Meaning of CLIMBING in English




a climbing plant (= one that grows up things )

The wall was covered with climbing plants.

climbing frame

climbing up the greasy pole

a politician climbing up the greasy pole

rock climbing




Who is best at climbing trees?

Although we didn't quite make the top, it was a good day's climbing .

The next best thing to climbing mountains is reading about them or attending slides-theatres or watching films.



Now with her piggy back heart shinning up the climbing frame is childs play.

Anna's arm hurt dreadfully, worse than when she'd fallen off the top of the climbing frame at the nursery.

Here they are wearing their new outfits while playing on a climbing frame .

This was a large amusement area filled with slides, rope swings and wooden climbing frames .

To his right was a children's playground, a surreal landscape of climbing frames and unmoving swings.

Later they had them set in a row near the climbing frame .

Inside there was a climbing frame , Lego roundabout, swings and a wooden catapult for firing naughty children out of the castle.

He then tried propping the others up on the climbing frame but they kept falling off.


Recall the version of hill climbing which depends on rules, in Chapter 2.

Perhaps it could be large if the second derivative of f is small, and viceversa. Hill climbing has several limitations.

They are instances of a method called hill climbing , which will be explained shortly.

It is a hill climbing process which should avoid foothills, so the learning steps have to be small.

This is a hill climbing algorithm.

It is a sort of hill climbing .

This process of fine adjustment is a form of hill climbing .


The patio was flanked by ancient brick walls covered in climbing plants and variegated ivy.

It was covered with climbing plants , and clearly had not been used for years.

The verandah is long and overgrown with climbing plants , which are wrapped around the varnished poles that support the tin roof.


I went canoeing, rock climbing and abseiling.

Although largely unknown in Britain, Lafaille has an impressive rock climbing curriculum vitae.

The blatant placing of a bolt in a Lakeland mountain crag produced considerable reaction throughout the rock climbing fraternity.

Indeed, there is now little or none of the traditional progression or interweaving of rock climbing and other mountain activities.

Five star rating Outward Bound centre - canoeing, caving, rock climbing pony trekking etc.

On the way to the camp we passed a boulder where Tony and I competed for rock climbing idiot of the evening.

There she will put her courage and dexterity to the test rock climbing , abseiling, sea kayaking, and canoeing.

In summer tourists can go rock climbing or walking.


The skeletons of climbing roses , not yet in bud, trailed in a regimented way against a wall.

The gold-winning Country Living entry celebrated her work with a nostalgic cottage-garden full of lupins, irises and climbing roses .

It has been replaced with trellis which is planted with variegated euonymus, five clematis, a climbing rose and evergreen honeysuckles.

The house is softened by sprawls of climbing roses .

There were old rose trees everywhere, and the walls were covered with climbing roses.

A mass of flowers covered the house, a pink climbing rose and a creamy clematis.

A small wooden door, set into the stone wall, and half hidden beneath the hanging tendrils of a climbing rose .

She wandered for a while under the climbing roses and clematis, coiled over wooden trellises to make shady walkways.


The campground has a terrific hot shower and a climbing wall and there are a number of good bouldering areas nearby.

A climbing wall , sauna bath and solarium are also available in the Centre, together with a 25-metre swimming pool.

It's the work of Grenobloise company named Alp'Roc who, until now, have been manufacturing normal climbing wall apparatus.

The Club plans to launch an appeal for funds this year to build an urgently needed climbing wall in the Sports Centre.

This year might see a difference, especially now the Foundry climbing wall is open.


be climbing the walls

If I drank another cup of coffee, I'd be climbing the walls.

Realizes he is moving in her desperately, as if he is climbing the walls of a closed building.

be climbing/crawling (up) the walls

Realizes he is moving in her desperately, as if he is climbing the walls of a closed building.


climbing equipment

Accident insurance does not cover you for dangerous activities such as rock climbing .

Dan taught me the basic techniques of rock climbing .

Eva's hobbies are horse-riding, climbing , and aerobics.

strong climbing boots


And that was the beginning of Skye's climbing industry.

Himalayan Climber provides a comprehensive photographic portrait of his remarkable climbing career.

On the way to the camp we passed a boulder where Tony and I competed for rock climbing idiot of the evening.

Since this year's race avoids the Pyrenean peaks, all the hard mountain climbing is concentrated into these two days.

Some guides use their climbing and rope skills to work on oil rigs or construction sites.

The rock is steep enough to require forceful climbing , but nuts drop in which a satisfying regularity.

This time it is a 5.5-mile event with 1,400 feet of climbing at Nebo, near Penygroes.

Why had he not continued climbing over the gate, said good-night, and gone off down the hill?

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