Meaning of CROSSROADS in English





Had he come to the wrong crossroads ?

So we come to a crossroads of sorts, an intersection of rice sticks.

He has, indeed, come to the crossroads of his taekwondo career.

Yet more men were coming from the crossroads and deploying left and right beyond the first two units.


As we reached the crossroads I looked back.

It seems that Dave had come to the conclusion that both he and his firm had reached a sort of crossroads .

On reaching the crossroads , we moved quickly to the right, and up the very dusty road leading to the village.

It seemed that Walsh had reached a career crossroads after taking 174 wickets in 50 Tests.

Twenty minutes later Luke pulled back on the reins as they reached the crossroads .

With population growth outpacing the capacity to produce food, agriculture has reached a crossroads .

He had reached a crossroads in his life.


Wishart felt as if he was standing at a crossroads with two paths leading into the darkness.

Maybe you are standing at the crossroads now, wondering which way to turn.

The policing of Northern Ireland therefore stands at a tense crossroads .


At each crossroads the stone fountains with their precious supply of water were guarded by men-at-arms.

Donna accelerated, seeing a crossroads ahead.

I got off the truck at the crossroads , and the cousins drove Terry home.

It was a crossroads for me.

Now the 17-year-old is at a crossroads .

So we come to a crossroads of sorts, an intersection of rice sticks.

The tunnel to the right turned left after a short distance, while the tunnel to the left led to a crossroads .

We moved off in the direction of the crossroads , the scene of yesterday's action.

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