Meaning of COT in English



cot death




The New Zealand cot death study was a nationwide case-control study carried out from 1 November 1987 to 31 October 1990.

The royalties go to Birthright; let's hope they find a way to prevent tragic cot deaths .

Although the number of cot deaths is now falling, three babies still die unaccountably each day in the United Kingdom.

The results of this study suggest that the incidence of cot death can be reduced.

The family had a history of cot deaths , and the baby had a heart condition.

The specimens resulted from therapeutic abortions, miscarriages, and cot deaths .

He appears to have removed entire systems of organs from cot death children, but most were never used in research.



Her son had been stabbed twice through the back with a carving knife, as he lay in his cot .

Her cellmate said nothing as she lay motionless on her cot , staring at the ceiling.

Two-year-old Bethany Hudson's alarm started to smoulder and smoke as she lay in her cot .

Gandhi lay on a white cot in the prison yard under a spreading mango tree.

I lie clueless in the cot until - until when?

So each night was full of expectations as I lay on my cot .

Feeling hopeful rather than confident, Kirov lay back on his cot and fell into a deep sleep.

You stumbled over them in the living room in the mornings; they lay on canvas cots in the hall.


Theresa left them to their business, and retired to sit beside the cot .

I sat on my cot , playing cat's cradle with handcuffs, and kept quiet.

He sat by Abigail's cot , not wanting to remember, but knowing that now he must.


Now they slept with Timmy's cot wedged between the partition and his bed.

Larry slept on a cot in grubby clothes but made it a point to shave every day.

But at least the snapper was quiet, sleeping in its cot .

Part of the mess were 2 dead medics who were sleeping on cots in the building.

Let me tell you something about sleeping on a cot .


Cots were set up in the local high school for flood victims.


After recovering from an attack of shallow breathing he recovered and one nurse said he was smiling and cooing in his cot .

Children's playground; playroom; paddling pool; children's section of main pool; cots and high chairs.

Gandhi lay on a white cot in the prison yard under a spreading mango tree.

Grandfather clocks, davenport desks, cots, piano, mangle, even silhouettes in tiny oval frames.

She plops down on the empty cot and lifts a curtain to peer out the window.

The daughters slept in one bed, the parents in another, the son on a cot .

Tlere was no way to keep the two cots curtained off; they were always being exposed to serve as sofas.

Where stated a baby's cot can be supplied at a charge of £5 per week.

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