Meaning of CULTURAL in English



a cultural centre

Paris was then the cultural centre of Europe.

a cultural festival

A cultural festival will celebrate the traditions of the local people.

a cultural gap (= a difference between cultures )

There is a cultural gap between Europe and America on this subject.

a cultural misunderstanding (= a misunderstanding caused by different cultures doing things in a different way )

Cultural misunderstandings have led to fights between students.

a cultural shift

We all know there were cultural shifts in the 1960s that significantly changed our society.

a cultural/musical event

a monthly guide to the cultural events in London

a cultural/religious tradition

cultural traditions that date back many generations

a cultural/scientific/academic exchange

The mayors of Tokyo and New York signed an agreement to encourage cultural exchanges between the cities.

a social/cultural convention

Each society has its own cultural conventions.

a social/cultural etc phenomenon

Crime is a complex social phenomenon.

a social/political/cultural dimension

His writing has a strong political dimension.

cultural activities

There is plenty of opportunity for children to express themselves in creative and cultural activities.

cultural background

Some of his attitudes were due to his cultural background.

cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is a central feature of modern British society.

cultural pluralism

a nation characterized by cultural pluralism

cultural stereotypes

His jokes often depend on cultural stereotypes.

cultural/architectural/literary etc heritage

the cultural heritage of Italy

cultural/economic/social etc imperialism

Small nations resent Western cultural imperialism.

cultural/political/racial etc divide

people on both sides of the political divide

cultural/political/regional etc differences

the major cultural differences between the west and the east

cultural/racial/class barriers

Sport is a sure way to break down racial barriers.

cultural/social evolution

Neither cultural or social evolution is any guarantee that we are moving towards a better world.

cultural/social values

a book about a clash between British and Chinese cultural values

The films of the time reflected these changing social values.

literary/classical/cultural etc allusions

Eliot’s poetry is full of biblical allusions.

In his poetry we find many allusions to the human body.

political/cultural/economic influence

French political influence began to dominate the country.

political/economic/cultural etc dominance

the economic and political dominance of Western countries

political/intellectual/cultural etc ferment

the artistic ferment of the late sixth century

social/cultural etc norms

social/cultural/sexual etc revolution

the biggest social revolution we have had in this country

the sexual revolution of the 1960s

social/political/cultural etc formation

Marx founded a new science: the science of the history of social formations.

the cultural/social environment

Changes in the cultural environment affect people’s attitudes and values.




He was not a music lover, nor was he particularly attracted by any cultural activity .

At the same time we expose local people to new developments that may be beneficial to cultural activities .

Prisoners' education is enhanced by a wide range of cultural activities .

And dancing and music and other cultural activities were provided which the hands were obliged to attend.

All prisoners are urged to pursue educational and cultural activities .

This myth has persistently mitigated against a recognition of other centres of cultural activity .

There should be room for relaxation, for sport, for social and cultural activities as well as academic work.

The task of establishing and encouraging national cultural activities was pursued with some vigour by the new ministry.


Assemblies, dress requirements, school meals provision and links with parents may be insensitive to different cultural backgrounds and linguistic diversity.

If the parents have different cultural backgrounds , the tasks of reconciling the image to the reality is more complicated.

This is the cultural background against which fraud has been carried out.

Models provide a shared frame of reference for people from different cultural backgrounds .

They fill out your cultural background and describe the foods and street life.

Whatever the cultural background one characteristic went right across the board: the desire to evangelise.

Successful organizations will be sensitive to the unique needs and interests of workers of differing cultural backgrounds .


Eduardo Arroyo, who confuses the vulgarity of Madrid's status as cultural capital with the praiseworthiness of a perverse act.

In the main, the holders of cultural capital can be regarded as the dominated fraction of the dominant class.

It is precisely this mix that makes Britain, and particularly London, the cultural capital of the world.

Our academic institutions help to maintain a flow of the kind of cultural capital on which our wider social institutions are based.

The basis for education's ability to bring about this process of social reproduction lies in what Bourdieu terms cultural capital .

What are concealed are the material inequalities of leisure power, the unequal distributions of cultural capital .


It's a tourist and cultural centre as well as a centre for violence.

The bus station was similarly desolate, while the cinema, cultural centre , public baths and a hospital have closed.

The builders are not using any nails in the construction, in an effort to build an authentic cultural centre .

And from the affluence they have brought has come Winterthur's other fame as a cultural centre .

But, what is there for the art enthusiast in this cultural centre ?

In the later Middle Ages, Prague was an important merchant city and cultural centre .

It is also a significant conference and cultural centre .


Work reorganization was achieved in Pilkingtons despite the absence of a pre-planned strategy for cultural change .

Their firsthand involvement in the human problems of cultural change has made a lasting impression on most of them.

In addition, she emphasises the broader historical context of political, technological and cultural change within which photography developed.

As the twentieth century got under way, other cultural changes made slenderness seem desirable.

An example of a cultural change is moving from standardized incentive rewards to individualized ones.

These traumatic cultural changes created a radically new religious situation.

To win a significant amount of new business would require a big cultural change at the company.


There is one important difference, however, that has changed the cultural context in which theology does its work.

Unfortunately, the core teachings were set in cultural contexts that have been largely superseded.

Even the modest proposal that literature should be read in its cultural context has large implications.

It is the cultural context that provides Dasein with meaningful possibilities for its concrete ways of being engaged in the world.

Each of these stages is an element in a complex societal structure and cultural context .

Again, these techniques are revealingly similar in widely different cultural contexts .

We decode messages in personal, social and cultural contexts .

There are many teachers working out of their cultural contexts , and very frequent movement and transfer.


Concluding remarks Scientific dating techniques, and none more than radiocarbon, have revolutionised the archaeologist's understanding of human cultural development .

In the parochial-participant culture we have the contemporary problem of cultural development in many of the emerging nations.

That has not prevented them exercising a great influence on our cultural development .

The conditions for economic and cultural development are such that we no longer need to mutilate ourselves in any way.

Apart from higher education, other cultural developments were retarded.

In doing this they provide the material for their own cultural development that is self-determining and self-governing.

Freud emphasized the importance of the latency period for the cultural development of the individual, and hence the society.

It shows how wealth, created through shipbuilding, iron, lead and armaments manufacture, was redirected towards cultural development .


Most significantly, an ahistorical, largely theoretical, emphasis on cultural difference remains limited.

Even within strong corporate cultures, values are rarely strong or homogeneous enough to override cultural differences .

Teachers need to be alive to cultural differences which may particularly affect bilingual pupils' handling of literature.

Not that racial and cultural differences can not exist.

Social perspectives on cognition have come to accept cultural differences not as deficits but as important variation.

This sense of linguistic exclusion can be complicated by various cultural differences .

And the cultural difference is even more pronounced when it comes to personnel.

In these isolated areas local cultural differences have developed and persisted.


The overall social and political project is the creation of a harmonious, democratic cultural pluralism, a healthy cultural diversity .

It is rich in intellectual curiosity and academic and cultural diversity .

The impact on the rich cultural diversity of communities all around the world is immense.

That lack of cultural diversity is a problem.

Such cultural diversity we should expect to find expressed in the structures and institutional life of the churches.

The El Pueblo gift store is an extension of these organizations' commitment to fostering understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity .

But behind this bleak image is a country of colour and immense cultural diversity .

Nothing much happens in their little town, apparently, and these guys provide some welcome cultural diversity .


They don't experience the same problems socially or finding cultural events to which they can really relate.

Most of the neighborhood Web sites post information about community meetings and cultural events .

Many department stores operate non-profit spaces for ticketed cultural events such as museum shows from abroad.

They went to cultural events , they took music lessons.

Many art exhibitions and cultural events were sent abroad.

By the mid-seventies this had become one of the most controversial cultural events on the country.

You're only seven minutes ride away from Kowloon's main cultural events and shopping areas.


Walesa's visit was also intended to boost bilateral trade and cultural exchanges .

The treaties covered bilateral protection and promotion of investments, penal cooperation, cultural exchanges and customs cooperation, officials said.

What emerges is the implication that the perceived cultural exchange between these selected texts reveal preoccupations found throughout the whole culture.

Guests take advantage of local transportation in order to facilitate cultural exchanges .

New religious ideas and moral codes were made accessible by widescale immigration, cultural exchanges and mass communication.

Long periods of enforced coexistence may include concessions or agreements and important, often fruitful, cultural exchange .

Everyone seemed cool and distracted, uninterested in trade or cultural exchanges .


They need to check that all cultural factors and management decisions are right.

Vygotsky was concerned with the question of how social and cultural factors influence intellectual development.

Social, environmental and cultural factors may be.

Secondly, it addresses the issue of the importance, in our models of economic development, of cultural factors .

The first question concerns the individual, structural, and cultural factors that motivate people to rebel.

Economic, racial, political, historic and cultural factors have combined to interweave the fabric of the world.

If the first view is sound it removes the need for a model with cultural factors in it.

The study of sociology began to show the importance of the family and class and cultural factors in child development.


The very radical autonomy of modernist cultural forms makes their social or social-historical explanation an extremely difficult pursuit.

Not only could he translate languages, he translated what was buried beneath themthe gestures, cultural forms , shared social signals.

The cultural forms of late capitalism have thus become entirely pervasive and able to subsume any attempt at opposition.

These studies concentrated on images of women, a type of criticism which views films as cultural forms imbued with sexist ideology.

However, cultural forms themselves are essentially external to human beings as actors.

Moreover, it has been reworked within the cultural forms and practices of a whole variety of subaltern groups.

And typically the forms used for such display are versions of the cultural forms adopted and displayed by the ruling classes.

In what follows I shall claim that postmodern cultural forms do indeed signify, only that they signify differently.


The sociology of such developments is at a different and much broader level than that of cultural formations .

The cultural formation processes discussed in Chapter 2 all have to be taken into account in any assessment of this question.

Many cultural formations have of course been restricted in this way.

It was within this crisis of the broader social formation that the particular cultural formation of the circle around Godwin became significant.

The cultural formation we know as Bloomsbury is very different from both.


In their use of the test it was found that the order of salience of certain roles varied between different cultural groups .

Variations appropriate to different cultural groups should be devised.

In his work, different cultural groups or social classes appear as separate races with definite and visible physical characteristics.

At other times cultural groups regard themselves in a superior relationship to other cultures.

Cross-cultural issues can arise when expectations of child-rearing patterns may differ across cultural groups .


Do we want to pass on our cultural heritage by accident or by design?

As mystery, it becomes a unique cultural heritage unavailable to foreigners.

The price they paid was my cultural heritage .

They will encourage public and private efforts aimed at the preservation of the cultural heritage in their States. 40.

Swahili's cultural heritage was by no means the cultural heritage of all.

Rivers represent a cultural heritage as well.

When people do not know how to bring up or what to teach their children their cultural heritage is indeed in jeopardy.


Reworking her rich and cultural history to question Western attitudes and assumptions.

Golden Age: Ideology and cultural history .

This information is laced throughout with cultural history and personal stories.

Scars Of Sweet Paradise is worth reading as a slice of cultural history , even if one has no interest in Joplin.

Oxford undertakes to cover Britain's entire cultural history .

At a late date in our cultural history , he had created a language both formal and authoritative.

This document is central to Florentine cultural history in the fifteenth century.


The legislation was largely inspired by the priority which the regional parties gave to preserving local cultural identities .

He is adamant that any open manifestation of religious or cultural identity at school goes against the principles of secular state education.

A consideration of these ideas fostered the recognition that the children had social, racial and cultural identities as well as disabilities.

This principle needs expanding to cover impacts on communities, and on language and cultural identity .

Video lives A series of programmes about cultural identities by contemporary video and film-makers organised in collaboration with Birmingham Library Services.

They both also have greater historic cultural identities .

There is no cultural identity in a region.


It also helps to sensitise the Church to the dangers of cultural imperialism .

Some critics have accused these Western pop artists of exploiting Third World traditions in an extension of cultural imperialism .


More subtle forms of cultural influence also abound.

Today, the spread of cultural influence has attained vertiginous speed.

Each frame of reference is constructed largely through cultural influences .

Will the ever faster spread of cultural influence remove the frontiers between civilizations that were once so firm in world history?

They will be discussed in terms of material resources and economic developments, as well as urban networks, financial relationships and cultural influences .

Where education reduces fertility, which is nearly everywhere, the trigger point varies according to cultural influences .

The great cultural influence came from the monastic settlements, where the Cistercian Order was most active.

Yet this political hostility did not prevent its welcoming, on occasion, cultural influence from the West.


It is a city more in tune with outdoor recreation than cultural institutions , but it rains there.

That study is expected to document the role of cultural institutions in creating employment and attracting businesses to New York City.

Until leasing prospects improve, property owners should donate the space to nonprofit groups and cultural institutions .

Her style of leadership has angered both political parties and the cultural institutions with which she deals.

Family formation and family building patterns are reflections of various socio-economic and cultural institutions , traditions and conditions of development.

It is a cultural institution , no less important than the Hermitage or the Bolshoi Theatre.


Milton's ideas, for instance, were developed in an age when the state exercised enormous controls over intellectual and cultural life .

With the academy Supplying hungry audiences, the town enjoyed a cultural life that belied its size.

Almost a century later Manaus's neglected cultural life is re-emerging with a Slavic twist.

In the meanwhile, a new Leviathan has surfaced in cultural life .

The Karimojong are semi-nomadic pastoralists whose economic, social and cultural life revolves around cattle.

But it is Winterthur's art collections that almost dwarf the rest of its cultural life .

These exhibitions became central to Sheffield's cultural life , and were the turning-points in the careers of several young artists.


Research can not tell us how to work with people whose cultural norms and traditions are different from our own.

Meeting inside a model could logically connect communications protocols to the model itself rather than the cultural norms of a geographical area.

The analysts will have to adhere to the cultural norms of the organisation in order to be successful with their database project.

He did not feel comfortable challenging what he thought was a cultural norm .

Both are equally prisoners of the cultural norms of business.


This suggests that in some circumstances material prosperity may increase without cultural patterns changing markedly.

The cultural patterns themselves are influenced by the structural instability and the cultural stalemate.

The underlying cultural patterns anthropologists seek means the implications offered by changing historical circumstances are given insufficient attention.

If I understand the cultural pattern correctly, they should be more hostile to the people up the hill than to us.

The difference lies only in the cultural pattern with which the children associates.

They have cut the nerve of traditional religion, which is often tied to specific geographical locations and cultural patterns .

It is thought that there are some generalized cultural patterns that can be recognized.

Idea-management thus has very different prospects according to the cultural pattern of the organization.


It indicates rather a degree of hesitation in the leadership of the party as to the correct cultural policy to be pursued.

Officially only eleven years old in 1945, Socialist Realism continued to condition Soviet cultural policies throughout the 1940s and 1950s.

Even in Khrushchev's more relaxed era, fear of dissent from official cultural policies continued to run high.

This rate has dipped significantly in the last two years reflecting the shift in priorities of the government's cultural policy .

This, of course, is no basis for national cultural policies .

On the other hand, no funds and no subsidy schemes at all would mean an end to cultural policies .

There were enormous difficulties, equally, in the sphere of cultural policy and minority rights.


Death is one of those remote events which are brought to bear on behavior only with the aid of cultural practices .

Instead desire is present on the very surface of social and cultural practices .

Many cultural practices have, of course, been traced to accidents.

Their specific and local histories, often threatened and repressed, are inserted ` between the lines' of dominant cultural practices .

The same three kinds of values may be detected in the design of other cultural practices .

The term suggests an element of danger, certainly of risk, a military metaphor applied to western cultural practices .


In addition to this kind of specific organization, guilds in some societies were involved in more general cultural production .

From all these situations, possible alternative bases for variations in cultural production can exist.

What has then happened is a class division, of a stable and organized kind, within cultural production .

The former process is seen as cultural production , the latter as merely instrumental.

Neither the artisanal nor the post-artisanal phase of market relations in cultural production can be said to have ended.

It reflected changing means and relations of cultural production and consumption.

Nizan was convinced that February 1934 was a watershed not only in terms of cultural politics, but also in terms of cultural production .

Each facet of Nizan's cultural production evidently needs to be contextualised precisely.


This was part of the cultural revolution which has gone on ever since.

So what happens to me in the great cultural revolution ?

Many Tory party cheer-leaders boast that there has been a cultural revolution .

A mere fraction of the population shared in the cultural revolution .

It says a cultural revolution is necessary if students are to be adequately equipped for the twenty-first century.


The cultural stereotype of cattle stealing as an exciting, adventurous activity may also have contributed to its acceptance.

Academic Standards: A self-fulfilling effect of cultural stereotypes is diminished expectations.

The most successful advertising campaigns have targeted cultural stereotypes by associating contraception with virility.


Protestants and Catholics certainly see themselves as different peoples with different histories, and for the most part maintain different cultural traditions .

Today, the lack of a widely accepted cultural tradition for giving the necessary support after childbirth puts many families at risk.

Despite strong regional cultural traditions , Tyne side was affected by these developments.

And Los Descendientes del Presidio de Tucson recognize that pending milestone with a party in honor of our cultural traditions .

In this we can see the continuing influence of a cultural tradition .

They tend to restrict the causes of criminality to hereditary characteristics and overlook the effects of environmental influences and cultural traditions .

Brains evolved the capacity to communicate with other brains by means of language and cultural traditions .

They fostered the development of a new, urban, cultural tradition .


A good part of the difficulty is derived directly from the structure of social and cultural values discussed earlier in this book.

In such cases cultural values acquire a new importance and can become decisive.

Again we are faced with a shift in cultural values .

From the 1950s to the 1990s radical changes in teaching styles reflect major changes in social and cultural values .

Two quotes help to illustrate the importance of giving people belief in their own cultural values .

Freud did not hold that instincts directly caused behaviour, uninfluenced by the surrounding cultural values .

In our own society, for example, our cultural values towards debt have changed.

Thus the products and services demanded have reflected this change in cultural values .


Baroque music was part of a broader cultural movement that affected all the arts.

Houston's cultural offerings are just what we were looking for.

Puerto Rico has a distinct cultural identity.

Teachers must be equipped to deal with the linguistic and cultural diversity of the student body.

The Principal feels that cultural education is very important.


Both biological and cultural explanations, however, have sceptical implications as far as morality is concerned.

Both of these would be products of a continued modernization process based on a principle of cultural differentiation.

It also includes discouraging cultural traits that have outlived their usefulness and may be otherwise harmful to society.

Maybe, but certainly not as the force in marketing, consuming and cultural influence the Boomers were themselves.

Nobody has the controlling cultural authority to tell women to what lengths they should go.

Our persistent cultural blind spot on the effects of such exclusion is now proving to be very problematic.

The assumptions underlying these techniques are generally the same as those of the cultural transmission concept of learning.

Their specific and local histories, often threatened and repressed, are inserted ` between the lines' of dominant cultural practices.

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