Meaning of COMBINATION in English




a colour combination/combination of colours (= the colours that exist or that you put together )

In autumn the leaves create lovely colour combinations.

a colour combination/combination of colours (= the colours that exist or that you put together )

In autumn the leaves create lovely colour combinations.

a combination/variety/number of factors

A combination of factors led to the closure of the factory.

a lethal combination

Higher taxes and higher inflation were a lethal combination .

a set/combination of circumstances

This was a very unusual set of circumstances.

combination lock

combination oven




The system can be used in different combinations and packs down into one stuff sack.

Abbott has not yet analyzed the results for patients taking different combinations of drugs.

Taken together, different combinations of presidential, electoral, and party systems can have profound effects on democratic performance.

Why are there different combinations of extinct species in each layer of rock?

You end up with a gridded image with each square a different combination of negative exposure and flash exposure.

He mixes different combinations and succeeds in getting the yellow color and then losing it.

You will in fact find any shade will look acceptable so experiment with different combinations before embarking on an actual garment.

It is a random arrangement of all the colors imaginable, with continually different color combinations at every glance.


N New tank syndrome: A lethal combination of all the problems mentioned in this article.

Not to mention that lethal combination of hands and strength.

Together however, these factors can prove a lethal combination .

This is a potentially lethal combination , but modern techniques help to safeguard us from those risks.

The little church has suffered from the rigours of time and town planning, normally a lethal combination , and survived.

An aptly named gas, discovered in 1766, it had that potentially lethal combination of having both explosive and lifting properties.


This distinction, coupled with the previous one, yields four possible combinations of fact, each needing discussion.

The design of an experiment typically takes two of these factors and combines them in all possible combinations .

Some people fondly believe that chess-playing computers work by internally trying out all possible combinations of chess moves.

There are 25 possible combinations of two or more of the liquids.

Now let us look at the possible combinations .

As you can imagine, there are many possible combinations .

The figure therefore gives the possible combinations of project outcome and additional information.

The Census forms admit of some 63 possible combinations of race.


Always practise on a sample of fabric first to find the right combination .

The right combination of convictions could ship him to death row.

It is sometimes difficult to fet the right combination of storage and hanging space.

Picking the right combination for a team is one of the keys to a successful climb.

Systematic Cleaning Systematic cleaning is the adoption of the right combination of energy for the circumstances with regard to time and cost.

The makers Schott claim that this porous glass material has exactly the right combination of aerobic and anaerobic opportunities for bacterial growth.


From this superb range comes Ribbon Gel; a unique striped combination gel.

They employed a unique combination of theoretic analysis, practical grasp, and imaginative foresight.

Our unique combination of skills has helped literally thousands of companies.

The scenery is breathtaking, a unique combination of mountains, fells, pastures and forested valleys filled with lakes and farms.

A unique combination , offering an unequalled nationwide service.

The membership of the teams is bringing together a unique combination of experience and expertise in developing services for carers.

The Open University has a unique combination of foundation courses followed by a modular course structure.

This may well be a unique combination which will produce a slightly different organism with new characteristics.


The point is that various combinations of government and private sector organization, finance and production are possible.

The manager is concerned about how teams are orchestrated on various scales, with various combinations of players and various resources exchanged.

Other techniques may also be used, both in isolation and in various combinations .

These are doubled up in various combinations to form up to 64 hexagrams.

Yamaha use various combinations of polyester and polyurethane on their guitars.

This approach is broadly statistical in nature, as it involves corpus analysis to determine the empirical likelihood of various syntactic combinations .

The results of associating various combinations of thymocytes and stromal cells are summarized in Table 1.

The remaining lines to the right have all been climbed by various combinations of Newton, McGinley and Liz Wade.



Nineteen had used only one drug prior to heroin use, principally cannabis, the rest using a variety of drug combinations .

At that point, they are put on other drug combinations .


He laid it on the bed, turned the combination locks and lifted the lid.

I took it down from the wall to reveal the circular door of a wall safe with a combination lock .

Next to it was a steel security cupboard fitted with a combination lock .

The case sported matching brass hardware, including a pair of clasps, each with its own three-number combination lock .

Remember the analogy of the combination lock .

The only thing holding me up would be fumbling at the combination lock or renting a towel.

And a briefcase with one of those combination locks .

I had twenty minutes to see what I could do about his combination locks .


But he says that any drugs to block this process would have to form part of a combination therapy .

Kaiser says it will also provide the latest three-drug combination therapies , if appropriate.

Data from combination therapy studies are also gradually becoming available.

Thus, for several reasons, combination therapy with artemisinin or a derivative makes therapeutic sense.

She said he had not shown any symptoms for some time but had recently started taking combination therapy drugs.



Training methods involve repeating these combinations until the juxtaposition of foot, hip and shoulder becomes automatic.

The program involves a combination of relaxation and visualization exercises, along with some structured statements called affirmations.

Her exercising and her diets, involving theories about food combinations , had irritated me for months.

Frequently the stresses involve a combination of these different levels.

Helping the Disabled Siting a new bureau involves a complex combination of local objectives, suitability, costing and availability.

Human machines everywhere are built up from mechanisms involving combinations of motion in a straight line and motion in a circle.

The approach to pro-active searches is well established and involves a combination of desk and field research.


The latest addition to our successful twin-colour Designer Range of Tilturn and Casement windows offers endless colour combinations , inside and out.

Technology analysts offered a combination of answers last weekend.

Powter offers women an irresistible combination of promises.

The approach is cognitive and the books offer a combination of explanations, examples, and a variety of imaginative exercises.

Prestige saucepans and bakeware offer the perfect combination - excellent performance and quality.

Delapre Park offers a charming combination of an Elizabethan walled garden, parkland and woodland walks.

A well-designed and efficiently controlled system offers the best combination of comfort, convenience and economy, but it's not essential.


Many complementary practitioners use combinations of these disciplines.

We have arbitrarily grouped them in three categories: Many of these methods can be used in combination .

Thrusters were then used to pull the combination further ahead.

We shall only use these strange complex-number combinations at the quantum level.

Different tribes often use different colours and combinations of feathers to identify themselves.

Sometimes it is necessary to use a combination of two AEDs.

She used a combination of small weights, to have the fun of adding them up.

They are used in combination to set apart two main groups, the detrital and the chemical.


Banana, orange juice, and cream may seem an odd combination , but together they make a delicious drink.

I'll have the shrimp and chicken combination , please.

If all the team are playing well, then don't change a winning combination .

Our problems were due to a combination of bad management and lack of experience.

The new device is a combination copier, fax, image scanner, and document printer.

The sweater is made of a combination of natural and synthetic fibres.

Their music is an odd combination of jazz and opera.

They were a perfect combination - Anton as chef and Guy as restaurant manager.

What's the matter? Can't you remember the combination ?


A combination of fears leads to this unfortunate situation.

He had tried every combination of the antibiotics we had on board, and was running out of tablets.

His leadership style was to maintain power through a combination of force and cunning strategy.

Most were attracted by her intoxicating combination of beauty, wit and charm, but others were cowed.

The nationalization of local politics arose from a specific combination of economic, social and political processes which no longer applies.

This combination of your political beliefs and actions is the essence of the domain of political science called political behavior or micropolitics.

This, as far as we know, is the first reported case of the combination of gold induced and infective colitis.

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