Meaning of CRITICAL in English




a critical analysis (= that makes judgements about how good or bad something is )

Write a critical analysis of the following poem.

a critical comment

The school has received critical comments from inspectors.

a critical essay (= one that judges how good a book, writer etc is )

The anthology contains critical essays by Kael, Graham Greene and others.

a critical/crucial moment (= a very important moment )

This was a critical moment in the country’s history.

a critical/crucial stage (= very important because it affects the future success of something )

The football season is reaching a crucial stage.

a crucial/critical element (= extremely important and necessary )

The most crucial element of our economic system is the law of supply and demand.

cast a critical/expert etc eye

Tonight, Tim Goodman casts a cynical eye on TV ads.

critical acclaim (= praise by people who are paid to give their opinion on art, music etc )

The young singer is enjoying critical acclaim .

critical juncture (= very important point )

The talks are at a critical juncture .

critical mass

How can we get a critical mass of people involved to keep the club running?

critical path

Costs can be calculated once the critical path has been established.

critical scrutiny (= when something is examined and judged or criticized )

Their work is in the public domain and open to critical scrutiny.

critical thinking (= when you make careful judgments about how good or bad something is )

Rudi wanted them to practice critical thinking by analysing the world they lived in.

critical (= showing you disagree with or disapprove of someone or something )

People’s attitude towards US foreign policy has become increasingly critical.

openly critical

He was openly critical of his colleagues.

vital/crucial/critical importance (= very great )

This research is of vital importance.




Section 58 is not quite as absolutely critical as that case had suggested.

We already keep under review financial contributions to the support group, because clearing the arrears to the IFIs is absolutely critical .

Their work was absolutely critical to the mission of the company.


A spokeswoman for Chepstow Hospital described Mr Haigh's condition as critical but stable last night.

Dietz pointed to testimony by a psychiatrist who examined Davis after his three-county rampage in 1976 as critical in the case.

Not dissimilar from the system known as critical path analysis, the approach envisaged should show a time-scale allocation against each task.

By the end of the year, however, they identified listening too as critical .

He was flown back to Britain by air ambulance and his condition last night was described as critical .

We may project the values we use ourselves on to other people - imagining that they are as critical as we are.

All were rooted in the nineteenth-century stance of the artist as critical outsider, disdainful of the niceties of the bourgeoisie.


The majority were favourably disposed, some were ambivalent and a few highly critical of the messages and their style.

Most Neo-Confucianists professed, as did Ricci, a highly critical attitude toward Buddhism.

The conductor was highly critical about her performance and Nilsson ended up a very unhappy soprano.

Dole has been highly critical of organized labor this year, especially an expensive union ad campaign waged against Republicans.

Feminists, for example, are highly critical of some family therapists.

They were highly critical of leaders who acted in despotic, feudalistic and corrupt ways.

There has recently been some highly critical re-assessment of the claims initially made by ape language experimenters on behalf of their subjects.

He was highly critical of the use of private houses for Government Offices.


Imagine how much more critical performance will be for industrial-strength applications involving multiple linked files with customized applications on top.

At the same time I started approvals to move a fire hydrant, which is even more critical .

Other women, especially some Black women, were more critical .

His comments made for painful reading, but Shawn was even more critical .

Two independent Sri Lankan monitoring groups were far more critical .

All this happens as the child is gradually subjected to ever more critical attitudes as he is being socialized.

Mud on the ball is an even more critical problem when chipping and putting.

Some even ventured that the latter were more critical .


The early stages are the most critical in achieving high environmental standards and safe operation.

Thy to understand which of the dimensions of performance set forth in the chart on page 90 are most critical .

Consider the sizing Of all the factors a watercolourist must consider when selecting paper, sizing is perhaps the most critical .

Often, the first and most critical step in creating a Great Group is recruiting.

With his own progress, Romanowski is possibly at his most critical .

I remember feeling complimented that he would let me take control at the most critical part of the flight.

In fact, human workers still occupy the most critical jobs - those where judgment and evaluation are essential.

Defining your mission statement is the most critical first step in planning for your success.


He had been openly critical of his own archbishop's defence of discrimination against homosexuals in church employment.

Moores was openly critical of task force members who did not attend.

However, the educational team took a more openly critical view of the community development process and the philosophy underlying it.


It therefore rejected empiricism and was particularly critical of utilitarianism.

He was particularly critical Friday of Sen.

Since a fast cruise is not essential in the training market, this is not particularly critical , nor is the range.

One communique was particularly critical of Fox.

Ballymena man Erwin was furious about the lack of commitment - and was particularly critical of the defence.

Such support is particularly critical to the minority communities.

Questions relating to data integration emerge as being particularly critical in terms of environmental monitoring and settlement and infrastructure applications.

Placement of the bass module is particularly critical .


I was so sure I knew what was right, so critical of other people.

So why was tiny New Hampshire so critical ?

So the cross-section of the line is not so critical for the average sport kite.

Their policies were riddled with the logical absurdities on pricing of which Gaitskell had earlier been so critical .

Which is why the current stretch, with 11 of 15 at home, is so critical .

The situation is now so critical that the very structure that is needed to use the aid effectively has disintegrated.


However, chairman Eugene Andersen said that the company was still at a very critical stage.

That brings us to the very critical question of the balance of power at the end of all this.

Under these conditions the pitch setting becomes very critical .

There are reports from communities in the south of the country that the situation is very , very critical .

The exact positions are very critical and results depend very much on exactly where the ends are held.

The students who had done the teaching were very critical of the own efforts.

The fire brigade were very critical of the water pressure available to them in fighting this hilltop fire.

The question whether one had a naval involvement or access to the intervention fund was very critical indeed.



Lamboume's work is not widely known today, yet during the 1950S he received great critical acclaim .

Such success stories do not rely on good reviews or critical acclaim for big sales and widespread popularity.

Between 1907 and 1942 Freeman produced forty Thorndyke short stories and twenty-one Thorndyke novels, to great critical acclaim .

Paulo has received critical acclaim for his pop-jazz.

Voice over Their show at the Pegassus Theatre in Oxford brought much critical acclaim .

Buoyed by critical acclaim for the 1970 Brooklyn season, Alvin and his dancers faced a year without any significant employment.

Chris Menges' directorial debut which received critical acclaim and festival awards throughout the world.


In some cultures, critical analysis of texts is relatively unknown and may, indeed, be thought offensive.

Professional employees should concentrate on working relationships and attempt to stay away from a critical analysis of personalities.

There is also a critical analysis of the paper Religious and Moral Education 5-14 by.

The critical analysis of local and central government performance by the project teams further precipitated the demise of the program.

It is also useful to carry out your own critical analysis of an essay you have completed.

And yet Roosevelt was not spared the lash of critical analysis .

When the research is carried out by academics from outside, critical analysis creates enormous tensions.

By doing so you will begin that vital process of critical analysis and revision at an early stage.


Bains quoted with approval the critical comments of the management consultants, McKinsey and Co.

In Section 1.2 some critical comments were made of conventional systems analysis.

There is, however, plenty of critical comment outside these works.

Auction catalogues do not carry critical comments on individual items for sale, but there are sometimes introductions with criticism.

The author gives useful critical comment on many of the ideas discussed.

He thumbed through the applications in a knowledgeable manner and made critical comments in imitation of his superiors.

The visual material generated an enormous amount of interest and critical comment .


His twin brother, who was airlifted to hospital with him, is in a critical condition .

The next day, Easley was admitted to a local hospital in critical condition .

Dozens of people were injured and at least 13 were in critical condition last night.

Two of the wounded are in critical condition , hospital officials said.

Two of the burns victims were in a critical condition last night.

The three most seriously injured children were still in critical condition .

He was taken to hospital in a critical condition .


But the defeat of Labour in the latter year led, as usual, to a critical examination of conscience and record.

Feminist strategies and campaigns in these different fields are submitted to critical examination .

This is a critical examination , together with budget holders, of performance against budget for all the Society's activities.

These procedures will all be subject to a further critical examination when the Phase 2 validation is completed.

Many different theoretical approaches have been developed, and no area of phonology has been free from critical examination .

Everything discussed received excellent critical examination .

Its implication that information, experience, and feelings presented in a pictorial form are readily and immediately accessible needs critical examination .


We will turn a more critical eye to the assumptions and propositions of this model in the final part of this chapter.

He stopped on the top stair and with a critical eye surveyed the neighbor-hood.

Ablaze with fiery emotions, Meredith walked self-consciously to the bathroom under Lucenzo's critical eyes .

They would be able to read with a critical eye and thus speak and write with more authority.

The ability to keep an eye on oneself-a critical eye, at that - is the taken-for-granted sinequanon of a higher education.

The critical eye which had stared so at Frank had closed and I was happy.

The seneschal stopped, looking at the work being done with a critical eye .

If only he'd finished his new masterpiece before he'd submitted it to her critical eye .


Three critical factors are involved in all working relationships. 1.

Research seems to indicate that how parents manage the divorce process is the critical factor for children rather than the divorce perse.

Job security is a critical factor for many people.

A critical factor appears to be the enhanced influx of external calcium which is taken up by the stores with two consequences.

Alternatively, dictatorship might be better defined by the absence of a limited mandate-a critical factor in our definition of democracy.

The critical factors in determining the growth in the present study are all external; none are intrinsic to the science itself.

And within a few years after Keynes, the level of production became the critical factor in war mobilization.


Estimating the future rate of energy growth is of critical importance for predicting future concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The effect of these changes in world geopolitics and economics are of critical importance .

At this stage the precise form of the household's relation to its property is of critical importance .

Of critical importance is that the studio continues to attract gifted animators.

This view is in complete contrast to those who maintain that environmental deterioration is widespread and of critical importance .

And the objectives involved are of critical importance .

A further problem arises from the fact that the experimental results of critical importance are far from clear-cut.

Honda understands those cost-versus-value trade-offs, and the critical importance of the quality mindset.


He earned this disputable title by his thoughtful approach to critical issues and the undeniable distinction of his critical practice.

Here the critical issue is the number of interconnections that can be processed per second.

As we shall see later, the ongoing health of children in Seascale has become a critical issue for the nuclear industry.

Hardly ever, except perhaps when focusing on especially contentious and critical issues .

Patients whose ability to take medicines is a critical issue could be encouraged to use the same community pharmacy on each occasion.

This Summit meeting was supposed to solve critical issues facing the Lakers and Houston Rockets.

It became extraordinarily difficult for them to speak with one voice on critical issues .

Bingo said the critical issue for him was that Geoff have qualified replacement coaches.


While this must remain conjecture, it should be remembered that 1949 was a critical juncture .

The war was at such a critical juncture that some weeks was too long.

At each critical juncture an assessment should be made regarding the correct dose, correct equipment, product activity etc.

Incumbents and candidates alike see this as a critical juncture in the history of the district.


Analyzing each of the members of the critical mass with regard to readiness and capability.

But from 1992 until today a critical mass of the people and teams at Magma Metals have delivered unprecedented performance and change.

He was practically laughing out loud as Ali reached critical mass .

Soon a critical mass of investment was achieved, a pattern established and documented.

Some 1950 million years ago, sufficient uranium was precipitated from solutions in the rocks at Oklo to reach critical mass .

But that makes it hard to achieve the critical mass on the school side that would justify changes in curriculum and scheduling.

The trick is getting a critical mass of corporations and consumers to use electronic mechanisms.


Every man has moved into position and must remain silent and unobserved until the critical moment .

Others were asleep during the critical moments of the parley.

The critical moment for harvest varies from year to year and from one plant to the next.

Alexander was startled at having been given so much discretion at this critical moment in the battle.

Moreover, at the critical moment at least one of the mines failed to go off.

At this critical moment the Brooklyn halted and began backing and signaling....

If pushed too hard at this critical moment he could impose emergency rule and provoke far greater strife.

At Golden Park, the pattern broke at a critical moment .


The critical path through the network is the longest sequence of activities from the beginning of the network through to the end.

In drawing up networks, estimating times and identifying critical paths , a number of rules and conventions have to be applied.

Not dissimilar from the system known as critical path analysis, the approach envisaged should show a time-scale allocation against each task.

The thing reportedly couldn't find its critical paths and gave off false signals that everything was hunky-dory when it wasn't.

The planning, however, is done on the Gantt chart with the critical path clearly shown by colour or shading.

The optimum linking of the various stages is called the critical path .

They can also be utilised in programming work including network analysis and critical path .

Sophisticated software already exists at moderate cost to effectively undertake critical path analyses.


When we turn to human development there is even more doubt about the usefulness of the critical period concept.

What about critical periods for the chimps that have been learning sign language?

Sensitive counselling at critical periods can help greatly too.

For the duchy of Savoy the reign of Victor Amadeus marks a critical period of historical development.

In patients with this type of depression, their critical period is advanced so that it falls during sleep.

However, there is a third fish found in the deposits of that early and critical period .

It is gratifying to be able to report that our membership throughout the country has held steady in this critical period .


The critical point is the effect of depth on illumination, which affects the photosynthetic activity of symbiotic algae.

The critical point , where gravity becomes so strong that escape is impossible, is called the event horizon.

In fact the lower critical point corresponds fairly closely to the lower exposure bound discussed later.

Then, just prior to that critical point , introduce the aversion relief element.

I think the critical point is how much he has lost in pace and whether those other attributes are in decline.

They concede that while the fall in the pound will push up inflation, the critical point is by how much.

When the critical point was reached in mid-1941, he acted quickly to turn down the heat.

One of the critical points of construction came when the new wing was connected with the main body of the hospital.


The critical question as to whether Martin introduced the design of the three-piece Baroque flute may now be considered.

The critical questions such a strategy needs to answer include: What policies to adopt?

In the grand scheme of life, the critical question is how do we negotiate this so that nobody is damaged.

That brings us to the very critical question of the balance of power at the end of all this.

Staff and participants involved in them are now asking critical questions about the future of such projects.

However, the critical questions are specific to the particular ad, and they are the ones that really matter.

We are not asking critical questions about Learning.


One sees what causes the unkind critical remarks about Boy's Own and Billy Bunter.

Can a teacher sue a principal for slander for making critical remarks about his or her teaching techniques?


Margaret Bondfield joined the guild in 1911 and with Llewellyn Davies assumed a critical role in reform of health and maternity policy.

Direct mail pieces play a critical role in marketing campaigns.

The idea of democracy played a critical role in Dewey's philosophy.

Leigh, who plays the critical role , inhabits the part.

As late as the succession crisis of 1682 patriarch Joachim played a critical role and even briefly acted as Regent.

Here on the tongue, ion channels play a critical role in our sense of taste.

The critical role here belonged to the Social Democratic party.


However, chairman Eugene Andersen said that the company was still at a very critical stage .

Without him at this critical stage , the Mideast peace process might collapse.

The critical stage would be when he lowered his undercarriage.

Negotiations between the National Trust and MoD have been taking place for two years and have reached a critical stage .

The pilot should always be prepared for an unexpected power failure during this critical stage of the launch.

This politicization of de Gaulle's message was a critical stage in the evolution towards a unified resistance.

This is a critical stage of the operation, Sabrina.


Merchant's companies do not seem to distinguish between key result areas and critical success factors.

And, when the time for your evaluation arrives, make sure that these critical successes are documented in writing.

Its management decided to start from first principles by developing critical success factors.

The River was an enormous and immediate popular and critical success .

The information must be matched to the business's objectives and critical success factors.

The critical success factor for matching opportunities and core competences is one of having widely shared information within the firm.


This is that critical theory offers an aesthetic evaluation of works of art.

So would you if you left graduate school in the recession year of 1991 with a degree in something called critical theory .

This brings us to an approach recently fashionable in critical theory and denoted by the term deconstruction.

This stricture is one that has been variously repeated in a large number of literary and critical theories in this century.

Furthermore, critical theory departs form positivism in understanding the facts of culture in terms of a social totality.

Thus, the relationship of critical theory to postmodernism and poststructuralism is indeed a far more complex matter than is commonly assumed.

It was left to Jürgen Habermas to establish a more comprehensive account of the basis of critical theory .


However, it may be helpful to adjust the dose at the critical time .

The critical time specifies the target time by which the process or outcome should be achieved.

At such a critical time Aldfrith would surely have returned to Northumbria with all speed.

For example, the critical time for nutrition assessment may be the initial visit.

It's a critical time to be abandoning the plot.

Their report of October 1988 concludes that the present is a critical time to establish such a center.

Unfortunately the music electronics contribution hit a slump at the critical time and was unable to meet expectations.

It represents a major adjustment at a critical time .


At the 5 percent significance level the critical value of chi-square is 15.5.

A brittle material breaks suddenly, rather than deforming smoothly, when forced beyond a critical value .

Discrete sedimentation events are predicted each time the concentration exceeds the critical value .

The temperature at which this critical value is reached is the glass transition temperature.


Critical remarks by a teacher can damage the confidence of children.

Eight people were killed and four are still in a critical condition.

Stan is at a critical stage in his recovery from the accident.

The article is a critical analysis of Faulkner's novels.

The government has just published a highly critical report on the state of the education system.

The next few months could be critical for the whole mining industry.

The situation is said to be critical and the army has been brought in to disperse the mob.

These accusations came at a critical phase in the negotiations.

Things are now critical . Hospitals have no medicine, and people are running out of food.

We need an immediate decision on this critical issue.


And within a few years after Keynes, the level of production became the critical factor in war mobilization.

But as an activist, I knew how critical her work was.

How did he survive such a critical wound?

It therefore rejected empiricism and was particularly critical of utilitarianism.

Shortening product life cycles and rapid product proliferation mean that investment in innovation is critical in global competition.

The density of the landfall was critical to calculating at what moment the dam would capitulate.

The policies which are adopted are important, but the means by which they are implemented will be critical to their effectiveness.

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