Meaning of CONTROLLED in English




a controlled experiment (= one that is done using correct scientific methods )

The theory has not yet been tested by a properly controlled experiment.

a controlled substance law (= an illegal drug )

He was charged with possessing a controlled substance.

carefully planned/chosen/controlled etc

carefully chosen words

closely controlled/guarded/monitored etc

Political activity is closely controlled.

controlled experiment

a controlled experiment to determine the effects of light on plant growth

controlled substance

an arrest for the possession and sale of controlled substances




Only when Brearley demonstrated that the problem could be solved by carefully controlled heat treatment did the stainless-steel knife become widely used.

It is also private and secure as access to the system is by carefully controlled passwords. 3.

We believe a well-run, carefully controlled form of national lottery would be popular, while raising money for many good causes.

The Sword Masters are warrior-ascetics who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of wisdom and learning carefully controlled violence.

It allows learners to be creative within a carefully controlled language framework.

Of 213 prey animals eaten, only 56 could be identified in the pellets, again examined under carefully controlled conditions.

Abstinence, abstemiousness and a carefully controlled diet keep them in one piece.

Imagine microscopic drops of ink being fired towards a sheet of paper in a defined and very carefully controlled pattern.



Until now cannabis, or hemp, was an illegal plant, classified as a schedule B controlled drug .

Facts: pleaded guilty to being concerned in the fraudulent evasion of the importation of a controlled drug .

Last year Thames Valley police cautioned or prosecuted sixteen hundred and seventy-three people possessing controlled drugs .

Previous convictions: one for possessing a controlled drug , fined.

W was convicted of conspiracy to illegally import a controlled drug .


Every course will involve an element of theoretical knowledge to ensure that your next trip away from the controlled environment is safe.

One technique which certainly creates a controlled environment is where laboratory or quasi-laboratory conditions are set up.

This suggests that it is sensible to explore aspects of subjective risk in the controlled environment of even this relatively crude simulator.


The generality of conclusions from well controlled experiments can often be tested by comparative studies.

New research also stresses empirical work, using controlled experiments to see how people behave in real bargaining situations.

This has not yet been measured by a properly controlled experiment .

Two of the four specimens known to be infected with M tuberculosis were positive in the controlled experiment .


Local residents were evacuated in case there needed to be a controlled explosion .

The hoax devices were destroyed in controlled explosions by army bomb disposal experts, using remote-controlled vehicles.

After a series of controlled explosions , the van was removed from the scene early yesterday.

The station area was evacuated while the controlled explosion was carried out.

The device was removed from the shop and detonated in a controlled explosion .

The army carried out a controlled explosion on the car but it was found to contain no explosives.

The bomb disposal unit destroyed the bomb with a controlled explosion .

All four devices, destroyed by controlled explosions , were harmless.


The diver can then be recovered to the surface in a safe and controlled manner .

Contract tummy muscles before coming up in a controlled manner , exhaling as effort is made.


Results of well controlled studies offer considerable hope of an improvement in survival.

Medical therapy of diarrhoea caused by chronic radiation enteritis has been largely empirical and there have been no adequate controlled studies .

On balance the better controlled studies have shown that cigarette smoking promotes gall bladder disease.

These results were evaluated in a prospective, randomised and controlled study .

This randomised controlled study began in August 1979, and recruitment continued until June 1986.

There are few controlled studies of treatment and because of the complex nature of the disorder such studies are difficult to undertake.


This was not a controlled trial but a retrospective assessment of the patients seen over the previous seven years.

For many years to come, experimental therapies will have to be evaluated in controlled trials .

The results of randomised controlled trials are less encouraging.

No one quite knows how it works, but controlled trials are consistently successful.

They base their recommendations on an analysis of 19 randomised controlled trials that examined the effectiveness of surgical interventions for glue ear.

This drug is currently being evaluated in large multicentre randomised controlled trials .

It might be deemed unethical, however, to perform a controlled trial .

Results Table 1 shows the 20 controlled trials identified and gives details of the population and methods of these trials.


I work in a controlled way , so mentally it's exhausting.

This approach also simplifies the introduction of helical symmetry and enables helical deformations to be modelled in a controlled way .


Hill, appearing calm and controlled , said Thomas made the remarks after she turned down his request for a date.

Tharp displayed the smooth and controlled movements of an experienced dancer.


Bioremediation is formally defined as the controlled use of biodegradation to remove toxic chemicals from soil and groundwater.

But Geneva rules will apply, except in so far as fire and brimstone will be permitted on a strictly controlled basis.

But the inventor refuses to make his equipment available for controlled scientific tests.

Implementation in the guided authority is thus a messier affair than in the controlled authority.

So - in controlled airspace, on airways, for example, use the 30 degree correction for 5° off track.

They also modify the accountant's certificate to refer to controlled trust money.

They are wrong; highly controlled settings can be achieved without any experimental manipulation.

This approach also simplifies the introduction of helical symmetry and enables helical deformations to be modelled in a controlled way.

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