Meaning of DETECTION in English




escape detection (= not be noticed )

Some insects manage to escape detection by merging with the background.




But eventually it led to several notable improvements in the arrangements for the early detection of mental ill-health among faculty members.

Because survival rates decrease dramatically as the disease progresses, early detection is key, Dressler says.

Is early detection possible and would early treatment help?

Objective I-C.. Improve surveillance and rapid laboratory identification to ensure early detection of antimicrobial resistance.

The incidence of mental handicap can also be prevented by its early detection in the womb through medical tests.

With early detection , survival chances are better than 90 percent, actress Sheryl Lee Ralph points out.

Biotechnology can enable the early detection of some viral infections.


A powerful UV/Vis monochromator based detector allows wavelength selection by the turn of a dial and allows very low detection limits.

In contrast, petty theft has a very low rate of reporting to the police, and a low detection rate.

The lower detection limit for bile acids was 0.3 pmol.

A powerful UV-Vis monochromator based detector allows very low detection limits by reaching 0.0005 absorbency units full scale.



The installation of a new fire detection and alarm system is under way, and should be completed by July 1991.

It also provides onsite customer support, a dedicated high-speed Internet connection, security, and fire detection and suppression.


The detection limit of the assay was 0.5 pmol/l plasma.

Activator and quencher ions may produce their effects at extremely low concentrations, below the detection limits of the electron microprobe.

The lower detection limit for bile acids was 0.3 pmol.

All samples were assayed at a 50% dilution in immunoassay buffer and corrected for dilution after subtraction of the assay detection limit .


In addition, detection methods are discussed as well as data interpretation criteria.

The contributors have wide and varied scientific backgrounds therefore giving a balanced coverage of the different analytical detection methods in food irradiation.

It discusses the current status of the different detection methods and summarises their applicability to defined set of foods and food products.


Practices with less stable populations would have to run shorter cycles to achieve similar detection rates .

In contrast, petty theft has a very low rate of reporting to the police, and a low detection rate.

The net result was rising crime and falling detection rates - an astonishing pattern in our sensible and law-abiding community.

The overall detection rate of one time screening is about 2.5%.

There was no difference in the cancer detection rate .

But the Government remains deeply concerned about low police moral and the fact that detection rates for all crime is falling.


The block diagram of a closed.loop waveform detection system is shown in Fig. 7.11.

Supposing we have a detection system that has the ability to find NEAs down to some particular brightness level.

In addition each aircraft will be capable of carrying an oil pollution detection system .

A sound arrangement is an electronic oscillator and detection system employing ganged selective tuning.

The project is intended to assist engineers with the development of a smoke detection system for the planned international space station.

It also has a built-in fault detection system which effectively off-lines defective elements, while the remainder continue operations.

Accepting that the contact was friendly, the detection system shut itself down.



The Government says the plates can't avoid detection .

Be aware that fraudulent businesses often change their names to avoid detection .

It said in a communique that he had undergone facial surgery to avoid detection .

He had avoided detection during the war, when for wholly different reasons he was murdered by the Saigon secret police.

Many of the newsgroup messages deal with how to avoid detection by the authorities.

But of course he had, and my clumsy attempt to avoid detection only served to make the retribution fiercer.

He knew what things to do to avoid detection and he also knew what to do to create an image.

An employee seeking to smuggle out documents can simply place them in a coat pocket to avoid detection .


These problems, however, may escape detection .

He journeyed without royal vestments, wearing a disguise to escape detection and perhaps to save money.

He couldn't escape detection if he tried to swim through!


This requires the analysis of the data using signal detection theory.

Although the encoder illustrated is optical the position pulses could equally well be obtained using the waveform detection systems described later.

In the second section the recognition results are analysed using signal detection theory measures.


By flying low, the plane was able to avoid detection by enemy radar.


Alternatively, anti-HEV titres in subjects infected as children but not re-exposed as adults could have diminished beyond detection .

Both products required Southern hybridisation and probing for detection .

Environmental monitoring: This critical system oversees proper functioning of the air conditioning, water detection and humidity controls.

His enthusiasm for the cloak-and-dagger business of detection seemed to have waned.

Practices with less stable populations would have to run shorter cycles to achieve similar detection rates.

This means that asteroids up to about 250 meters in diameter can generally evade detection indefinitely.

We now come to the final stage in the Johnston and McClelland model - abstract word detection .

When I heard the story as a boy, it did much to interest me in practical detection .

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