Meaning of COMMITMENT in English




a passionate commitment to sth

There was no doubt about his passionate commitment to peace.

a strong commitment to sth

Since its establishment in 1945 the College has had a strong commitment to research.


The government now has an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to reform.

firm conviction/commitment/belief etc

Our client hasn’t reached a firm decision on the matter yet.

stress your commitment to (doing) sth

The President stressed his commitment to tackling world poverty.

total commitment

a sport that demands total commitment

unswerving loyalty/commitment/support etc

a politician with unswerving loyalty to the President




Most of the multinationals have steered clear of commitments so far.

Finally, the plan registered a clear commitment to limit program benefits to the designated target areas.

The Liberal Democrat manifesto is a clear commitment to change Britain.

Is not the extra £3.6 million further evidence of the Government's clear commitment to fighting crime?

There is in the patients charter a clear commitment that patients should be seen within a maximum of two years.

Opportunities for promotion once I have made a clear commitment to the work.

Mr. Riddick Is not the jobseekers charter further evidence of the Government's clear commitment to improve public services?


There was Treasury alarm at mounting financial commitments and Silkin received no consistent enthusiasm from his colleagues for his proposals.

It had only one full-time employee and required no financial commitment from its members.

Big investments Big financial commitments followed.

The financial commitment may have tied the Padres' hands for offseason moves.

Where their partners control what they manage, women can find their attempts to meet health needs and financial commitments thwarted.

With a change in center leadership, and an increased financial commitment from the city, that is beginning to change.

The initial financial commitment amounted to A$226,000,000 over a three-year period.

They could also involve you in heavy financial commitments .


But the environment minister, Tom King, could not give any firm commitment to further government funds.

That sounds like a firm commitment .

The most far-reaching omission was the lack of any firm commitment to a policy for integration.

A third was that decentralization requires a firm commitment from the top.

The rest of the world owes them at least a firm commitment to primary education.

The root of materialism is probably a firm commitment to empirical scientific method as the only reliable way to discover truth.

Such a firm commitment was not sought at this stage.

It was not until the second half of the 1950s that autarchy was definitively superseded by a firm commitment to international capitalism.


The greater the commitment , the more a fan has at stake.

Of course, there are some practical reasons why this nation has a greater commitment to law than other nations do.

Kumar identifies trust as being based upon honesty and dependability, when these exist they result in greater commitment .

That produced greater commitment , which in turn produced significant improvement in every organizational element.

Holistic aromatherapy, in common with other holistic therapies, demands a great deal of commitment from yourself.

With the extra dimension of greater personal commitment by the author, it could have been a very good book indeed.

However, he shows great commitment to the crew's development from novices to contenders for the national championships.

In particular, who in the nine months has been in charge of this section and shown great dedication and commitment .


It is obvious that this requires a high degree of commitment to regular practice, with punctuality and concentration during rehearsals.

This is usually possible in organizations where the scientists have a high degree of commitment .

Cosmopolitans were defined as showing higher levels of commitment to specialized skills and professional peer group judgement than to the employing organization.

The high level of commitment at the state level for special education programs. 4.

I was greatly impressed by the high level of commitment to the achievement of success by everyone that I met.

Another element in the development of unreasonable expectations stemmed from the high commitment of the area training staff to the training program.

As will be seen, however, this high commitment of the training staff had both positive and negative consequences.

Thus hospital recommendations, based on discounted prices, can result in high cost commitments for primary care.


For many of us there are the added problems of the other commitments that are normal at this time of our lives.

Training was therefore seen as time-consuming and a burden for busy volunteers, many with other commitments .

But due to other commitments and the very constricted nature of the passage, it was not pursued at the time.

We will write the songs as soon as we can sort out our other commitments .

Even so, with members of the cast having so many other commitments it's been difficult to get everyone together.

The Great Casterton School closed in 1958 as its chief participants had developed other commitments .

Yet, because of other commitments , I have arguably spent less time than ever with my fish.

We had other social policy commitments and we also needed to keep to those.


If we say we know something, a personal and responsible commitment to what we know is assumed in our claim.

Too often, he believes, the medical world fails the dying by substituting high-tech treatment for personal commitment .

These arrangements tend to be very beneficial to both because of the personal commitment involved.

There is an intense personal commitment with others in a shared life from which all participants benefit.

Experience has shown that social goals, such as equal opportunities in education, above all require personal and professional commitment .

Management is a tough job to do well even under the best circumstances because of the demands and personal commitment required.

And the test for the manager is not only whether there is this personal commitment but also whether it can be communicated.

Tony knows I have an intense, personal commitment to him.


They do not flaunt political commitments .

But now as I watched him perform, I regarded his political commitment with something approaching awe.

The study of social policy has been particularly conspicuous for the specific political or value commitments of those who write about it.

Other studies have showed that profiting from agrarian reform can be combined with a more radical political commitment .

But the crucial challenge is to translate that spontaneous impulse of generosity into a long-term political commitment to prevent more global warming.

Moreover, such educational concepts are integrally related to political commitments to a radical and decentralised democratic social and political structure.

He could now move from cultural idealism and aesthetic values to political commitment .

From now on, she told Yeats, romantic passion would be taking second place to political commitment .


He had a strong commitment to building bridges between the divided community here.

Cherwell Scientific's list of chemistry software shows a strong commitment to scientific productivity and innovation.

That was what I had earlier learned to do in order to appeal to the human spirit and create strong commitment .

There is already a strong commitment to developing expert practitioners in Medway, as demonstrated by the appointment of staff development officers.

Franklin D.. Roosevelt was also elected in 1932 with a strong commitment to reduced expenditures and a balanced budget.

Much more pressing considerations may produce a sullen acceptance of the existing social order which entails no strong commitment to the statusquo.


Your success will come because of your will to succeed and your total commitment to your ideal.

It was a full and total commitment .

He was an activist by total commitment , and a professional.

Him against them, life against death ... total commitment , both mental and physical.

But it required total commitment , a huge investment and much patience.

Nevertheless, the Allies had suffered 252,000 casualties out of a total commitment of 480,000.

Mrs Thatcher risked impeding democratisation by not giving the Community total commitment , he said.

It was total commitment and the most crucial moment of her life.



Over time action plans to remediate would also demonstrate commitment to minimise risk.

You have to demonstrate some commitment to society.

It is the Kate which demonstrates the commitment to realism of the film planners.

They wanted to see a positive statement from the Government which demonstrated our commitment to the future of the railways.

These three young men have demonstrated a personal commitment and sacrifice which inspired them to attempt this daunting journey with enthusiasm.

He or she also needs to demonstrate commitment to curriculum and pastoral development. 8.

He had also demonstrated this commitment by appointing a dually qualified teacher-librarian as a Scale One probationer in charge of the library.

Not only does this demonstrate a poor commitment to oneness, it is also very poor leadership technique.


No matter how hard they work to give you commitment and effort, their minds are elsewhere.

But the environment minister, Tom King, could not give any firm commitment to further government funds.

House said he gave Frieder an oral commitment two weeks ago.

The work-relationship gives them drive and commitment .

However, I would certainly not want to give a commitment about a further debate.

I hope that my hon. Friend will give the House a commitment on the timing of that replacement.

Mrs Thatcher risked impeding democratisation by not giving the Community total commitment , he said.


The Social Charter includes the following commitments: 1.

The Labour manifesto includes a commitment to introduce a return-to-learn entitlement.

They should include a commitment to prompt and effective action.

They may also include specific commitments you have taken on, or skills which only you possess.


Already, certain sites on the Internet make an explicit commitment to privacy.

It showed the company that Orrick was willing to make a commitment to them by losing some money in the short run.

Men in love may offer a great deal but they seldom make such a full commitment .

We made a big commitment to Rocket.

You don't have to make a firm commitment but obviously we like you to give us some idea of your availability.

Very honestly, Petrus Partners was unwilling to make that commitment .

Others may be more aware of what they are leaving behind in making their commitment .

People want to feel sure before they make the commitment .


If so, we should be told how they will meet their spending commitments on child benefit and pensions.

Even before the political crisis, the country had failed to meet its commitments to the World Trade Organization.

And it can reduce the business's ability to meet its commitments .

Insurers are cutting the yield because prevailing low interest rates have made it difficult for them to meet commitments .

The biggest long, Phibro, is said by traders to need cocoa to meet commitments in the physical markets.

An estimated 2 million households in 1987 could not meet their repayment commitments .

More directors of trusts are indicating a willingness to draw on these reserves to maintain dividends or meet commitments .

Some people are finding that they are unable to meet their credit commitments .


A public statement of the existence of these rights is a written commitment to providing a public service and should be applauded.

The extended contract and higher volume of service commitment provides Verio with an improved price beginning in January 1999.

The agency says it relied on a government commitment to provide liquidity, but the government reneged.

The recent government commitment to providing an element of specialist music teaching in primary schools is greatly to be welcomed.

His support of the association and commitment to providing outstanding service to his clients was also noted.

Other measures show little commitment by government but provide opportunities for flexible provision by the community sector.

The Opposition have made absolutely no commitment to provide free phones or to increase public expenditure on telecommunications infrastructure in any way.


He insisted that he had acted within the Constitution and reaffirmed his commitment to multiparty democracy.

The government has reaffirmed its commitment to the principle of integration envisaged in the 1981 Education Act.

The Council of Ministers' meeting reaffirmed the commitment to achieve long-term harmonisation based on these policies.

He reaffirmed the government's commitment to its programme to return the country to democratic civilian rule on schedule in 1992.

The manufacturers' own organisation, the National Office of Animal Health, has reaffirmed its commitment to the dips.


To do so effectively requires a commitment from the teaching force - from headteacher to probationer.

It had only one full-time employee and required no financial commitment from its members.

The maintenance of bit-perfect records requires an open-ended commitment to periodic copying and checking.

A third was that decentralization requires a firm commitment from the top.

But the bad news is that the schemes require a 10-year commitment .

They require a substantial commitment on the part of a young person.

But it required total commitment , a huge investment and much patience.

Binding contracts should require equal commitments from both parties.


It was a spur-of-the- moment ceremony that Smith said was a way to show his commitment to his lover.

Cosmopolitans were defined as showing higher levels of commitment to specialized skills and professional peer group judgement than to the employing organization.

I say nonsense. Show your commitment through a careful description of your concern.

All partners must show a confirmable commitment to quality.

Often the initial struggles of such programs show a passionate commitment which somehow overcomes many an uncertainty and lack.

It is often the case that voluntary work, of any kind, shows commitment and dedication and impresses employers.

This was impressive, showing considerable commitment on the part of the voluntary members and a high level of financial responsibility among the branches.


He is adamant that he wants total commitment and effort in the build-up to the match.

It's a part-time program, but it's still a big time commitment .

Lawrence promised full commitment in his drive to make Santa Barbara College the most successful school in the region.

Many parents do not get involved in schools because they have too many other commitments.

Marriage should be a lifelong commitment .

Marriage, ideally, is a lifelong commitment .

Thanks to your energy and commitment , the fundraiser was a great success.

The American adviser expressed America's commitment to Africa's economic development.

The country is hoping for a commitment of $25 million in aid.

The governor has a strong commitment to creating jobs in the state.

The organization has made a commitment to plant 5,000 trees in San Francisco.

The peace talks ended with smiles and handshakes, but no commitment .

You commitment to the project is very much appreciated by management.


But now as I watched him perform, I regarded his political commitment with something approaching awe.

Labour needs to match its commitment to spending with innovative ideas about service delivery, financing and management.

One saw rescue from chaos through engagement with and commitment to life's processes.

Organizational commitment would not appear to be left to chance in many cases.

She also brings compassion for people and a commitment to nursing, together with nursing knowledge and skills.

Some managers are excellent leaders-they know instinctively how to engender enthusiasm and commitment for a project.

Such dams required amounts of capital and commitment that were beyond the limits of aggregations of self-interested mortals.

We are still involved in a guessing game about the Labour Opposition's commitment .

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