Meaning of DEFENSIVE in English

I. adjective


offensive/defensive lineman




He has been playing a more defensive role in the Ducks' left-wing lock system this season, however.

Tempting as it is to criticise them back, this will make them even more defensive .


There were those who considered it to be a purely defensive step, and this gave rise to rumour.


They do not feel so defensive , but they may well feel uncomfortable about these new insights into their personal weaknesses.

She watched him for a moment, wishing she didn't feel so defensive every time he broached the subject of Arnie.



Existing companies-bookstores, for example-are taking defensive action against online retailers.

From now on - offensive rather than defensive action is the key note.


It has also provoked extensive networks of defensive alliances , as we indicate later on.

At that time many amalgamations were the outcome of defensive alliances in the face of international competition and declining markets.


The Panthers kept changing up, sometimes using five or six defensive backs on first down.

There are few defensive backs who are expected to make immediate impact.

During a commercial break, we met another lovely and somebody who plays defensive back engaged in witty banter.

And lately, our defensive backs have responded with interceptions.

Mike Morton replaced Fredrickson Sunday, though the Raiders often used extra defensive backs .

Our defensive backs have played very well.

Determining the top defensive backs in the draft today and Sunday is easy.


Fien is no stranger to Tormey, who recruited him when he was defensive coordinator at Washington.

Dave Campo is the Cowboys' third defensive coordinator in four years.

He was the Seahawks' defensive coordinator for three years, and last season, he was defensive coordinator at Tampa Bay.

Later, he gave me a chance to be a defensive coordinator , and I had no experience at that, either.

Coach Tony Dungy, once an accomplished defensive coordinator , likes to apply pressure.

Parcells' defensive coordinator , Al Groh: &038;.

As defensive coordinator of the Falcons he called for single coverage on Bruce last week.

But Field probably will not retain the defensive coordinator position he held for 14 years under Terry Donahue, the source said.


That lax defensive effort continued, as did the parade of penalties.


Washington has seen playing time as a reserve at both defensive end and tackle.

Starting defensive end Michael Bankston has heard the rumors he will move to tackle to play next to Eric Swann.

Stanford defensive end Kailee Wong recorded a late fourth-quarter safety for the second straight week....

Jacksonville defensive end Jeff Lagemann left the game in the second quarter with a sprained knee....

After defensive end Charles Haley had back surgery last month, the coaches moved tackle Leon Lett to end.

Harrison began the 1995 season as a starter at defensive end .


Sandison adopted the McPherson role of organising matters behind the Airdrie defensive line while the midfield remained conservatively deep.

At Ohio State, Pace flattened defensive line men with regularity.

A comedy of errors as Collegians tried to clear from a defensive line out presented McCall with the simplest of scores.

The Raiders are getting stuffed because the defensive line is penetrating.

Seals spent the 1988 season on injured reserve, and the Buccaneers moved him to the defensive line .

Brackens is the best rusher in the defensive line .

The revamped defensive line showed real signs of improvement.

The Raiders leaned on their deep defensive line , which limited Jacksonville to only 69 yards rushing and sacked Brunell three times.


In an odd decision that White did not fully explain, veteran defensive lineman Nolan Harrison did not suit up Sunday night.

What Parcells wants first is a pass-rushing defensive lineman actually worth a million a year.

Louis Rams for defensive lineman Sean Gilbert.

Backup defensive lineman Junior Bryant deflected the pass that Doleman intercepted....


Putting together a solid running game, which will keep defensive linemen from teeing off on the quarterback.

Green Bay has a bunch of 300-pound defensive linemen , and I think they can match up with the Dallas offensive line.

Greene gave the 49ers five defensive linemen who had to play.

The Raiders effectively rotated defensive linemen in the first half, keeping fresh players on the field.


It was also probably in part a defensive measure on the part of the ego itself.


Cooks made big defensive plays coming up on their sweeps.


If you're a defensive player spearmen are particularly useful.

You know how when a player sets a screen, the defensive player has to go around the screen?

Rhodes is an outstanding defensive player who is expected to flourish as a small forward or shooting guard.

I look around and I see a lot of pretty good defensive players .

A dominating defensive player , the 34-year-old Mutombo also has been extremely durable.

You can re- create a rundown play involving four different defensive players and still have ample opportunity to observe the next pitch.

The Chiefs would have won, whatever defense they played, because their defensive players simply overwhelmed the Raiders.


It was most useful in defensive positions .

Cal will have new starters at five defensive positions Saturday.

This straddle-leg stance is the basic defensive position .

Every 100 kilometres had approximately two defensive positions , 200 soldiers and five or six cannon.

Any discussion of siting has, therefore, concentrated on such factors as communication links, defensive positions and local bridging points.

The Labour leadership has taken a typically defensive position on the politics of the war.


It was this factor more than any other which caused officials and Ministers alike to adopt such defensive postures .

Most of all, it requires laying aside the guilt, uncoiling the defensive posture and dealing with the facts.

You find yourself in defensive postures rather than fighting back.

Management was always in a defensive posture .

The enterprise then assumes a defensive posture that offers little true protection and scant opportunity for improvement and growth.


Some past and current government officials say the program was intended for defensive purposes only.


This defensive reaction is a learned one against the pain of remembered failure.

They can even recognize depth and may respond with a defensive reaction to approaching objects.

Disagreeing on seven out of ten occasions triggers a defensive reaction or even further disagreements.

This is not only false but frequently results in a defensive reaction on the part of the sufferer.

The investment in proposals is naturally such that challenges inevitably produce defensive reactions .

This is a cat with a limp body that genetically lacks the usual defensive reactions of felines.


The possibility that books may be needed at some future date tends to encourage a defensive strategy of retention.

Tradition, then, becomes a strong power base from which to employ a defensive strategy to resist change.

Furthermore, it is said, a defensive strategy based on such weapons effectively rules out the actual use of nuclear weapons.

Anxiety, anger or apathy all seem reasonable defensive strategies for elders to adopt when facing selective assessment now.


It is with the porcupines, however, that the spiny defensive system reaches its zenith.

He would scrap the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and permit defensive systems to guard against accidental firings or small-scale attacks by outlaw nations.

This is particularly true for a defensive system based on comparatively small, independent units, armed with short-range weapons.

How reliable does the defensive system have to be?


The Raiders reportedly offered defensive tackle Chester McGlockton and a first and second-round pick for Swann, but were rejected.

Of all the defensive tackles , I think Wayne Martin is the best.

Donovan is 71, a former defensive tackle with the memorable Baltimore Colts teams of the 1950s and early 1960s.

Gannon hurt his shoulder when Ravens defensive tackle Tony Siragusa drove him into the ground.

Joe Phillips at the other defensive tackle is the same kind of guy.

The 49ers had defensive tackle Chris Zorich in for a tryout Thursday.


We are not a good defensive team .

The Bruins, in contrast, are a hard-checking, defensive team .


The city would be encircled by its defensive walls pierced by town gates.

He was impeccable in defence, and posed a constant threat to the Springboks' defensive wall .

Here shown are the defensive walls and towers and, inside, the Byzantine style churches.


But each also has the capability of being built into defensive weapons systems.

Because of its weight, it was used almost exclusively as a defensive weapon in a fixed position.

A first step must be to restrict any military hardware sales to defensive weapons .

The best defensive weapon is usually interest rates - backed up by whatever policy changes are needed to restore credibility.


defensive weapons

a defensive player

According to the report, only defensive weapons had been supplied to Iran.

Police officers claimed that their actions during the riots were purely defensive .


Brackens is the best rusher in the defensive line.

Dallas has lost two good players from their defense, cornerback Larry Brown and defensive tackle Russell Maryland.

Dave Campo is the Cowboys' third defensive coordinator in four years.

Rather than getting upset or defensive , I see myself being genuinely interested in her input.

The city would be encircled by its defensive walls pierced by town gates.

The invention of the tank and the aircraft broke through the defensive stalemate that had characterised the first world war.

Their success was built upon a resolute defensive display, shutting out 12-goal Dean Saunders.

II. noun


But putting news directors on the defensive is by no means a bad thing.

The industry is on the defensive in Congress, in courts across the nation and in the war for public opinion.

There are two reasons why the Government is now on the defensive after last week's protests against high fuel tax.

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