Meaning of DETAILED in English




a careful/detailed inspection

The architect has now made his detailed inspection of the building.

a detailed account

She gave me a detailed account of what happened at the meeting.

a detailed assessment

We need a detailed assessment of what this will cost.

a detailed calculation

Your report must be supported by detailed calculations.

a detailed comparison

Students had to write a detailed comparison of the two texts.

a detailed diary

For years she had kept a detailed diary.

a detailed drawing

He made detailed drawings of animals and flowers.

a detailed examination

Scientists have carried out a detailed examination of the house.

a detailed forecast

A detailed forecast of the industry’s prospects has just been published.

a detailed overview (= with a lot of information )

a detailed overview of current legislation on gun control

a detailed picture

We now have a detailed picture of the bird’s habits.

a detailed proposal

They drew up a detailed proposal and submitted it to the Department of Energy.

a detailed record

Edwardian travellers left detailed records of their journeys.

a detailed study ( also an in-depth study )

They carried out a detailed study into the effects of the disease on mice.

a detailed survey

The author carried out a detailed survey of 32 organizations in Japan and Korea.

a detailed/in-depth analysis

a detailed analysis of the firm’s earnings

a full/detailed report

A full report will be prepared for the next committee meeting.

close/careful/detailed observation

A lot of useful knowledge is gained by careful observation of the world around you.

detailed advice

The website gives detailed advice about making bombs.

detailed consideration

Each of these matters requires detailed consideration.

detailed information

More detailed information is available free on request.

detailed knowledge

You need to have a detailed knowledge of criminal law.

detailed notes

I always make quite detailed notes after important meetings.

detailed scrutiny

MPs on these committees subject Government bills to detailed scrutiny.


Some of his descriptions of the island are very detailed.


The generals drew up detailed plans for the invasion.


There are detailed instructions on the back of the box.


a detailed map of the city

specific/detailed recommendations

We made a large number of specific recommendations for improving women’s mental health.




The requirements may well be modified as detailed work and discussion proceed.

If you are travelling by car, calculate as above then make the necessary accommodation only reduction as detailed on page 80.

Alternatively, the Carrion can attack just as the adventurers reach the final approaches to the Castle, as detailed below.

Their attempts as detailed in Easter Monday's Guardian might well misfire.

When there are major changes, compensation will be paid as detailed in our Booking Conditions on page 81.

They pay a standard £31.50 per week for accommodation and meals as detailed below.

Pre-existing medical conditions, recurring illness or physical defects, except as detailed under principal exclusions. 2.

Palatine's general structure and current financial situation remain as detailed in the preceding case.


Each of these matters requires more detailed consideration.

Finally, one issue merits more detailed comment because of its implications for the entire Docklands community - housing.

Other woodworkers will of course make a more detailed examination; if only to discover the methods of construction.

Tackling the same project in smaller but more detailed and significant chapters is perhaps the better exercise.

A further follow-up in 1972 collected more detailed diagnostic information.

When Terah's name is reached the list becomes more detailed .

We require a much more detailed answer before we can reassure those involved.

Seventy years later an even more detailed survey of another Dorset town was made.


The most detailed research, however, has been undertaken by S. Dench in mid-Devon.

This chapter draws heavily on the best known and most detailed model of cohesion available.

After the closest and most detailed scrutiny, I am absolutely persuaded that that will be achieved.

The most detailed type of sorting consists of carrying out a die study.

Yet this structuring of discourse along the patterns of dialogue has an effect at the most detailed , grammatical level.

For the relatives of those who died, the book's the most detailed account of events they've had.

Ideally the frequency curve should be formed from the most detailed possible size analysis of the sediment.

By far the most detailed and satisfactory portrayals of Hercules and his wide variety of performances are seen on metalwork.


The Chairman thanked Mrs Lucas for her work in writing very detailed minutes during the Society's first year.

As a result the law relating to local government had become very detailed .

Unification-based grammatical formalisms tend to employ very detailed information within the lexicon.

Large-scale maps can be topologically very detailed and have complex legends while smaller-scale maps are more generalized.

They are very detailed , made with small tesserae with gilt grounds and subtle colouring tones.

A very detailed program, easy to use.

The details held against books and the people they are on loan to are very detailed .

They have a very detailed knowledge of medicines and how they work.



We know which those passages were from detailed accounts of the Council events.

C, D and E all use a detailed account of the fighting under Æthelred apparently composed between 1016 and 1023.

The goal of this project is to develop a detailed account of how anaphors are interpreted.

A more detailed account of the methods used to implement the Survey is given in the Appendix.

He obviously had a detailed account of the origins of Rome.

Write a detailed account of what happened during that period of the activity.

Betts and Hargrave give a detailed account of what has been achieved in one county.

Nelson's detailed account is well worth close scrutiny for it illustrates many aspects of socio-ecology most cogently.


For detailed advice on how to stop crime in business see page 36.

Here is some detailed advice from the best current practitioners.

The haulier should look for an insolvency practitioner able to give up-to-date and detailed advice in accordance with the new law.

We will also provide detailed advice during the preparation of legal agreements and completion.

Applicants who consider that this exception may apply to them should seek detailed advice by writing to the Registry.

Frank had given more detailed advice on the educational side of things, as had Brian.

For detailed advice on themes contact the relevant committee secretary.


Irvine has presented a detailed analysis of the controversy regarding the role of these two inositol phosphates in regulating calcium entry.

Chapters 6 and 7 provide a detailed analysis of code switching behaviour.

But later in the day, a detailed analysis showed the concentrations to be safe.

In his book, Mowat proceeds to a detailed analysis of the part played by MacDonald in the crisis.

Accordingly, two entire trials for each pairing were subjected to detailed analysis .

More detailed analysis suggests the press was more successful at influencing assessments of party performance on unemployment than on other issues.

The chapter then turns to a detailed analysis of the behavioural determinants of consumer demand.

A detailed analysis showed that the jets came from eight small, fixed areas on the surface of the comet's nucleus.


Table 12.1 shows a more detailed breakdown of expenditure.

The Diagnostic Key provides a detailed breakdown of the Grammar Test.

The figure gives a detailed breakdown of patients included and excluded from the study.

This section gives a detailed breakdown of what may be required in your daily work.

The following detailed breakdown is designed to help those wanting to fund out more about awards available in a particular sector.


The detailed cases described in chapters 7-9 concentrate heavily on the events that took place during that period.

This is made easier by confining the study to a small range of detailed case studies.

The research will involve a national survey of community credit unions and detailed case studies of individual initiatives.

It also concentrates on a small number of councils as detailed case studies.

It is very difficult to pursue an issue when it is impossible to produce a detailed case .

A detailed case study approach is also called for by the nature of the explanatory variables that will be proposed.

These and other themes are also pursued through detailed case studies from several contrasting regions of the world.

The second phase will involve more detailed case study work with a small number of authorities to look at techniques in practice.


Each of these matters requires more detailed consideration .

Planning need not necessarily start with detailed consideration of the content of a history study unit.

The function of the forcing resistance is given more detailed consideration in Chapter 5.

Initial reports have now been received and detailed consideration will now continue.

The positive aspects of this procedure include the full and detailed consideration of the individual needs of each child.

The memorandum was remitted to the officers of both bodies for detailed consideration and report at a subsequent meeting.

However, the great strength lies in the detailed consideration of the nutrition and ecology of the marsupial herbivores.

I have deliberately confined most of the detailed consideration in this study to the north bank of the Tyne.


Thurlow concentrates on vividly detailed description of his races, mostly in the style of the time.

This table is based upon interviewees' detailed descriptions of their desired practice, not upon terms they used to describe them.

Parents may need help in giving a detailed description without generalizing and blaming the child.

This is a detailed description of the evidence, the methods used and the research findings. 5.

He also provides a very detailed description of the medium.

Moreover as a history of realism the book is concerned with larger matters than the detailed description of style.

The majority of this book however, is divided into sections containing detailed descriptions of the most popular and best available packages.

Today, police issued a more detailed description of the attackers.


It took nearly two weeks of detailed discussion by planning officers of all three services to work out the denials.

These six secondary ideas in chapter 1 are distilled from a detailed discussion over many pages.

A detailed discussion of the implications of the different course styles can be found in our sixth report.

So I was elected chairman of the meeting in committee, which is where all the detailed discussion and drafting takes place.

This should take place at a time when the individual is able to engage in detailed discussion .

After two hours of debate the synod voted overwhelmingly to receive the report and moved on to detailed discussion of the legislation.

The issue of equality had to be looked at very closely and we had already had detailed discussions with I.C.T.U. on equality.


That question is more difficult, because of the level of detailed evidence which is required to answer it with certainty.

Well documented and detailed evidence is provided in the journal Religion in Communist Lands.

It needs to be filled out by detailed evidence from local studies.

The conference also heard detailed evidence yesterday on the more disturbing, but necessary, work of body identification.


Space does not permit a detailed examination of each of these proposals.

Thirdly, some proposals do warrant a more detailed examination with regard to their desirability and practicability.

At the same time, these are obviously complex matters which require much more detailed examination .

Officers were continuing a detailed examination of the rooms.

Some details of the mechanisms of dispersal of such imported goods can be obtained by a more detailed examination of their distributions.

This chapter will provide a more detailed examination of specific aspects of criminality.

What does a more detailed examination of the proposals in Working for patients and the accompanying working papers reveal?

These require more detailed examination in order to determine whether they disprove the hypothesis formulated above.


A good way of breaking up the detailed explanation is to add a quotation or two in this section.

The Pru is sending a detailed explanation of the accruals method and the full accruals figures for 1991 and 1990 to shareholders.

Out of necessity these are brief as a detailed explanation would fill a book by itself.

It is provided for reference purposes; you will find more detailed explanations elsewhere in this manual?

See Appendix 1 for a detailed explanation of each of these.


The ability to search for supporting detailed information as time and necessity dictate. 11.

Other benefits include the detection of oil slicks and other pollution and detailed information about land use through the seasons.

More detailed information can be found in the information accompanying this bill.

Documentation is well written and contains detailed information on usage of the function calls.

It is this kind of detailed information which is needed in order to properly answer questions one and two.

The simulations include group problem-solving, detailed information exchange, one to one and team negotiating.

The reader who wishes to have more detailed information on the various forms of physical treatments available should refer elsewhere.


It gives clear detailed instructions , answers queries and suggests ways to improve your technique.

To convert the principle into practice he needed detailed instructions from the centre.

More detailed instructions will be found taped on the walls over the appliances concerned.

There is much to see, and hopefully the detailed instructions and maps will prevent you from getting lost.

Colette had written three pages of detailed instructions about every room and gadget.

The detailed instructions which were obtained were followed, and the famous garden flourished in the sand dunes as a direct result.

Both products come with detailed instructions for use.

However, Lee has taken considerable trouble to provide detailed instructions and many examples to help clarify this issue.


How royal conflicts could engage these various interests is best seen through a detailed investigation of one particular crisis.

These, and related, areas of marketing are worthy of detailed investigation .

The association's own quantity surveyor and marketing department made detailed investigations .

This suggested that a more detailed investigation into growth patterns, particularly on a comparative basis, would be valuable.

The action follows detailed investigations carried out by the board last month.

Fleischmann and Hawkins were making the detailed investigations .

The detailed investigation of selected planning departments involves interviews with key personnel.

Following discussion of the short list, the client may require further detailed investigation of a preferred candidate.


The primary purpose of the proposed research will be to acquire detailed knowledge about how the new Act will operate.

No one can hope to retain in his head the mass of detailed knowledge needed throughout the farming year.

The builder could no longer rely on eye alone; the Renaissance was a time for an order based on detailed knowledge .

We must forget the notion that the highest intellectual achievement is that of specialized and detailed knowledge .

Effective measurement requires detailed knowledge of the properties of phenomena which are to be reflected or mapped on to some mathematical system.

They have a very detailed knowledge of medicines and how they work.

This detailed knowledge of land formations should help geologists find mineral resources and evaluate geologic hazards such as earthquake zones.

Using the detailed knowledge of employees at all levels, dramatic results were obtained.


Clearly it would be better to have a more detailed picture , which more accurately represented the number of options available.

These electrical pulses are then analysed and used to produce detailed pictures of a patient's internal organs.

The value of Moscucci's approach is that she has provided a detailed picture of the development of gynaecological practice.

It provides an extraordinarily careful and detailed picture and records - factually and unemotionally - the abuses which characterized the whole system.

Furthermore, the detailed picture is much more complicated than the trajectory might suggest.

Each time try to build up a more detailed picture .


Make a detailed plan of the room, measuring into all alcoves and doorways.

The manager should discuss with the allocation officer the detailed plans of allocation and holidays for nurses in training.

On 22 June, Sir William forwarded his detailed plan , which covered no less than nine, closely handwritten pages.

George worked from detailed plans , drawings and photographs of the Fort, employing a scale of 1:300.

Following a debate on Nov. 23 it passed a resolution giving Gorbachev two weeks to produce detailed plans .

They say detailed plans were not available.

The letter on Palace notepaper detailed plans to tarnish Di's image.


Making a business succeed is not simple - even the best ideas and skills need detailed planning and sound business sense.

Techniques for detailed planning and monitoring of projects are described in the next chapter.

His initial prescription was a cure based on State control of production and on detailed planning of labour.

Mass production methods call for detailed planning and sophisticated control procedures.

Without intricate and detailed planning the construction of a building would be slow, wasteful and chaotic.

Along with the relevant directorates of the MoD, it furnishes financial and other guidelines to the General Staff for its detailed planning .

Such detailed planning would have provoked snorts of derision from Sir Keith.

They focus on general directives and priorities, set targets and leave detailed planning and administration to subordinates.


If your possible sponsor sounds interested, arrange to return with a proper, detailed proposal .

For this reason he was given the green light to prepare more detailed proposals for further consideration.

Following this we approved most of the detailed proposals .

The detailed proposals were noted in the introduction.

The scheme began with 35 projects funded to the tune of Ecu10,000 each to put forward more detailed proposals .

At the moment I am examining a large number of detailed proposals that have been put to me.


However, he has added some detailed questions .

Women are being asked detailed questions about their child-care arrangements, and failure to produce satisfactory answers may disqualify them from benefit.

Here, at least, the level of knowledge should be up to answering more detailed questions .

Producing three pages of detailed questions relating to last year's accounts may entitle an interviewer to draw an adverse conclusion.

In which case at this stage the interviewer can move quickly on to more detailed questions .

These need not be anything more than the rough headings under which the detailed questions will fall.

The scope for detailed questions on quantitative techniques in the examinations covered by this manual is very limited.


The clearly visible wing bands enable individual birds to be identified and detailed records of their growth to be kept.

The detailed record does tend to suggest that Eden was not the consistent anti-appeaser which he claimed to be.

The first detailed record of a race meeting dates from 1709 when the course was levelled and improved.

However, some middle way between a basic inventory and a fully detailed record is possible.

So, keep detailed records of drivers of all company vehicles: otherwise this personal criminal liability may arise.

Edwardian adventurers left very precise and detailed records of their journeys.

Both replication and review can be carried out only where a full and detailed record of the original experiment is provided.

Constable kept a detailed record and made water-colour studies which are important early topographical documents.


Inevitably, in a detailed report of this type much of the information is specialised.

Physicians performing abortions were obliged to file detailed reports on each case to the state health department.

See the following pages for detailed reports of the Division's progress.

The outcome will be a detailed report to assist providers in increasing the participation of different socio-economic groups in learning activities.

The independent groups gave more detailed reports .

Chromatograms are automatically analysed and detailed reports can be tailored to the application.

A one-page summary for some, a detailed report for others, are there other ways of reporting back?

Otherwise, two detailed reports of the mid-1950s allow us a glimpse of more usual branch activity.


The most detailed research , however, has been undertaken by S. Dench in mid-Devon.

It is unfortunate therefore that detailed research into such issues is still largely in its infancy.

The pilot studies are intended to lay the foundation for more detailed research into the role of effective innovation in corporate competitiveness.

In the bottom-up approach, investment analysts produce earnings forecasts on the basis of detailed research into the firm's activities.

Similar patterns are discernible with other brooch types, although there has been less detailed research .


Only in one major area, capital, has Parliament or central government set detailed rules reducing this freedom.

However, the detailed rules have changed.

Do they effectively manage your empire with detailed rules on expenditure?

There are detailed rules setting out how proof is to be established.


The biological positivists did not, however, involve themselves in the detailed specification of penal treatments.

The role of the Safety Authority is crucial in this respect and numerous detailed specifications require its approval.

Requirements for other researchers involve detailed specification of research topic, methods etc.

First, synthetic schemes tend to facilitate detailed specification , and thus inclusion of a larger number of subjects.

By the twentieth edition synthesis had become a well-established mechanism for allowing detailed specification without resorting to exceedingly lengthy schedules.


Evolutionary Morphology Darwin himself had done extensive morphological work in a detailed study of barnacles during the 1850s.

Shafir made a detailed study of comprehension levels by the supposedly literate.

Morphology was a laboratory-based subject that did not encourage detailed study of how animals adapted to their local environment.

It is not however so well suited to an intensive, detailed study of spoken language.

Where such detailed studies have been made they tend towards the typological and shy away from the technological aspects.

Pearce reached his conclusions after conducting a review of detailed studies into the impact of environmental taxes.

Laski himself led the way not only in general theoretical orientation but also in the detailed study .

This must always include detailed study and preparation of the let-down procedures at all proposed destinations and alternates.


It provides a detailed survey of pay, and therefore makes research possible into what determines pay in Northern Ireland.

This detailed survey is peppered with information on how the faunas came to be collected - often by amateurs.

After some detailed survey work members of the Glasgow South branch.

Seventy years later an even more detailed survey of another Dorset town was made.

A small, detailed survey found that older inheritors tended to put aside much of their cash to benefit their own children.

However, that property could have defects which could only be identified and reported by a more detailed survey .


Clearly, there is need for more detailed work on thermodynamic and chemical processes in small gasifiers.

The requirements may well be modified as detailed work and discussion proceed.

We may praise the detailed work and massing of information, but we may sleep.

Each Cabinet sets up a number of committees to do more detailed work .

How it operated provided an intriguing study to which much detailed work was devoted.

The detailed work has been undertaken by two subgroups, also multi agency and with practitioner involvement.

Instead, much detailed work was done by demagogues.


detailed lesson plans

Do you have a more detailed map of the area?

Furniture makers produced beautifully detailed chairs.

Her biography is clear, detailed , and illuminating.

The police have issued a detailed description of the man they are looking for.


As a result the law relating to local government had become very detailed .

As set out below, more detailed valuations will be undertaken for actual targets at subsequent stages in the deal process.

George worked from detailed plans, drawings and photographs of the Fort, employing a scale of 1:300.

It contains a number of detailed examples of such work throughout the primary age range.

Neither found Darwin's detailed theory of adaptive evolution very useful.

Other studies will be based on detailed comparisons of returns for the Censuses of Production for each country.

There they were to leave commissioners, forty picked by each brother, to work out a detailed division of the heartlands.

Ticket wallet containing your detailed itinerary, luggage labels, travel information, etc.

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