Meaning of DIAGRAM in English


I. noun


Venn diagram




Finally, the book is to be recommended to specialists for its clear diagrams and useful appendices.

The book is well presented, it contains many clear diagrams and the various chapters are well referenced.

The first impression is of a well presented text with nice clear diagrams and clearly presented theory.

She talked to him for only a short while and left him a booklet with clear diagrams of the proposed surgery.

Large clear diagrams drawn on sugar paper and covered with transparent film are particularly useful teaching aids.


Fig 4. Complete circuit diagram for the Tie Pulser.

Finally, a unit can be added to print out a complete network diagram .

Fig. 14: complete circuit diagram in three parts.

Fig. 2. Complete circuit diagram for the Vehicle Watchdog.

Fig. 1. Complete circuit diagram for the Garden Hosepipe Controller.

Fig 7. Complete circuit diagram for the Switch-Mode Power Supply.

Fig 3. Complete circuit diagram for the 8-channel Digital Servo Interface.


FIG. 4 Schematic diagram of protein-DNA contacts for one half of the complex, in a similar orientation to Fig. 2.

I feel the verbs running away from me with each new rule, each new schematic diagram on the blackboard.

These were expressed in schematic diagrams showing the relationship between building development and open land.

Figure 3. Schematic diagram of the gene 62 promoter region.

It is a schematic diagram of the manufacturing process at that level of detail for a simple capacitor.

A schematic diagram of the method is shown in figure 3.4.

A schematic diagram of an optical waveguide with a surface-immobilised antibody, designed for the competitive immunoassay of an antigen.

See, for example, Fig. 5.3 Manuals which may contain maps, schematic diagrams and other materials warrant separate consideration.


If it seems easier, write your plans as simple diagrams , with different parts connected by arrows.

Luke's purpose can be expressed in a simple diagram .

Use them to create images for brightening up your newsletters, reports, simple diagrams and suchlike.

Figure 15-3 makes the same point in a simple diagram .

However it is undeniably expensive for a paperback with simple line diagram illustrations and no colour.

Fig 2.1 shows a very simple finite state diagram .



The general block diagrams of such systems are shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.

Fig 1. Block diagram of a typical servo system.

Fig. 1. Block diagram for the Quick Prom.

The block diagram of a closed.loop waveform detection system is shown in Fig. 7.11.

Fig. 1. Block diagram of the Vehicle Watchdog deterrent.

Internal block diagram of Philips's UMF1009T low-power frequency synthesizer for mobile and portable VHF/UHF use.

How much has the peat shrunk, as shown in the block diagram ?


Complete circuit diagram for the Tie Pulser.

Complete circuit diagram of the Class-A Headphone Amplifier Fig. 2.

Complete circuit diagram for the Quick Prom interface Fig. 4. printed circuit board component layout and full size copper foil master pattern.

The database contains failure history information and the graphics interface allows circuit diagrams and drawings to be displayed.

Technical sales literature often contains important data such as circuit diagrams and explanations on how improvements have been effected.

Alternative rectifier circuit diagram to suit centre-tapped transformers.

Also labels the components on your drawing as per your circuit diagram and retain for future reference.

The assembly of this, used in conjunction with the circuit diagram , should give no problems.


Figure 2. Flow diagram of the database used to hold the hybridisation data.

The flow diagram is based on the following process.

Figure 6.9 Flow diagram representing a model of the interrelationships between the processes and components of the hydrological cycle.

The two main economic agents in the flow diagram are households and firms.

Decide on the order of the presentation of material to the learner and produce flow diagrams . 4.

Fig 2 shows a flow diagram of the database.

Instead of couplets the information is presented in the form of a pictorial flow diagram .


Figure 6.22 shows the three possible types of phase diagram for partially miscible liquids.

A typical phase diagram for such a system is shown in figure 6.33.

This temperature drop is represented by the vertical line DD' in the phase diagram .

Increase of pressure usually favours the formation of the solid-as we shall see in the carbon dioxide phase diagram below.

There are two points on the phase diagram of particular interest.

It is similar to the phase diagram of water although there are two important differences.

Liquid-vapour phase diagrams at constant pressure are of crucial importance in the study of distillation.

Experimental data on the influence of temperature and pressure on phase equilibria can be represented by phase diagrams .


This phasor diagram is similar to Fig. 5.6 for the hybrid motor, except for minor changes of variable.

Drawing the phasor diagram that satisfies the magnitudes of these three potential differences, however, establishes the relative phases.

As an alternative to drawing the phasor diagram , an analytic solution is possible for and in terms of the measurements.



We can also draw diagrams complementary to Figs 10.1 and 10.2 which show tidal accelerations.

Narbutas's team used as a starting point a drawing like the diagram on page 188, supplied by Bodnar.

I drew a small diagram of the interlocking male and female principles in their embracing circle.

He drew three phase electrical diagrams with a less than comprehensive knowledge of the subject in hand.

It was not long before Mortimer was drawing diagrams with the cue chalk.

On most sites, the relationship between contexts is drawn as a matrix diagram , which is rather like a family tree.

To check you understand this, try drawing a diagram like Figure 15-4 for the meals industry.


The diagram below illustrates this point.

But this is not the case as Figure 1.3, a diagram illustrating careers taken up by history graduates, shows.

In the diagram we illustrate the shift in both and functions to and respectively.

They produced tables of figures, diagrams and graphs illustrating their measurements and recording their findings.

The following diagram illustrates the problem.


In the third lesson, pupils worked in pairs to produce their own diagram to show the rabbits.

Decide on the order of the presentation of material to the learner and produce flow diagrams . 4.

Dendrochronologists measure and plot these rings and produce a diagram indicating the thickness of successive rings in an individual tree.


You will see from the diagram that there are 36 members of the Executive Committee.

However, we can see by the diagram it is not just a straight shot from the eyeball into the security judgement.

For joint degrees in Arts involving these languages, see the diagram at the beginning of this faculty section.


The filter was constructed as shown in the diagram and then stood on the wooden crosspieces on top of the vat.

I showed him the diagram which I reproduce below.

The flow of warrants and decisions can again be shown in a diagram .

Workers who were to be moved were shown charts and diagrams prepared by the engineers.

Their structures are shown in the first diagram .

Next ask them to put the newspaper tubes on the desk as shown in the diagram .

This effect is best shown in the diagram and photographs.

How much has the peat shrunk, as shown in the block diagram ?


By the 1870s Darwinians were using diagrams showing hypothetical family trees to account for relationships among species.

We then use the diagram to go over the mechanics of monetary and fiscal policy.

The speaker at many a company induction course will illustrate his organisation or departmental structure using a hierarchical diagram .

To depict the synergism of those ingredients I use the Venn diagram below.

When more widths and colours are used , the diagrams - and calculations - become more complicated.


Alloys Figure 6.31 shows the phase diagram for zinc and cadmium.

Complete circuit diagram of the Class-A Headphone Amplifier Fig. 2.

If you think instead of a Venn diagram metric, then you will understand that not all metrics permit averages.

New little clavichord in his study, seventeenth century, and over his desk his charts and diagrams.

On the outer circle of the diagrams describing each type is where the processes of doing sociology are placed.

The icons to the left indicate that a slide is a chart or an organisation diagram .

The point may be illustrated in a reaction function diagram .

These are explained with flow charts, diagrams and summaries assisting an understanding of the text.

II. verb


Ms. Johnson spent four hours measuring and diagramming every room in the 80-year-old house.


Her main concern was grammar, diagramming sentences, that sort of thing.

With a child who is strong visually, you could diagram the process for her.

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