Meaning of CONVERT in English


I. verb


change/convert currency (= change money from one currency to another )

There’s usually a charge for converting currencies.




People rushed to convert their bank deposits into cash.

K., and the numbers is expected to dwindle as many are taken over, merge or convert to banks .

Building societies were converting into banks , insurance companies were changing their status, the air was thick with windfalls.

The combined group will convert to a listed bank in early 1997.

About 90 % of Bradford &038; Bingley's members voted in favour of the building society converting to a bank .

Analysts have said they expect three of the four largest building societies to convert to banks in the coming few years.


I visited one farm that obtained permission to convert a barn for use as a place to pack boxes.

Have you converted a barn into a comfortable home?


Their college is negotiating to convert the prison building to provide accomodation for students.

Happily plans are now well in hand to convert the buildings into around 70 luxury dwellings.


So more people wanted to convert deposits into cash , more banks failed, and so on.

Marketable securities are short-term, high-quality debt instruments that can be easily converted into cash .

The liquidity of an asset is the ease with which it can be converted into cash without loss.

Marketable securities, accounts receivable, and inventories are continually being converted into cash in the normal course of business.

Although not actually cash , these assets can be converted into cash on demand with no financial penalty.

In other words, they can easily be converted into cash but may involve some loss.

It is likely to be converted into cash and is part of the operating cycle therefore a current asset.

It would cost around four million pounds to convert every cash dispenser in the country to being voice activated.


During his convalescence he was nursed by Martha Freeman, who converted him to Catholicism .

Her replacement, Sister Nirmala, was born a Hindu but converted to Catholicism and has been with the order since 1958.

Maude had converted to Catholicism in order to marry her husband.

Sigismund converted to catholicism before becoming king in 516.

Released in the general amnesty of June 1917, she converted to Catholicism .


The action of the lungs works like a bellows which enriches the internal fire where food is converted into energy .

This occurs as the result of toxins that form as mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.

In effect, they convert the energy of the electromagnetic radiation into chemical energy.

Because the truth would emerge as soon as you converted the energy into a different form.

This is about the energy that would be released if a hydrogen atom could be totally converted into energy.

He showed converting energy from the sun into useful forms was scientifically possible.

All these provide indirect means of converting solar energy to forms of energy which are useful to us.

The sensing element of a scintillation counter is a fluor, a substance capable of converting radiation energy to light energy.


There are two ways of making a RealAudio file: converting an existing file , and capturing from an audio device.

To convert our WordStar file , press 4.

First up, is Pizazz + Convert, a handy utility for converting one graphics file type to another.

The Convert program converts files created with another word-processing program to WordPerfect format or vice versa.


One of these used to be the Free Church but has now been converted into a house .

Attractively converted town house close to Portobello market, with spacious, fully equipped rooms.

Mrs Scott, pictured above, first took the plunge in 1993 when she converted a house into two flats.

It was converted to a private house , with only the leat still visible in the landscaped gardens.

Three of the chapels were demolished, the remaining one is converted to a house .

Barn owls need barns or similar buildings for breeding, and more and more of them are being converted into country houses .

Sandford Mill, now in the heart of a greatly expanded Cheltenham, and converted to a house .


The program can load any of a dozen formats and convert the image to any other output style.

This converts the image into electronic signals which are passed to the recorder section containing the cassette housing and tape transport mechanisms.

Scanners convert the image they are given into a pattern of dots, typically at a resolution of 300dpi.

These digital reflectance values are converted to a viewable image by the computer system shown in Figure 5.10.

This transform is essentially an equation which will convert from image to map coordinates and vice-versa.


John McCann converted a penalty for the losers' reply.

Matthew Hunt converted a penalty after five minutes; then Fowler netted his first after a move started by Nikki Harman.

Kennetts beat Wickham Dynamoes 2-1, with Kevin West converting two penalties .

Street converted the penalty for the third, before Malshanger pulled one back towards the end.

Taylor converted a penalty for Shortheath's goal, but there was no stopping the Hollywater side.


The plan is to convert a twenty-eight-building factory compound into the world's largest museum of post-1960 international art.

The present owner has plans to convert it to a travelling theatre.

The plan is to convert it into the ultimate upmarket hotel and hautecuisine restaurant.


Here the pulses are converted into signals that provide the directional information, just as with a conventional switch type joys tick.

Time Division Multiple Access converts conversations into digital signals and assigns each one specific time slots.

The digital images held in the memory banks are converted to television signals which are displayed on the monitor.

It enables your loudspeakers to produce music by converting the digital signal to an analog waveform.

To cross this gap, an action potential must be converted from an electrical signal to a chemical signal.


These are debt securities that can be converted into stock .


He also converted Ian Jones's try off the touchline.

Laing converted this try , and two penalty tries awarded as the Instonians scrum got on top.

Earlier, Craggs had kicked a penalty and then hit the post when attempting to convert Steve Towns' try .

With White converting all the tries , Alton ran out comfortable winners after a terrible start.

Didier Camberabero kicked a penalty and converted a characteristic try by Serge Blanco.

Ally Donaldson kicked two penalty goals for Currie and converted a late try by Dean Mack.

Gregory converted the try and as he had also kicked a penalty goal early in the match Nottingham were on their way.


Treasure Island Naval Station is set to convert to civilian use when the Navy pulls out in 1997.

I visited one farm that obtained permission to convert a barn for use as a place to pack boxes.

The house felt as if it had been converted to institutional use , someplace impersonal and chill.

To convert a design, use graph paper and mark out blocks of six rows.

This marshy wetland would have easily been converted for their use .

It can also be converted for use as an omnidirectional microphone.

Next is Upton Mill, which has been converted for residential use .



About 5000 people attended a meeting at Mahon where Mr Alexander Moore preached and hundreds were converted .


A Swiss company has found a way to convert animal waste into fuel.

Alpha is a religious programme that aims to change your life, not just convert you.

Concerns about cruel farming methods converted her to vegetarianism.

I didn't use to like Indian food, but Cathy's converted me.

My grandmother converted to Hinduism while living in India.

This computer system converts typed words into speech.

We've converted the basement to give the children more room to play.

Within five years, he had converted thousands of Calvinists back to Catholicism.


In 1983, the district converted all its junior high schools to schools of choice, doing away with assignment by zone.

The berries are then warmed over slowly burning peat fires until they sprout, a development that converts their starches into sugars.

The Kings, who were 0 for 3 on the power play against Chicago, converted two of four man advantages.

The previously existing subduction zone is converted into a suture zone marking where the two continents are welded together.

The problem began when I converted my 4 x 2 to 4 x 4.

There have been other setbacks-like 160,247 hectares of farmland converted to industrial, residential or commercial uses.

You use these processes to convert your physical state from sleepy and unkempt to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

II. noun




Because although economic considerations are normally behind the switch, many new converts rapidly discover they prefer the diesel driving experience.

Others emphasize the radical, sometimes even personally risky, break that a new convert must make.

The next day, Emperor Maximian had the new converts beheaded.

The newest converts back east, he decreed, must come to Utah pushing handcarts.


The young magistrate had embraced orthodoxy with the fervour of a recent convert .

He is white or, if he is black, a recent convert to the missionary Church and a martyr.

Mr Kinnock is a relatively recent convert to revisionism.



Brownson followed him the same year, to become the leading lay convert of his day.

He admitted to becoming a convert .

In time, I confess, even I became a convert .

Ditto a few years later, when the coach became an ardent convert to the principles of the triple option.

In fact, they became fervent converts to the idea that centralization was exactly the wrong way to go.

He became a convert after pulling an extraordinary stunt with his Swissmade Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker.


Assuming the same thing happens in the gut, then a vitamin deficiency might make the yeast convert to the hyphal form.

I doubt if they made a single convert on the health issue during the campaign.


As a contest it was neither designed to set the pulses racing nor win converts .

It won converts to socialism by making it respectable, exciting and desirable.

The superiority of the Macintosh system would win converts .

The pickled onion on the plate is not likely to win many converts , however.


preach to the converted/choir

As Chesterton was preaching to the converted there was no chance of this, so he avoided prosecution.

But they will still usually be only the party faithful, so he will find himself preaching to the converted.

He is preaching to the choir of religious-right Protestants and conservative Catholics whose votes should already be locked up.

Not only was he preaching to the choir, he was talking to tax-cutting evangelists.

To some extent this means preaching to the converted.

You're preaching to the converted in us, but you've got to get at everyone else.


a convert to Buddhism


Also patron of converts and divorce.

Because although economic considerations are normally behind the switch, many new converts rapidly discover they prefer the diesel driving experience.

Brownson followed him the same year, to become the leading lay convert of his day.

It was called the Moderation Society, and George Mottram was an early convert .

Now, she is a convert .

The young magistrate had embraced orthodoxy with the fervour of a recent convert .

Yet some people of conscience felt they must not write off these possible converts.

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