Meaning of COLLEGE in English



a college/university course

students who fail their college courses

a school/university/college library

She was studying at the college library.

a university/college degree

For many jobs you need to have a university degree.

a university/college/school student

How many college students are politically active?

College Boards

college professor

Ted’s a college professor .

community college

electoral college

high school/college diploma

junior college

leave home/school/college etc

How old were you when you left home your parents’ home ?

My daughter got a job after she left school.

The lawsuit will be postponed until the president leaves office .

school/college/university fees

She paid for her college fees by taking a part-time job as a waitress.

sixth form college

start school/college/work

I started college last week.

teach school/college etc American English (= teach in a school etc )

technical college

theological college

training college

a teacher training college

university/college education

Do you have a university education?

university/college/school admissions

university/college/school entry

Japan has one of the highest rates of college and university entry in the world.




As the rule book insists, 12 weeks will elapse before the electoral college is convened.

If the system had been built on popular votes rather than the electoral college , each would have pursued a different strategy.

The most obvious example is the electoral college , the phantom body that stands between voters and the final outcome.

This leaves 143 electoral college votes in 14 swing states undecided.

Even under the electoral college rules, this achievement ought to make Gore the next president.

Outdated voting mechanisms, a decentralised, idiosyncratic procedure, and the archaic electoral college have received comment.

But in the electoral college , Kennedy won by a comfortable 303 votes to 219 votes for Nixon.


Some years later, I left school for a further education college in King's Cross to study A levels.

The sample will be built up from students in Further Education colleges in six locations in Britain.

These courses, run by further education colleges , are all based on National Certificate Modules.

The Access to Teaching scheme was extended and now includes participation by 5 Further Education colleges .

Read in studio Hundreds of staff at polytechnic and further education colleges have been on strike in a protest over pay.

In some areas specific further education colleges will be involved as members of the Compact partnership.

This includes: A new independence for schools and further education colleges .

In addition, there is conflict between Government Training Centres and further education colleges on training.


The latest craze sweeping high schools and college dorms across the States is True Crime trading cards.

Simon has given hundreds of educational presentations about rape to high school and college students and other community groups.

The protesters, some of whom told how they had suffered from discrimination, were nearly all high school or college age.

They can work with teachers in high schools and colleges to improve their understanding of the workplace and to support classroom activities.

What courses in high school or college were the best?

Before they recalculated, the high school informed colleges that Brian was second in his class, based on junior year-end records.

A high school or college student could be your best bet for providing in-home care.

Then he came back and attended high school and college .


In Quebec, this was adapted to cover late secondary, junior college , and university work.

It was a great gallery for a junior college .

Four defensive starters are freshmen, two others are sophomores, and another is a first-year junior college transfer.

Cal has only one other kicker in junior college transfer Tim Wolleck, whom Brache beat out during fall camp.

Junior Dan Nash, a 6-0 junior college transfer from Pierce College, is the setter.

Since 1961, the new junior college had been making do with the evening hours at Chula Vista High School.

Two rows behind the bench sits a sweet-faced junior college girl who just announced her intention to play for Oregon next year.

A junior college recruit she had great hopes for is not coming along fast enough.


He was 16 in 1959, and just entering a local arts college still run on quasi-Victorian lines.

That game was held at Los Angeles Coliseum, where California law prevented local college bands from performing at a professional event.

The company is also using the Merseyside visit for workshops sessions with 150 students at local schools and colleges .

I got her a catalogue from the local community college , and we started talking about courses.

She signed up with her local college for a typing course, and later she taught herself Braille.

Update and refine your skills, preferably in adult education programs at a local college .

That has improved in recent years and I congratulate the local authority and the local schools and colleges on that.

And those vignettes were made by local college students working with an award-winning independent film director.


Local educators established the non-profit university in 1964, making it one of the country's oldest private colleges .

But I was too old to start college .

He built a political alliance with his old college chum and fellow L. A. Democrat, Rep.

Their responsibilities increased as the old college laboratories began to close.

Aunt Mary gasped as we passed the old college chapel.

This is my old college , where under apartheid a celebrated anti-authoritarian spirit characterised staff and students.

John's, the 300-year-\#old college famed for its Great Books curriculum.


Some were from a local technical college and were taken for short periods.

He attended a technical college for engineering studies before moving to Los Angeles in 1982.

For most students education in the universities and professional and technical colleges promised access to a relatively privileged position in society.

The four-year program begins in the last two years of high school and continues through two years of technical or community college .

About 9 out of 10 were in educational services in elementary, secondary, and technical schools and colleges and universities.

Determined not to re-enter blind institution life, I headed for the nearby technical college who wouldn't have me either.

Ohio has viewed the involvement of community and technical colleges in tech prep as critical.


It has generally been much more effective in forming the musical sensibilities of clergy than hit-and-run visits to theological colleges .

In 1960 he was appointed principal of Cuddesdon theological college , near Oxford.

Unfortunately, theological colleges give little specialist training in the area of new church planting or moribund church rejuvenation.

The remainder train for three years at theological college .

A theological college is a narrow world, frequently compared to a greenhouse.

At theological college , near Oxford, the docility of most of the wives of other students irritated Anna.

I had been four years at an evangelical theological college but no one had ever put it like that to me.

The worst of the teaching offered in theological colleges occurs because the staff are few and the ground to be covered enormous.



The Bakke decision permitted the use of race or national origin as a factor in college admissions .

To be sure, dressing up the college admissions application often motivates the teen charity work, but so what?

The students might not have done well enough to preserve the 80 average that guaranteed senior college admission .

But the briefest conversation with Shahi Smart reveals some one college admissions officers might well duel over.

Raise college admissions standards so that young people have an incentive to work harder and achieve more in high school.

They are working on performance-based standards for college admission .

Counselors say the program has pushed some success-driven students, egged on by their parents, to prepare earlier for college admissions .

Even some college admissions officials worry that it is too much, too soon.


They always encouraged varied materials where I studied at art college in Loughborough.

Could City serve as an antipoverty program or a fine liberal arts college , but not both?

When he made it big, in the mid-Seventies, Dury was a 35-year-old former art college lecturer in callipers.

He looked rather like a sympathetic young dean at an eastern liberal arts college .

One's best friend's cousin's daughter might well be at a loose end after leaving art college .

A recent letter from the senate of a local liberal arts college is sitting on my desk.

The setting is a Vermont liberal arts college where Sarah Matthews is dean of students.

But Brandeis' status as a hybrid of an elite liberal arts college and a small research university compounds its difficulty.


They told Gardner he would be out of college basketball after two seasons.

The weather conditions back East postponed several college basketball games last week.

Then fans could become college basketball experts, anticipating the player the Celtics might draft with their Top 3 pick.

This is what big-time college basketball is all about?

We have an inalienable right to play college basketball .

The same commute reshaped the college basketball world.

Hanks came with his children and wife Marva, a college basketball star at Iowa.

His distinguishing trait is an unwavering moral compass, conspicuous by its absence in college basketball .


On college campuses across the country, Chagnon's name is a dormitory word.

This was particularly the case on college campuses , where the young radicals of the New Left dominated public debate.

Racist behavior on college campuses is, of course, not limited to students.

Gay bashing has also been widely visible on college campuses .

Patricia Schroeder, D-Colo., has said the tactic is a major problem on college campuses .

Merrill points out that most often rape on college campuses is date rape, but that date rape is rape.

Campus networks include university and college campuses , research laboratories, private companies, and educational sites such as K-12 school districts.

Others might want to take a concentration of advanced-placement courses or courses on college campuses .


The college has reached out to area high schools in other ways. Community college faculty teach courses at the high schools.

She enrolled at a Colorado community college and discovered how inadequate her education had been when she tested at the remedial level.

Instead, students who arrive on campus with some community college credits under their belt can graduate early.

One of the most widely available resources are adult-education classes run by local school districts or community colleges .

Enrollment at community colleges and other two-year learning institutions has soared.

The state of Missouri will spend some $ 20 million upgrading worker skills for local companies at its community colleges .

Ohio has restructured its community college system so that no resident lives more than twenty minutes away from a local institution.


Most evening and weekend college courses are around the £100 mark and can be paid in instalments if necessary.

The film was for some college course .

Others will be following more conventional, academic types of college courses .

At issue in the Gingrich case is a college course he taught in 1993-95 with financial support from a nonprofit foundation.

Courses are also run by local authorities around the country, and private training agencies and college courses are available.

She has also considered re-training and thought about enrolling for a college course .

The investigation focused on a college course Gingrich taught with financial support from nonprofit foundations.


So she took the route of a lot of young people who have college degrees but are still floundering for a career.

I was convinced that without a college degree I could never succeed.

Many industrial production managers have a college degree in business administration or industrial engineering.

And no more than one in twenty earned a college degree .

When Helen and I had children, we were both determined that they would get their college degrees .

Such things were important in the Johnson household, where all five of the children went on to receive college degrees .

The path is somewhat different for those who enter without a college degree or do not go through the internship program.

White men with high school diplomas earn more than Hispanic women with college degrees .


Some years later, I left school for a further education college in King's Cross to study A levels.

The sample will be built up from students in Further Education colleges in six locations in Britain.

These courses, run by further education colleges , are all based on National Certificate Modules.

The Access to Teaching scheme was extended and now includes participation by 5 Further Education colleges .

This is sometimes possible, too, if you have attended a further or adult education college .

Read in studio Hundreds of staff at polytechnic and further education colleges have been on strike in a protest over pay.

Swindon College is one of the biggest further education colleges in the country.

In some areas specific further education colleges will be involved as members of the Compact partnership.


A college football association is charged with conspiring to limit the number of college games that football fans can see on television.

Very much like being named No. 1 in the final Associated Press college football poll after the bowl games.

Rejected for the college football team, he persisted and got in.

Steve Spurrier will remain in college football until he lives down the Nebraska defeat.

When he retired from football , he went to work for Turner Broadcasting as the color analyst of their college football telecasts.

National college football champions, it knows.

When he was at Miami, he turned some heads by proclaiming himself the best receiver in college football .

That's the same way it would have ended up in all the years before college football went high-tech.


The information will be gathered in 4 city centre retail and catering firms and 3 sixth form colleges in Swansea.

The former Branksome Comprehensive and Darlington sixth form college pupil is now doing a postgraduate teaching course in Birmingham.

From April next year, further education and sixth form colleges will be independent of local government control.

Sixth form colleges Sixth form colleges are separate schools for 16-19-year-olds.

From April 1993, all colleges of further education, tertiary and sixth form colleges will be removed from local authority control.

Tertiary colleges Tertiary colleges combine the functions of a sixth form college and a further education college.

Sixth form colleges offer a half-way house providing a link between school and higher education or work.


There were 162 first-time deputies and the official media stressed that the percentage of college graduates was higher than before.

The dispersion of earnings increased among college graduates .

Paying competitive salaries means paying teachers on a par with other professions open to talented college graduates .

Recruiters also are targeting community college graduates with technical skills.

He worked only part-time, an elevator operator, because the country was awash in college graduates .

Some companies hire college graduates as blue-collar worker supervisors and then promote them.

New college graduates are beginning to experience something similar.

Community college graduates had a stronger theoretical background but no hands-on skills.


His college library had provided two books.

Students have the opportunity to join the college library and are encouraged to join the Students' Union.

It affected a large number of libraries , and it included college libraries as well as public libraries.

The next missive was a postcard from the college library , which had acquired a book for her on inter-library loan.

Her college library has interesting books, as well as the latest art magazines.

On first entering your college library , you may well feel daunted by the sight of so many books and journals.

Both are expensive, but both will be available in all public libraries , and in most larger school and college libraries.

There were far more teacher-training college libraries than any other kind of library from which multiple examples appeared in the shops.


This is the very stuff of college life .

During their sophomore and junior years, many feel their way toward active participation in one or more facets of college life .

Every opportunity to maximise the differences between school and college life was seized.

The College does not want to use security guards for fear of disrupting college life .

But college life is no picnic, admit Barclays, who sign up nearly a third of students.

With their combination of brisk movement and weighty shadows, they richly evoke the ambience of the city and of college life .

Write a memo to the Head of your Department suggesting social and/or sports events which you think would improve college life .

Smoking cannabis, or being offered it has been pretty much a part of college life for decades.


He must have enjoyed it when he was scoring off his pupils in his days as a college professor .

Doctoral degree recipients generally become college professors or work in an area of research.

A survey asked 1,245 randomly selected college professors how much they gave to charity each year.

He plays Sherman Klump, a college professor and genetics researcher.

Perhaps this person was a college professor who assigned absurd papers-and too many of them.

Susana Orozco wants to be an actress or a college professor , is the oldest of three children and loves art class.


This in reality is only partially true, in that many college students and academics were also involved in the project.

Third, many of those college students had just finished their exams and were celebrating.

Case No. 11: 21 year-old college student , constitutionally Nat.

Even college students , after all, eventually go to work.

It was already over when I first discovered it, as a college student in the late 1970s.

The company offers college students a chance to learn management of a company and earn money during their summer breaks.

While a college student , Say was drafted into the U.S.


He qualified as an electronics engineer before going to teachers' training college after which he obtained a degree in art history.

Voice over A course in communication skills at the force's training college in Berkshire.

Teacher training colleges which are to train teachers in these subjects will also require funds for equipment.

Other recommendations concerned the expansion of the teacher training colleges .

There he came to the attention of the Principal of the government teachers' training college .

The first relates to the capacity of the teacher training colleges adequately to supervise their scattered students.

Teacher training colleges are also listed, as are books for further reading.

The Arts Centre was doubly appropriate because the building was formerly a Quaker-run training college for teachers.


They had families of their own with mortgages, automobile loans and college tuition to pay.

To cover college tuition for their two kids.

Something to bet the college tuition on?

To keep campaign pledges to make education his top priority, Clinton wants two new middle-class tax breaks for college tuition .

In other words, Schott gives smart folks the air of superiority they paid all that college tuition to obtain.

The current contracts are priced based on an 8 percent inflation rate for college tuition in Virginia.

Or that tax breaks for college tuition should go to everyone, even the next Kennedy entering Harvard.

Adding to the burden, the money available to students and their families for swelling college tuition increasingly comes with a premium.



I attend college for the first time in weeks.

He attended a technical college for engineering studies before moving to Los Angeles in 1982.

Perhaps they had attended the same college: the college whose colours were cerise and silver.

In the 15 previous years, two residents of Kenilworth-Parkside had attended college .

It is quite revolutionary that I have left home to attend college .

Today even 16-year-old boys on street corners look up to those who attend college .

I first witnessed the phenomenon at a huge pentecostal rally I attended as a college freshman.

In essence he insists that he has a right to attend a college in his home community.


We went back to college for lunch and changed before heading off again.

All those girls you go to college with?

Why didn't they go straight to agricultural college ?

Q: Did you go on to college ?

Pupil goes to college and is taught analysis.

He goes away to college unimpeded, unrepentant.

I went out to college to be smarter than them.

Vern Friedli went to college on a drama scholarship.


After graduating from college in 1938, she got a job on the San Francisco News for $ 24 a week.

A lot of my friends who graduated from art college still aren't earning any money.

I wanted to graduate from this college .

He never had anything to do with me until I graduated from college nearly two years back now.

Once they entered these programs, the percentage of students expecting to graduate and enter college or vocational training more than doubled.

When I graduated from music college , I began working at piano bars, while continuing to write at the same time.

About me: When I graduated from college , I came home.


They chose each other carefully before leaving college on the basis of previously existing friendship.

Ever since leaving college , Susan has lived for publishing and worshiped Simon.

It will leave St Hildas college as the last remaining women-only college in Oxford.

Seventeen kids left for college the first August.

Many delegates were concerned about increasing numbers of young people leaving schools and colleges before completing their courses.

Your father and I are selling the house as soon as you two leave for college .

One's best friend's cousin's daughter might well be at a loose end after leaving art college .

On leaving college , not much had changed.


Just like they taught us at college .

Epstein taught college courses concurrently with his work at the two newspapers.

It will celebrate the successes of science teaching in schools and colleges and will share the latest ideas.

In 1985 she stopped teaching college mathematics, dumped her belongings and trashed her apartment.

Katherine Mansfield is held to be a great writer in the States and taught in their college classes.

James was to teach at a small college in upstate New York.

They teach him at school, they teach him at college , and they keep making films of him, too.

With his background in teaching and politics, Davis said he might turn to teaching a college course in practical politics.


Five years ago, she became an enthusiastic trainee in the Merseyside police training college , near Warrington.

His vision of the future is centered on individuals: job training , access to college , day care and so forth.

They had been trained at college to preach Western-style sermons based on abstract thinking arranged in linear form.

A lecturer at a police training college published essays written by officers in training which showed them to be openly racist.


Dartmouth College

Joe College/Citizen etc

college/medical boards

I have reflected on the position of elected councillors being allowed to become chairmen of college boards .

Soldo and his co-developer, librarian Richard Schiff, visited many state medical boards to introduce the concept.

That will provide the college boards with new perspectives and new experience.

The activity of state medical boards is directly related to their independence and financial backing, Winn said.

Three times during that year, Cottle was called before medical boards to assess his fitness for active service.

put sb through school/college/university

I'm grateful to my wife for putting me through law school.

He put himself through school with wages earned as a carpenter.

He put his kids through college.

I put my children through college doing it.

I felt guilty thinking of my father working so hard to put me through school.

Instead, she moved to Boston, where she worked as a waitress and put herself through school.

Some said Pops sent his Social Security checks to his daughter to put his grandchildren through college.

The boys were to be sent by their father, but he was able to put just one through school.

There were stories of people putting themselves through college by working during the day and studying at night.

single-sex school/college etc

the Electoral College

As the rule book insists, 12 weeks will elapse before the electoral college is convened.

Even under the electoral college rules, this achievement ought to make Gore the next president.

However, as it is for any poll, the Electoral College outlook is a snapshot in time, not a prediction.

If the system had been built on popular votes rather than the electoral college, each would have pursued a different strategy.

Instead, the candidates have to put together a jigsaw puzzle of states, bagging their votes in the electoral college.

That would deliver almost half of the trade union votes - 40 percent of the electoral college.

The most obvious example is the electoral college, the phantom body that stands between voters and the final outcome.

The outcome, in the electoral college, is likely to be quite close.

work your way through school/college/university etc

He worked his way through college, performing menial tasks in exchange for reduced tuition.


a college degree

Half of the college must've been at the demonstration.

He teaches at the college .

Many college graduates are unable to find work in their field.

My brother never went to college , but he still has a very good job.

Our youngest daughter is in college now.

Revell College at UC San Diego

the College of Engineering

The grant money is for low-income college students.

Tim's at business college to learn computer accounting.

We hadn't seen each other since we graduated from college .


Beyond that, McCord said she hopes to get a job and find a legitimate way to obtain a college education.

He goes away to college unimpeded, unrepentant.

Impotence has for some time been the leading complaint at most college psychiatric clinics.

It can offer college education and job training as bonuses for new recruits.

Often official syllabuses and timetables reflect the influence and expertise of infant method specialists in ministries or from colleges of education.

She was not allowed into the pre-university college even though she had the necessary qualifications.

The college confirmed that he came second.

The Training Commission's involvement in vocational training in local authority colleges of further education provides a further example.

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