Meaning of DEFINITE in English




a definite answer (= that says yes or no definitely )

Can you give me a definite answer tomorrow?

a definite/distinct advantage (= one that you can clearly notice )

Electronic trading has a number of distinct advantages.

definite article

major/definite/big etc plus

Some knowledge of Spanish is a definite plus in this job.




Then when I told him about the baby he was more definite .

I often wish people would be more definite . 2.

The stronger, more definite and consistent it is, the more important it will be as a symptom of the case.

He could not be any more definite than that.

No marriage had begun with a more definite understanding of what each required of the other.

If you want a more definite pattern or motif the easiest method to achieve this is to use a stencil.

Something more definite can, fortunately, be said about Molla Fenari's first period of office as kadi of Bursa.


It was quite definite from Lady McClintock's scan.

For the moment we have to rely on intermittent subcutaneous injections which impose quite definite restrictions.

She had been quite definite on this subject.


I've got very strange ideals, and one of the things I've got a very definite mind on is abortion.

The selection of short-term or long-term financing requires the consideration of a very definite risk-return tradeoff.

There are very few house rules but the ban on smoking is very definite .

The green on the twelfth has two very definite tiers and the pin was on the upper one.

They have a very definite shelf life.

Each of these projects carries with it a very definite academic agenda.

Many found it difficult to give accurate figures as the livestock year dictated two very definite peak work periods.

If discounts are offered but not taken, accounts payable have a very definite cost.



Philosophers need to stop procrastinating and staring at their navels and answer questions like the one above with a definite answer.

Because there are few definite answers in law, it engages one to be philosophical-or spiritual, you might say.

The accompanying text pages explore these questions and give definite answers as a basis for discussion.

I would like to give a definite answer .

For the bluesy sound that you are after, an old Marshall 50 with a 4x12 would be the definite answer .

All are familiar with their own experiences of being asleep, and feel they can give definite answers .

There can be no definite answer to this problem at the moment.

None of those questions has a definite answer .


It's a language all its own, with rules and a grammar, but it has no definite article .

The definite article was inclined to appear in strange places, and to disappear from other places where it should have been.

The newspaper names have a definite article because there is only one.

The man had become a myth and acquired the definite article .

Demonstratives and the definite article are terms whose mobilisation and use would be strongly linked to this kind of deixis.

They are all blond and call themselves Gang, without the definite article , which has an icily Germanic ring.

A second piece of evidence is provided by certain uses of the definite article .

For them this front and these guns are the only possible ones indicated by the definite articles .


Because of the weakness of data it is difficult to come to definite conclusions .

As with the origins of many other events no definite conclusions can be drawn.

She came to some definite conclusions about the importance of this post and the requirements of a Depute Head Teacher.

At present it is not possible to draw any definite conclusions about the binding mode of CytR.

Caution is therefore necessary in drawing definite conclusions from either rRNA or protein-tree analyses.

Coincidences with Ralph the Talespinner's story to be noted, but too many alternative possibilities for definite conclusions .


The drama school audition By now you will have made a definite decision to become an actor - nomatterwhat the problems or obstacles.

He said that he thought the proposal could well be what they wanted and promised a definite decision within two days.

No definite decision could be reached.

Marubeni was to make a definite decision on whether it would carry the Axil workstation products depending on reaction at the show.

It was not until the bomb was tested that a definite decision could be reached on its use.


Statistics over five or ten years will provide definite evidence of increasing, stagnant or declining percapita incomes.

They receive these doctrines by tradition, without any definite evidence .

Attempts to trace the background even of Tyler have petered out through lack of definite evidence .

Although Moorhens are sometimes seen in unusual localities along the coast, definite evidence of migration in Sussex is very scant.


Beto has very definite ideas on this.

I have a definite idea of what I am trying to do and I want to stay with it.

He had very definite ideas about what a son of his should be like.

They have definite ideas of what they want to see on the page.

Then you have time to fix on a definite idea of how you want the final mix to sound.

Roy does not have definite ideas on the future.

She has definite ideas on how she thinks things should be organised, and sometimes she is right.

But he was very definite ideas about what he is doing.


So make definite plans to deal with the fears that you can control.

By that time Ed had some fairly definite plans for his immediate future.


Sports: A definite plus for this resort.


If not a thoroughly convincing victory it further establishes Mason in the heavyweight division and his career will now take definite shape .

Everything important to the farm was under the care of a beneficent power, never conceived of as having a definite shape .

No definite shape , rather dull colour.

Charles Worthington, who transformed Aimee's looks, stresses the importance of giving fine hair a definite shape and style.

He gives a definite shape to a side in that he gets his hands on the ball and keeps moving forward.

His own brand of performing was taking on a very definite shape .

The formal support came from the Signet Office, which had been given definite shape in the fifteenth century.


But he'd shown definite signs of resigning himself to the situation - until her arrival downstairs after breakfast.

An independent company, that is, with its two main engines of growth showing definite signs of maturity.

There was no doubt now: there were definite signs of life.

If so, he never gave any definite sign of it.

Such cells look relatively unspecialised but they do show definite signs of differentiation.


Both Sally and John had definite ideas about how the new kitchen should look.

Dorosin said she doesn't have any definite plans for the future.

I've got a good chance of getting the job, but it's not definite yet.

I don't know what time she's coming. She won't give me a definite answer.

Jacinta's report card showed a definite improvement in math.

Mark's studies take a definite back seat to football.

The city has finally given a definite date to replace the street light.

We have some statistics, but we really need something more definite before we can make any firm decisions.


Indeed, Maxwell showed that when the fields propagate as electromagnetic waves they actually carry definite amounts of energy with them.

No other historical transformation has quite the same clear-cut and definite character.

Six years had, after all, seen definite innovations in performance and safety.

Sometimes this means taking a very definite stand on certain issues, but it has to be done for both your sakes.

The green on the twelfth has two very definite tiers and the pin was on the upper one.

They discovered a definite debt-death link: a relationship between interest paid percapita and decrease in life expectancy.

We have seen that a gas or vapour does not have a definite volume or shape.

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