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Purchase and consumption behaviour will be as much influenced by social groups as by any other form, of behavioural determinant .

It is essential for the marketer to understand the behavioural determinants of people's attitudes and purchase behaviour.

This section contains a detailed analysis of the behavioural determinants .

The chapter then turns to a detailed analysis of the behavioural determinants of consumer demand.

It continues the examination of the behavioural determinants of demand, by looking first at the role and significance of social class.

Social class is a major behavioural determinant of consumer buying behaviour, and its importance is widely acknowledged by marketers.


The crucial determinants there are profitability, cash flow and capital base.


Policy strategies which attack the social and economic determinants of ill-health are dismissed as futile attempts at social engineering.

Western economic and social determinants were changing rapidly.


The single most important determinant of future prognosis remains left ventricular function.

Consumption skills are an important determinant of leisure behaviour.

The top team A particularly important determinant of successful executive succession is the orientation of the members of the top team.

First, it gives us an insight into why income is an important determinant of demand.

Industrial economics Technological innovation is recognised to be an important determinant of industrial competitiveness.

Defibrillation Early defibrillation remains the most important determinant of survival in cardiac arrest victims.

Number and diameter as indicators of the total stone mass seem to be important determinants with regard to complete stone disappearance.

Management studies Marketing is believed to be an important determinant of industrial competitiveness.


Culture is generally regarded as a key determinant of consumer demand and purchase pattern.

But design changes can be a key determinant of the experience curve for a generic group of products.

The free market will remain the key determinant .


In accordance with the results of several other studies, this indicates that these soluble surfactants are the main determinants of luminal lytic activity.

Generally, economic factors such as unemployment rates, trade and capital flows, seem to be the main determinants of labour mobility.

If we assume that these institutional arrangements remain unchanged, then money income is the main determinant .

For all groups the main determinant of improvement in mean hearing threshold was the otoscopic presence or absence of fluid.


Is he also aware that human skills are the major determinant of success or failure?

What are the major nonprice determinants of market demand?

The major determinant of L 2 is expectations of changes in the earning potential of securities and other assets.

Thus income is a major determinant of the demand for a product.

Hence price is a major determinant of demand.

The major determinant of these so-called objective needs must be the number of pupils in each school.

The size of the pension fund is a major determinant of the extent to which managed funds are used.

The lack of privacy in working-class homes, for example, was obviously a major determinant of mores.


But they are by no means the prime determinant of history.

It should not be the sole or prime reason or determinant of a decision.

Technology Modern technology is a prime determinant of economic growth.

Chapter 3 described the web of relationships of pre-colonial societies in which kinship was the prime determinant of obligation and responsibility.

This owes much to McKeown and Lowe who suggested that socioeconomic and environmental circumstances are the prime determinants of longevity.


And what do we know about childhood determinants of adult disorder which might be amenable to preventive intervention?

It is to be observed that the determinant of A is readily found from the condensation procedure.

Purchase and consumption behaviour will be as much influenced by social groups as by any other form, of behavioural determinant .

The first is to develop an understanding of the determinants of the volume of trade.

The research will examine trends and areal variation in the family circumstances of the child population and the demographic determinants of these.

These are the underlying determinants of the other properties.

What are the determinants of supply?

What happens to the demand curve when each of these determinants changes?

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