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conceptual art




The value of empirical research ultimately depends on the quality of conceptual analysis that defines the objects of enquiry.

Is not that a confusion of conceptual analysis and normative argument?

As a conceptual analysis of the idea of law, sanction theories of the traditional Austinian type are largely discredited.


At first sight, much of this conceptual art seemed either flip or overly theoretical.

Whereas conceptual art chooses to break the link between art and craft, it is this link that any painting re-enacts.


Dressing up, role playing and masquerade form the conceptual basis of Kahlo's work.

Students often find it difficult to move from the approach and conceptual basis of one subject to the other.

Most adverse comments concerned specific issues in the design and layout of the form, rather than its conceptual basis .


The child's actions on the material world also provide a stimulus for conceptual development .

This stage is characterized by the development of language and other forms of representation and rapid conceptual development.

Early sensorimotor development is the foundation on which later conceptual development is built.

Related Occupations Construction managers participate in the conceptual development of a construction project and oversee its organization, scheduling, and implementation.


In addition there is the conceptual difficulty of defining clients for some services such as the police or highways.

However, increased use is being seriously inhibited by technical and conceptual difficulties .

Yet the strengthening of autonomy creates practical and conceptual difficulties of control and the transmission of state objectives.


When conceptual distinctions are expressed in language they are referred to as semantic relations.

Another consideration is whether conceptual distinctions and classifications in family and marriage sociology are appropriate to a female perspective.

Unfortunately this clear conceptual distinction between perceptions and attitudes is unrealistic.

Against the first objection, I hope to show in this chapter that the conceptual distinction is far from mere pedantry.

The conceptual distinction between primary and secondary clues made this much clearer than it would otherwise have been.

Most of the conceptual distinctions which have been used to narrow the scope of such protection have been applied to them.

Some will say that that is all very well as a conceptual distinction .


But it is in developing a coherent conceptual framework for such discussion that the book is least successful.

Both theoretical and practical problems exist in fashioning out conceptual frameworks for the development of the continent.

There are discernible cases of the Presocratics being influenced by conceptual frameworks , but they are not scientific frameworks.

Their conceptual framework is based on two central questions: What functions must be performed if the state is to persist?

Utilitarian notions in the social sciences are not enough for even providing a conceptual framework for grasping what actually happens.

Some political scientists think it is an overused and seriously flawed conceptual framework for political analysis.

The thematic stage may be defined as the conceptual framework within which the story is told, presented and performed.

The work has led to the development of a conceptual framework for a period which is both a phase and a process.


Graham's results are not very surprising at a conceptual level .

Further work is needed at the conceptual level in this area to determine the exact nature of the constraints required.


The systemic requirements of the conceptual model were also considered.

How we view power directions is often a function of the conceptual model that we use to understand behavior in organizations.

Library-Collegians reverse the usual conceptual model , as their name implies.

It is wrong; it evokes a false conceptual model .

Let us just say that we are dealing with pure conceptual models of types of social action.

The first-resolution conceptual model shown in Fig 11.5 was then constructed from this root definition.

A conceptual model is constructed to take these factors into account, and used to make a comparison with the existing situation.

After discussions with the client, a neutral viewpoint is selected as the basis for a root definition and conceptual model .


A properly drafted heads of agreement should, however, take care of such conceptual problems .

My last recommendation gave them the biggest conceptual problems of all.

Any theory of an open shop trade union must deal with the following conceptual problem .

The conceptual problems of such a model are enormous.

They locate the various strands in feminist thinking, and show the conceptual problems involved in combining them.

The conceptual problem is that of interpreting the effects of localized stimulation in a system that probably deals with patterns of input.

As if technical problems were not enough, there are also a number of conceptual problems surrounding the application of these methods.

The aim is to maximise the number of solved problems while minimizing the number of conceptual problems and anomalies.


Presumably, framing these contexts, there are limits to human conceptual schemes .

They are entirely independent of minds, theory, conceptual schemes , the statements which state them, and so on.


The very conceptual systems which inform our perceptions need to be scrutinised.

An increased consciousness of conceptual systems as necessary fictions accompanies a growing awareness of the conventions of narrative.

It was necessary for him to transcend the terms of the old conceptual system by developing a new one.

By exploiting features of the standard language, the contrasting conceptual systems of the people and readers are constantly juxtaposed.


It can aim for their assimilation and the development of conceptual understanding of the more strategic skills.

First, it makes a detailed analysis of the conceptual understanding of the teaching and learning of the subject within the institution.


The mall's plans are still in the conceptual stage.


Against the first objection, I hope to show in this chapter that the conceptual distinction is far from mere pedantry.

As a concept album, it's remarkably low on conceptual tosh.

Figure 2.2 represents a model of the information-seeking activity in a library and provides a conceptual framework for observing user behaviour.

First, there are the methodological and conceptual criticisms.

Ironically, a formal process of strategic planning often does more to inhibit than to enhance innovative conceptual thinking ....

Some political scientists think it is an overused and seriously flawed conceptual framework for political analysis.

They must be intuitive, conceptual , synthesizing, and artistic.

We must now turn our attention to this general conceptual background itself.

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