Meaning of COARSE in English




a coarse/vulgar expression (= one that is rude )

He came out with some vulgar expressions that I couldn’t possibly repeat.

coarse fishing

coarse (= consisting of thick and large pieces )

The only vegetation was a few bushes and patches of coarse grass.




On the 36in. and 32in. screens the zoomed format made the pictures look very coarse .

Since they have very coarse fur and stout claws, badger hygiene tends to be an extremely noisy affair.



The hook type do not work in the soft silt of most coarse fish waters.

It was caught in the coarse fish closed season and did not qualify for record status.


By convention the geologist plots coarse grains to the left of the abscissa and fine to the right.

The texture is mainly determined by the proportion of coarse grains-the clastics-as well as their size and shape.

Blend a little cooking juice with two tablespoons each black treacle and tomato purée and one tablespoon of coarse grain mustard.


Conversion to grassland also explains much of the loss of healthy shrubs, coarse grasses , cotton grass and rushes.

There was no food but coarse grass and even the grass was mixed with bitter rushes and docks.

He wanted to idle along the embankments and see the flowers growing in the coarse grass .

They came out of the wood into a bare field where coarse grass lapped limply around their ankles.

It was sewn with coarse grass and carefully mended with leather patches stitched on with the same coarse grass.

The only vegetation was scrubby trees and patches of coarse grass .


I felt its coarse hairs prickle my neck ... Smell of wet earth ... My belly writhed.


It will grow well in plain aquarium coarse sand or fine gravel.

In Breckland there is coarse sand which is very porous and poor for crops.

Some clay with coarse sand or gravel can be provided in the tank.

Cultivation: A layer of peat and gravel, or leaf-mould and coarse sand or loam should provide a good medium.

However, if cracks do appear, you should try brushing a mixture of peat or compost and coarse sand into them.

Likewise, further groupings such as percentage of coarse sand or of very fine sand may also be calculated.

Cultivation: A medium of coarse sand or fine gravel on its own, or with some loam is sufficient.

Nevertheless a mixture containing coarse sand and bulb fibre or peat moss should be quite satisfactory.


smooth-textured/coarse-textured/fine-textured etc


coarse sand

A coarse cloth was made from the local wool.

All the hospital beds were covered with coarse cotton sheets.

Her straight hair, once dark brown, was becoming grey and coarse .

Several comedians have been criticized for their coarse humor.

She tried to ignore his coarse jokes and crude innuendoes -- he was obviously drunk.

The fisherman's skin was dark and coarse , his hands big and strong.


But such coarse mutilation would not have fitted in with the polite way in which Perrault wished to retell his story.

Conversion to grassland also explains much of the loss of healthy shrubs, coarse grasses, cotton grass and rushes.

One grade coarser is twice the size of its predecessor and one grade finer is half the size.

She touched it; it was dry and coarse to her touch.

She was emptying the contents of a stone mortar, a tobacco-colored crush of leaves, on to a scrap of coarse paper.

Slice off the coarse top and the bottom tip of the carrot with a paring knife and discard.

The former are usually coarse grained; the latter, fine grained or glassy.

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