this photograph was taken in Colorado.

All that glitters may not be gold, but these decorations would add elegance and sparkle to any Christmas tree .

Who would want a tumbleweed for a Christmas tree in a home resting among evergreens?

We've got our own Christmas tree to see to.

Then the fir tree told the mice of its grandest moment as a Christmas tree and shared the story of Humpty Dumpty.

I du n no how tall it is, but the Christmas tree outside the caff is blummin huge.

Prevent pine-needle fall-out from covering your floors when removing your Christmas tree .



So please remember our catalogue when deciding on what to buy as Christmas or birthday gifts.

Purchasers include the many thousands of people who bought new computers at Christmas that came pre-loaded with it.

Hust the number plate to buy Auntie for Christmas .

When Jim arrived home from work, Della told Jim what she had done to buy his Christmas present.

Tomorrow was Christmas Day, and she had only one dollar and eighty-seven cents to buy Jim a Christmas present.

That year Thanksgiving was due to fall on Nov. 30, which would leave only 20 buying days before Christmas .

I bought some Christmas cards all on my own.

And tomorrow afternoon, I could go by some of the shops on my way home and buy him something for Christmas .


The Victorians knew how to celebrate Christmas in style.

He celebrated Christmas Day 1176 at Bordeaux.


The tights I send via Inga at Christmas were probably too small.

Clarence sent him a Christmas card every year.

We send Christmas cards, but the Neanderthals did not.

She sent her packages for Christmas , Easter and birthdays, and wrote her regular letters.

She sent me a Christmas card.

The two men communicated less and less over the years, but his wife would send an annual Christmas card.


He'd spent Christmas with friends in Crowmarsh.

My father spent his first Christmas after liberation in jail because the Communists had marked him as uncooperative.

He spent Christmas at Poitiers with Charles and Judith.

Lance wondered why no articles were done about how she spent her Christmas .

Meant to be born in 1997, she spent her first Christmas in the neonatal intensive care unit with 16 other preemies.

Returning to work the following day we found out how Donald had spent his Christmas .

Families who would otherwise spend Christmas in bed-and-breakfast accommodation would then have a house to live in.


Happy Birthday/New Year/Christmas etc

A Happy New Year to you.

After midnight neighbours go outside and wish everyone a Happy New Year.

But bookings still rose 41 % from the $ 3. 41 billion posted a year earlier. Happy New Year.

Let's hope that a wet spring will bring green shoots for Roberts and the economy alike. Happy New Year.

That is what Britain needs as we move into what we all want, a really Happy New Year.

Independence/election/Christmas etc day

By election day , many observers will question why Bill Clinton and Bob Dole were nominated and why they are running.

It was July 1, almost Independence Day .

Legislation to outlaw Christmas Day trading looks set to be in place in time for this year's festive period.

She has a rat on top of the living room door on Christmas Day , for example, and it will last her two days.

Then came the Christmas Day massacre, by an Inkatha mob several hundred strong.

Merry Christmas!

a white Christmas

Despite the cold snap, a white Christmas was an unlikely prospect for most people.

Music piped from nowhere and everywhere with the dream of a white Christmas.

Noreen was hoping for a white Christmas but she was going to be disappointed.

While many children were hoping for a white Christmas more than 500,000 families were packing their suitcases and heading for the sun.

Who's been dreaming of a white Christmas?

birthday/Christmas etc greetings

People's voices, exchanging Christmas greetings echoed on the clear air.

The members wanted to visit the lady to pass on birthday greetings .

These days they hung on for their hundred-year-old birthday greetings from the White House.

this side of Christmas/midnight etc


Julie went snowboarding over Christmas .


And to think when Peggy was little Gran wouldn't let me switch on the tree lights until Christmas Eve.

It's getting nearly Christmas now.

Last winter featured tartan themes, while metallic Sixties dresses and lurex tops were popular at Christmas .

Piling for the new bridge was completed by Christmas .

The annual Christmas program, with full tuxedoed orchestra, sets, choreography and Broadway-caliber costumes, was standing room only.

The consumer electronics industry suffered through one of its worst Christmas seasons in decades in 1996.

The first time I see him is at the Christmas bonfire, when I am in the ninth grade.

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