Meaning of COHERENT in English




a clear/coherent strategy

It is important that the company has a clear strategy.

a coherent policy (= one in which all the parts of the policy work well together )

A long-term coherent policy for industry is needed.




The interests of the other classes find more or less coherent expression in movements of opposition and protest.

Real skins are much less coherent than the stereotype.

It recounts a complex story in a more or less coherent fashion.

This makes the music less coherent , even enigmatic.


Last year's war in Kosovo produced a more coherent performance.

Detailing the study of specific groups provides a focus for research components and presents a more coherent view of research efforts.

The Committee is currently reviewing its policy on research grants in order to produce a better defined and more coherent research programme.

Robert Eccleshall has fewer pretensions than Ted Honderich but his book is much more coherent .

The result will be a more coherent and comprehensive system by which to maintain standards in our awards.

But this is a far more coherent assault.

However, of the dreams that are reported some are more structured, have more coherent themes and plots, than others.

At the same time, however, labour socialism was more coherent and critical than labourism.



Synthesis is the process of blending a number of pieces of evidence together into one coherent account .


Researchers have argued consistently that a coherent approach is needed to finding the type of intervention which works best for which children.


In this way, other micro aspects such as cross-hatching and brushwork also come to form a coherent body of pattern.


The theory of Darwin and Fisher is the only coherent explanation we possess for such characters.

Much the most coherent explanation for the evolution of such phenomena is still Charles Darwin's.

A coherent explanation of the cases must be placed on some other basis than agency.

In order to provide coherent explanations for developments in family law general and abstract perspectives must be introduced.

Hitherto the instrumental approach to law has been criticized as inadequate to provide a coherent explanation for contradictory tendencies in legal developments.


But no coherent pattern has emerged.

Economic like other social life does not conform to a simple and coherent pattern .

Returns from other institutions proved difficult to fit in to a coherent pattern .

Or, to put this all differently ... Pattern-notes arrange information spatially to create memorable and coherent patterns .

It would be difficult to produce a coherent pattern by reversing these sentences.

The editor has performed an excellent task in ensuring that the chapters follow a coherent pattern which makes it more readable.


Compared with shifting coalitions of Independent councillors, party groupings can make for coherent policy planning and administration.

Few authorities were felt to have a coherent policy on supporting their older children.

No coherent policy on radioactive waste disposal.

Local authorities need comprehensive and coherent policies to meet both these demands and their minimum legal obligations.

Dissemination of these objectives should provide the business with a coherent policy to which management effort can be directed properly.

The other part is having coherent policies in the first place.

Jupp Heynckes faces a tough job at a club desperately in need of coherent policies .

The intention was to produce a coherent policy on the development of civil and military technology.


The Levellers articulated this awareness, and channelled it into a coherent set of democratic political demands.

Atomic theory, for example, is the coherent set of explanations of the structure and behavior of atoms.


Political paralysis has prevented the evolution of either clear tactics or a coherent strategy .

The district developed a coherent strategy to compete with its neighboring suburbs, focused on the use of technology in the classroom.


Each such coherent structure is identifiable for only a limited time.

First, most legislatures do not provide a coherent structure within which power can be concentrated and exercised effectively.

Figure 21.11 is a model of the other type of coherent structure .

Suggested mechanisms for the origin of coherent structures include two important ideas.

The very different patterns in the different orientations in each flow must reflect orientation of the coherent structures .

It also, of course, indicates what the coherent structures are like.

It is likely that these coherent structures originate through an intermittent instability of the velocity profile.

Although the existence of coherent structures is well established, there is often controversy as to the most appropriate models.


Each of these views is part of or generated a coherent system , but they are systems fed by imagination.


My main aims are to demonstrate a possible methodology for such analysis, and to present a coherent theory of deixis.

It is not deconstructive in the sense that it attempts to explain those contradictions via a coherent theory .

These two dimensions provided the basis for the first coherent theories about the connections between the peoples of the world.

A coherent theory of jurisdiction is produced.

Is he able to construct a coherent theory ?


Her only coherent thought was that she should never have come back to stay in Wickrithe.

Senses rioted, coherent thought fled, and for mindless seconds they were oblivious to the world about them.

Then all coherent thought fled as fitzAlan's hand lowered further.

But cognitive theories' rationalism is male-identified, drawing on dominant conceptions of the masculine nature of logical, coherent thought .

Her mind devoid of any coherent thought , Hilary panicked.

Every coherent thought fled abruptly as a tall figure appeared round the side of the building.

It was her last coherent thought for some minutes.

The childish words went through and through his mind, blotting out all coherent thought .


This was proposed by the engineer to give better three-dimensional bonding of the various elements of the cellar into a coherent whole .

It is a succession or flow of events to make a coherent whole .

Mr Reuter struggles on without his support to weld a group of large, still separate companies into a coherent whole .

Your dream can come true if your plan has these three key elements, fitting together in one coherent whole .

We must assume, of course, that these different aspects of his gnomic philosophy are to be unified into some coherent whole .

Together they form a coherent whole , a new model of government.

The main job is to begin fitting everything together into a single, coherent whole .

Subjects do not exist in isolation, but rather come together to form a coherent whole for the children.


He couldn't give a coherent account of what he'd been doing that night.

His book contains a coherent argument in favour of economic change.

History could be defined as a coherent account of an event.

I was so confused that I could not make a coherent answer.

Rescuers found Campbell, who was conscious and coherent .

She was hysterical and screaming - not coherent at all.

We would like to see a coherent federal housing program.


A lot of albums play at telling a story, but few actually deliver a coherent sense of narrative.

And how did they come to interrelate with one another so as to make possible a coherent , intelligible universe?

But it is in developing a coherent conceptual framework for such discussion that the book is least successful.

However, the actual policy process in a cabinet system depends on whether there is a coherent majority group in the legislature.

Interest aggregation is the transformation of all these political needs and wants into a smaller number of coherent alternatives. 6.

It can not be recalled in any coherent form.

Sordid and diseased, perhaps, but there's already a compelling and coherent vision at work.

The problem of establishing coherent , explicit and stable objectives for state enterprises applies with particular force to the railways.

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