Meaning of DELETE in English




delete a file (= remove it )

I accidentally deleted the wrong file.

delete an email

I accidentally deleted your email.




If you delete a character by mistake, move the cursor to where it was lost and type it in again.

You can also delete characters by the word, line, or page.

Expressive notation is generally easier to truncate - by deleting final characters to create the notation for a more general subject.

You will first enter a new document, then learn how to delete unwanted characters and insert new ones.

They also want to delete the characters ARfrom each of the stock numbers.

You can delete and insert spaces created by pressing the spacebar in the same way that you delete and insert other characters .

The next job is to delete the characters ARfrom the table.


Other facilities for changing, deleting and processing data are also provided.

Medium security levels can enter and delete data and low security levels can only view data.


On occasion you may begin to open a file and find that you would prefer to rename the file or delete it.

Task 7 Objective To delete files Before deleting a file make sure that it is no longer required.

In addition a password file had been deleted .


We would just delete the name from the index.


Their purpose is to let you delete text safely or to move it around one document or between several.

But you can not insert or delete any text .

Whenever you delete highlighted text using the Del for Delete key, it disappears from the text editing window into the scrap.

These include several new ways to delete text , an improved display of codes, and an extended search option.

Letters, words or whole lines can be deleted and new texts inserted at the touch of a button.

You may later add or delete text that changes the page on which the citation appears.


You can also delete characters by the word , line, or page.

A keyboard combination that saved a file in one program might delete a word in another.



The central processor then orders hypotheses, adds , deletes and modifies them.

You want to keep the two columns next to each other, no matter how much text is added or deleted .

You will see the directories on your disk, and can add and delete directories using the Add and Delete buttons.

It must be clear that no one has added , deleted , or modified any part of the message.

You don't want to have to reconstruct the site every time you add , delete or move a page.

The protected block will not be affected if you later add or delete lines within the block.

Each partition contains space for a finite number of items which are added and deleted in a pre-defined order.

You may later add or delete text that changes the page on which the citation appears.


Delete any files that end in ".tmp".

I deleted that whole file by mistake.

I think you should delete the second paragraph.

Matt's name was deleted from the list.

The computer automatically deletes any files you have not saved.


But Freenet and Gnutella can not patrol the contents of their networks and delete copyrighted material.

Can you relate this use of questions to the fact that you is deleted from abbreviated questions?

Colin gave the wrong advice about getting floppy disc out when jammed and then I deleted the stuff off the hard disc.

So long as it hasn't been deleted, you should even be able to recall it on line.

That means they have to delete something else to install the new software.

We can only hope Gilstrap won't push to have any of that text deleted.

You can keep parts or the entire original message, including the subject-or delete the lot.

You will first enter a new document, then learn how to delete unwanted characters and insert new ones.

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