Meaning of COBBLESTONE in English




As he reached the end of the willow grove, a tottering cobblestone bridge resting on wooden stanchions appeared on his left.

Do you know, the cobblestones couldn't be seen for the blood which swilled like water?

Horse-drawn carriages, usually with a young boy or girl sitting up with the driver, clatter over cobblestones.

In the square the flower-sellers had lit the naphtha flares in the buckets set along the cobblestones.

Little clusters of guests were standing about on the cobblestones between the houses, looking at a loss.

She woke up on cobblestones, surrounded by a rich fog.

There was a dead man on the cobblestones, horrendously mutilated.

We talked about it tentatively at first, as we walked, arms linked, over rainy cobblestone streets.

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