Meaning of D in English



chargé d'affaires

coup d'état

D and C

hors d'oeuvre

maitre d'

objet d'art

R & D

raison d'être

Commerce was the town’s raison d'être.

Rose d'Or, the

table d'hôte


F sharp/D sharp/C sharp etc

I must/I'd better be getting along

I'd be obliged if

I'd better mosey along/be moseying along

I'd hate (for) sb/sth to do sth

I'd hate all that food to spoil.

I'd hate for my child to grow up in such a violent city.

I'd hate anyone to think that I did well out of dealing with the problem page.

I'd hate some one to come along and see me.

I'd like to see you/him do sth

But I 'd like to see you again, when we can make time.

I 'd like to see him again.

I 'd like to see you give our boys a run for their money.

I'd like to think/believe (that)

I'd like to believe that he's telling the truth.

I'd like to think I know a little about airplanes.

But I 'd like to think that gallantry isn't dead.

Dad and I clashed more than I 'd like to think about.

I 'd like to think Beardsley and Wright will get the nod and Graham doesn't get it wrong again.

I 'd like to think that it does have some meaning.

It is a novelty record in some respects, although I 'd like to think it's a lot deeper than that too.

Perhaps it wasn't very subtle, but I 'd like to think it was funny.

I'd put (my) money on sth

Even the madmen wouldn't have him in real life, I 'd put money on it.

Personally, I 'd put my money on accidental death without a second thought.

I'd rather die

Apologize to that creep! I'd rather die !

I'd rather die than work for my uncle.

I'd rather die than eat.

I'd rather die than go back out the way I was.

I'd stake my life on it

conservative with a small 'c'/democrat with a small 'd' etc

for two pins I'd ...

the Côte d'A·zur

you'd better believe it!

"Do they make money on them?" "You'd better believe it!"

you'll/you'd be lucky!


Abraham Lincoln, for example, was a D & B credit reporter.

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