Meaning of DIFFERENT in English



a different kind

Fossils of many different kinds have been found in this site.

a different occasion

The same person can react differently on different occasions.

a different pattern

There are different patterns of social life in urban areas.

a different route

Is this a different route than the one we took before?

a different size

Six towns of different sizes were selected for the research.

a different sort

Barbara never stopped wanting a different sort of life.

a different tack

If that doesn’t work, we’ll try a different tack .

a different type

I’ve learned to work with different types of people.

a different version

The two groups listened to different versions of the story.

a different way

There are many different ways of borrowing money.

a new/different dimension

The size of the bombs gave a new dimension to the terrorists’ campaign.

a new/different identity

He avoided arrest by adopting a new identity.

a new/different perspective

I like the programme because it gives you a different perspective on world news.

a new/different/fresh/alternative approach

a new approach to pollution control

as different as chalk and cheese

The two brothers are as different as chalk and cheese .

be of differing/different views (= disagree )

They get on well, though they are of differing views on politics.

come from a different/the same mould (= be different from or similar to other things of the same type )

He clearly comes from a different mould than his brother.

different beast

A city at night is a very different beast .

different parts of sth

Public transport varied between different parts of the country.

different views

Different people have different views about this subject.

different/political/temporary etc in nature

Any government funding would be temporary in nature.

from...different angles

We’re approaching the issue from many different angles .

fundamentally different

The political culture of the US is fundamentally different .

in different directions

They said goodbye and walked off in different directions.

new/different/fresh etc slant

Each article has a slightly different slant on the situation.

Recent events have put a new slant on the president’s earlier comments.

of different religions

people of different religions

rather different

My own position is rather different .


Their tastes in movies were very different.

slightly different

a slightly different color

somebody new/different/good etc

We need somebody neutral to sort this out.

someone new/different etc

‘When are you planning to hire someone?’ ‘As soon as we find someone suitable.’

somewhere safe/different etc

Is there somewhere safe where I can leave my bike?

strikingly similar/different

The two experiments produced strikingly different results.

take a dramatic/fresh/different etc turn

From then on, our fortunes took a downward turn.

My career had already taken a new turn.

The President was stunned by the sudden turn of events .

(there is) something different/odd/unusual about sb/sth

There was something rather odd about him.

totally different

That’s a totally different matter.




The 1990s will be completely different from the implied Toffler scenario, as presented here.

Two people standing at distant points on the globe would have completely different ideas about where the magnetic north pole lay.

Originally, a long, long time ago, they used a completely different melodic scale to ours.

If you are trying to change to a completely different field you should use a functional resume.

And now for something completely different ?

It's a completely different pickup, it's wound completely different, it sounds completely different.

Next month, something probably completely different ... Bye for now!

It's a completely different pickup, it's wound completely different, it sounds completely different.


It never seemed to occur to him that a general idea might be an entirely different sort of thing from an image.

Today they tell you one thing, tomorrow they tell you something entirely different .

Michael's an entirely different animal.

The two species share the same food, habitat, and enemies, yet have entirely different mating systems.

And yet, at the same time, they are entirely different .

Alcohol is much less potent than opiates, however, because it works in an entirely different way.

Apart from the sons of the Count of Angoulême the rebels of 1176 were an entirely different group from the rebels of 1173-4.

The therapeutic approach developed in this research for work with people with cancer is based on entirely different questions.


However, as Reina Lewis has demonstrated, women's images of Oriental nudes are fundamentally different at the point of reception.

The nature of the masculine economy of self-representation makes it blind to another economy that takes a fundamentally different approach.

A fundamentally different analytical method is to use the concept of bibliographical coupling to construct clusters of co-citing journals.

The reason: a fundamentally different parenting orientation.

Tolerance means treating with respect people whose positions are fundamentally different from your own.

From a Piagetian constructivist perspective, critical thinking is not fundamentally different from regular thinking.

These principles of correspondence articulate two fundamentally different ways of conceptualizing racism.

Government and business are fundamentally different institutions.


He found himself considering how different were these two sisters, Agnes vehement, voluble, exclamatory.

Similarly, a child with a visual-spatial difficulty may not easily notice how different building materials or action figures fit together.

Perhaps the fallen girls might behave better if they were not constantly reminded how different they were.

Carlesimo said he wanted to mix his lineup and see how different players performed together.

But how different and progressive are these NGO-managed health centres?

Here we simply want to note how different this way of working is from the job-based 9 to 5.

Is one kind of bird really unlike another? How different does it have to be to count as distinct?

No. How different things look in hindsight, and how my own flaws stand out in relief.


It was no different from any of those other infamous events that dot the charts of history.

And our lawyers are no different .

By that definition, one might think that the Internet is no different from ordinary telephony.

But accomplishing solvency is no different from accomplishing any other goal.

And this pettiness made the place even rnore ordinary, no different from the plainest sleepiest hick town in the Mid-West.

It is no different from genes for height.

That early October day in 1954 seemed no different from any other as I left school for the day.

In that sense, Morales is no different .


The urban crisis or the inner city problem conflates a number of quite different economic, political and social issues.

It is not that they can not be well integrated even when career opportunities are quite different for them.

The proportion amongst the very old will be even higher. Quite different household patterns are involved.

The latter come closer to exhibiting the flavors of a wild bird, but are still quite different .

We should recognize that the validity of research findings is always relative, and relative in two quite different ways.

But perhaps his senses accommodated quite different facts, data.

In Mesoamerica the social situation was quite different .

If they had been born into a different culture they would have believed something quite different.


And their very definition of the Messiah had been hi-jacked and twisted into something radically different .

If these predictions are true, the future is going to be radically different from the past.

I want to defend a radically different picture, which takes a much broader historical perspective.

He understands the two of them compete in radically different environments.

But it has a radically different conception of the forces that empower achievers.

Adolescent boys are radically different from adolescent girls.

This is radically different from showing that the original effect was spurious.

Almost without knowing it, they have begun to invent a radically different way of doing business in the public sector.


The problem turned out to be rather different .

But this was a rather different game.

Millett's picture of the authentic female self is rather different from that of Daly.

But the case in real life appears to be rather different .

In 1999 it all looks rather different .

In doing so we have argued that the processes involved in word recognition are rather different for spoken and printed words.

A rather different picture emerges if the subject is broadened to include crime.

Not surprisingly, from his hot seat, the trade view of home-saved seeds is rather different .


The few examples of state formation which have been studied in detail are all significantly different in important respects.

This naturally produces very large degrees of freedom meaning that even relatively small correlations may be significantly different from zero.

The lesion area of the group treated with catalase was not significantly different from that of the control rats.

The helical axes have significantly different directions in the two structures, and it is not possible to superimpose the helices.

I don't feel able to do anything significantly different .

These values were not significantly different between the groups.

Weekly hours worked by adults with cystic fibrosis were not significantly different from those worked by the general population.

The mean coefficients of variation of patients in these groups were not significantly different .


On Silver and Knitmaster standard and fine gauge electronics the setting is slightly different .

The absolute size of population gains and losses gives a slightly different picture of regional change.

Ray Clarke, director of the Tucson Urban League, takes a slightly different view of the issue.

The Disney-inspired theme parks serve an only slightly different function.

Each has a slightly different take on aging.

Your brain uses the slightly different pictures from each eye to judge distance accurately.

This one is slightly different from the ones you saw in the stomach.


We visited our farming cousins and enjoyed the delights of a life so different from our own.

How can siblings, raised in the same family, be so different ?

He seemed so different from anyone else.

It was all so different then.

But was it really so different ?

After all, I am not so different from anyone else, if the truth be known.

She wanted Phoebe's long bold stare, so different from Rachel's serene regard-more dangerous, more challenging.

To her, it was so different now.


Well, it may be simulating the same sport, but it's a totally different sort of game.

The two men were almost totally different .

Bob Southwell, his boss, was totally different .

They were from different worlds, totally different cultures, but they were brought together by fate, Marina believed.

I had only ever seen them in a tank or on a slab and this was totally different .

It's totally different from radio-controlled flying where there isn't this link.

George answers for Lennie + tells him what to do, although the two men are totally different from one another.

But the courts will only agree that they're living apart if the husband and wife run totally different lives.


Even states with very different forms of life and different moral world views do in fact behave in similar ways.

For Pitino, the reality appears to be very different .

The obligations to be dealt with are the same, but the approach is very different as between the buyer and the seller.

This habit is very different from the territoriality of many animals, who are content to expel intruders.

Doris and I have very different temperaments, if you know what I mean, but we complement each other.

All were very different from one another.

But they are very different in temperament.

Economists make very different specifications about the nature of human behaviour than do sociologists or psychologists.



This happens because each eye looks at the pencil from a slightly different angle .

But they still look at things from a different angle .

But Christopher has a slightly different angle on why Agnew's have decided to take this leap into the present.

It calls for turning around and approaching the problem from a completely different angle .

I like the way some faces can be made to look at different angles and under changes of light.

These teeth are also shorter and set at a different angle from the other teeth.

The challenge will be to approach from a different angle .


It is also going for a different approach to merchandising in store, for example siting Waistline beside fresh produce.

So entirely different approaches are needed for casual partners.

This did not deter this student from persisting with different approaches to overcome difficulties.

A summary of different approaches to jurisprudence and judicial decision making among developed countries.

We might proceed in this way, but a different approach is simpler.

The attorneys general in Florida and Massachusetts are taking a different approach .

The origin of a different approach lies in the mid-nineteenth century in Lumley v. Gye.

Do different approaches account for the politics of particular systems?


Moreover, other inventors may be stimulated by what they see to make a breakthrough in an entirely different area .

And that may mean moving the event to a different area in the county all together.

I think Drama appeals to a different area of the psyche.

A large practice of 40 or 50 physicians may have a chief administrator and several assistants, each responsible for different areas .

And is it true that you can achieve that long-desired perfect body shape from toning up different areas like thighs and buttocks?

Movement involves a fairly complex and chaotic series of interactions among different areas of the brain.

The report examines the investment and development opportunities in different areas of the world.

Different recognisers have different areas of strength and weakness, so it may be possible to combine them into one system.


Of three of the principal women, Midge and Alexia so clearly belong to different classes , and Cressy to none.

The most fundamental value that distinguishes classes differs for different class theorists.

Tack and Turnout Tack requirements vary for different classes and may be stated on the schedule.

The asteroid belt is broadly zoned into bands of different classes of asteroids.

In a different class of important circuits, positive feedback is applied over a band of frequencies from zero frequency upwards.

But the great change is that nowadays there is a complete separation of children of different classes .

In schoolboy moto-cross, there are six different classes , all different ages and all on different sized machinery.

All kinds of people here, different classes and manners and ways of reading.


They have, no doubt, been adapting themselves to their new home, to a different country and to their new school.

At one time Charley's Aunt was being performed in 48 different countries simultaneously.

A theme is often a good way of introducing a music session such as spring, holiday time, music from different countries .

The same jokes are told about foreigners in different countries .

The next is the disparity between different countries .

These two equations then are essentially the Barro model applied to a number of different countries .


A hard disk is usually built into the computer and is a slightly different form of storage.

Because the truth would emerge as soon as you converted the energy into a different form .

A difference in word form signals a difference in meaning, so two different forms can not carry the selfsame meaning.

As development proceeds, egocentrism slowly wanes and is revived in a different form when new cognitive structures are attained.

That too is a product of the hatred, but in a slightly different form from mere rejection.

But it is a different form of government.

Here the external economies were of a different form and the location, of course, is today no longer in the inner city.

The next chapter will extend further the explanation of how the structures interact to produce different forms of the body politic.


Thus when there is an observable conflict between different groups then whosoever gets their way has power.

One year I gave over fifty speeches to as many different groups .

However, these commentators seem to have forgotten that the level of consciousness of different groups of black people varies.

And flower names for the different groups .

Study participants were randomly assigned to two different groups .

The frequency of symptoms or pathogens in different groups of patient was compared by Fisher's exact test.

But in San Francisco, there would be eight different groups rending his flesh from the bones.


It has independently evolved a quite different kind of lung from that of our ancestors - an air chamber surrounding the gills.

Many people feel that different kinds of drinks produce different kinds of hangovers.

People, of course, live in a number of different kinds of social relations and contexts.

A comparison of different kinds of rocket engines with each other requires some measure of their performance.

Just 33 years ago to sail solo round the world was a very different kind of deal.

B.. Regardless of what instrumentation you had, you still played these different kinds of songs.

As well as posing different kinds of questions, paradigms will involve different and incompatible standards.


It denotes different levels in the staff hierarchy.

It brings a different level of interaction.

This will necessarily involve some interaction between the different levels of analysis.

This presents a different level of quality of service and perhaps even a loss of functionality.

When they allowed for four different levels of transactions costs, they concluded that many potential opportunities for profitable arbitrage remained.

The group had developed different relationships with different levels of supervision.

Transcending different levels of analysis can also affect the type of inferences.

The function of the additional grapheme can he analyzed on two different levels , phonetic and graphic.


Translating the theory into practice is quite a different matter .

However, in the workplace, where productivity thrives on positive relationships, it can be a different matter .

The others looked at me oddly; they didn't have bulimics in their group - that was a different matter .

But it was an entirely different matter to attempt a communal discernment in a large and already polarized parish.

However, the proposed cross-town route is a different matter .

Inside, it was a different matter .


Overall, different people , as members of many different groups, prevail on particular issues.

Finally it is important to note the relative influence of different people in the decision-making process.

Actually, we both have different personalities, and we are totally different people .

Different styles of influence will be used by different people in different situations.

Rodney says he was seen by three different people on his way down the mountain.

A Jacobite solution could be attractive to different people for different reasons at different times.


Not surprisingly research on different places produced conflicting results.

An Irving Gill-designed Balboa Park would have been a very different place from the one we love today.

They sat at different places in the room, most of them also with drinks cradled in their hands.

In each different place , he caught different furry creatures that I would never have known existed.

In the absence of you, this world would be a different place .

There were 17 different places where the dirt-and-rock bed of the tracks had been washed away.

After twenty miles, the three slick-ship companies separated, to land at different places around the target.


Groups Groups, like the people that comprise them, come in different shapes and sizes.

Note the different shapes , and use of a half profile for assured symmetry.

It was a complex job: there were three colors of brick and over fifty different shapes .

Naturally straight, black hair was set at the crown on small curlers then gelled into two different shapes .

The August Revolution, as the Communists would henceforth dub it, assumed different shapes in different places.

The drill itself is a different shape to most models, having a long slender handle and snub-nosed body.

You can use the many different shapes and designs shown in this book for miniature work, as well as larger pictures.


Rather surprisingly, the time spent boring and ingesting a meal does not vary very much for whelks of different sizes .

A company the size of Midvale might have thousands of drawings, in a crazy quilt of different sizes.

Moreover, lectures can be used for groups of different sizes - an advantage in practical timetabling.

In Imperial Rome alone, there are estimated to have been over 800 thermae of different sizes and accommodation.

Provolone cheeses are made in different sizes and shapes and each bears a distinguishing name.

Why is one of the shirts a different size ? - Because it's for some one else.

And the samples come with the option of enlargement to three different sizes .


As I told you, I have my eyes on a very different sort of market.

His beauty was of a different sort , raw and elegant.

This depends on a huge number of different receptor proteins, each tuned to a different sort of chemical stimulus.

Third, Hsu Fu was a very different sort of raft.

That's a very different sort of activity.

Not now anyway, as he was engaged in a different sort of lifesaving operation: his own.

It just made you ask different sorts of questions.

This suggests that those entering long-stay hospital care present different sorts of needs from those entering public/private nursing home or residential care.


Not officially, according to him, but she was certain his fiancée would tell a different story .

Last year, however, was a different story .

But the Earl's followers - and among them was his young nephew William Marshal - told a very different story .

They then have a moment of near romance before wandering off into a different story .

I would do anything rather than spoil your chance in life, and you may have heard different stories about me.

Minnesota, the first state to institute statewide choice, was a different story altogether.

My second book, although it has used the same idea of telekinetic powers, has a completely different story line.

Taxes on rented and business property are a different story .


How different things seem with a little light on the subject, I mused.

As it happens, different sorts of Democrats seem to be for different things .

Different models are good at different things .

Any group viewing a classroom recording is likely to notice a variety of different things .

They showed him in different poses and doing different things .

For foreign policy can connote one of a number of different things .

Passing an amendment to end slavery and actually banishing involuntary servitude are two different things .


To this a variety of solutions were given at different times .

But those were different times at an unusual agency pursuing a visionary mission.

At different times , for different groups the process takes different forms, but the general effect remains the same.

Different criteria of mate preference develop in different cultures at different times .

In total no more than a few dozen local groups existed at different times in the 1840s and 1850s.

How were you different at these different times of your life? 18.

Since we all experience all four life-positions at different times and in different situations we can at least increase the frequency of OKness.

To accommodate such large numbers, visitors were asked to arrive at different times , all carefully co-ordinated to avoid a jam.


There are many different types of fitting.

And what motivates different types of people?

But it is necessary to link the treatment to the different types of problems.

Even beyond the encoding methods mentioned above, there is the possibility of a different type of preprocessing.

First, you must appreciate that a helicopter produces two different types of lift.

Mixed into different types of doughs it adds sweetness, color, and scent.

Does motivation vary between individuals and between different types of occupations? 6.

Several different types of autoantibodies have been described in inflammatory bowel disease and primary sclerosing cholangitis.


We offer, finally, a different view from a leading environmentalist.

The au pair may have a different view of her status in the household than her employers do.

Even if you had different views , you felt you should not impose those views on a significant minority.

Blacks and whites do continue to express different views about the jury decisions themselves, the poll finds.

Do men and women hold different views about what constitutes health?

Typically, psychological problems and personality disorders compound as obesity creates a different view of reality.

We parted amicably, still holding different views of my worth!

In the derveni papyrus a different view is found.


This means you can change its layout in many different ways with great ease.

There are different ways to prepare an inventory.

Just because dolphins use language in a different way does not mean that they lack high intelligence or can not communicate.

The United States might have created the atomic bomb in hundreds of different ways .

The myth of Osiris must have been told and retold to eager audiences over many centuries and in many different ways .

Gay people lead many different kinds of lives in many different ways , with varying degrees of happiness and success.

The notion of level in a hierarchy can be construed in two different ways .

Any marketplace can be structured in different ways by government rules, of course.


Stress signals can manifest themselves in different ways according to the individual's predisposition and personality.

We hear one story being told over and over again, in many different ways , and with many different outcomes.

There must have been many different ways for brachiopods to exploit their simple mode of life.

There are no current rules covering this situation, and companies report it in different ways .

Different units will have found different ways of saving money.

Before you sell any mutual funds, minimize taxes by checking different ways of computing costs.

Four different ways have been suggested in which one might seek a resolution of the problem of the collapse of the wavepacket.

Mathematics, literature, social studies, and science offer them different ways to think about dynamic relationships within the whole.


I still couldn't believe I was here, in a different world , all peace and beauty.

They had come from two different worlds .

She meant quite a different world .

That they live in a profoundly different world , and that they live in it differently.

There were no ruptures of meaning, as the different worlds were momentarily juxtaposed.

The courses are two different worlds , but are just 10 miles apart.

We live in different worlds but they overlap.

He had been to school one day and already he was using phrases and assuming roles that belonged to a different world .


a (very/completely/entirely) different animal

But as I take my very first step on to the ground she becomes a very different animal .

Each dancer had to assume the actions of a different animal .

I was a Territorial, a very different animal .

My second example, although involving a very different animal , raises the same kind of questions.

So in Utah now, Rivendell is really a different animal .

You should repeat each test at least ten times using a different animal of the same kind for each test.

a horse of a different color

Accounting was a horse of a different color, although the Bureau tended to use the words "planning" and "accounting" to mean the same thing.

another/a different kettle of fish

But the wilful destruction of young lives was a different kettle of fish altogether.

For machines with pots of memory and using Windows, though, RAMdrive is a different kettle of fish.

Harvey, with his public school accent and laid-back manner, was a different kettle of fish.

Miss Braithwaite was clearly a different kettle of fish from the other Deaconess he'd met, Miss Tilley.

The other envelope, however, was a different kettle of fish.

The Schaubu hne is a different kettle of fish.

Tonally the Atlantis is a different kettle of fish from any Rick I've ever played before.

Whether or not he would ever admit it was a different kettle of fish entirely.

be (quite) a different matter

But the Friday round, during which a steady rain fell unceasingly, was a different matter .

But the possessions of the church of Canterbury were a different matter .

But the saying and the doing are different matters and are often worlds apart.

However, in the workplace, where productivity thrives on positive relationships, it can be a different matter .

The others looked at me oddly; they didn't have bulimics in their group - that was a different matter .

be a different/tricky/simple etc proposition

be in a different league

be on the same/a different wavelength

in a new/different/bad etc light

But, like the National Health Service, education could be seen in a different light .

He found there a country whose characteristics cast the philosophy of birth control in a new light .

I've seen him at a distance, I've seen him in bad light .

I think we both saw young Mr Venn in new lights , and they were neither favorable nor unfavorable, just new.

It makes you think about those sullen high schoolers in a different light , see their lives along a time line.

So let us fantasise, and see industry and agriculture in a new light .

They literally saw the whole world in a new light .

They perch too far away in bad light .

it's a different story

Between races it was a different story .

But his recent speeches, carried on the Internet and in church publications, tell a different story .

But it is a different story when we focus on phonological change.

It means that if the engineer comes up with a different story they can use this to embarrass the plaintiff at trial.

Lee told a different story in her lawsuit.

Perhaps if people had spoken up, taken a strong stand, history would tell a different story .

Taxes on rented and business property are a different story .

They then have a moment of near romance before wandering off into a different story .

know different/otherwise

Christopher would tell me all sorts of things I would never know otherwise.

If you know different contact: who would like to get this year's books completed.

Just another wench, he told himself angrily, but deep down he knew different.

Now, presumably, they know different.

The answer is probably no - but do you know otherwise?

The public may think the law applies only to the most dangerous offenders, but inmates know otherwise.

We knew otherwise - and told you so on October 26, 1990.

We teach them, you know different things.

put a different/new/fresh complexion on sth

It may put a different complexion on things.

To me, the fact that she hasn't been heard of again in seventeen years puts a different complexion on it.

sing a different tune

Now he is singing a different tune.

You're singing a different tune now from the one you sang after you'd left her behind and got yourself arrested.


"Do you like my new shoes?" "Well, they sure are different ."

a drug that affects different people in different ways

Alice transferred to a different school last year.

He looked so different that his own daughter didn't recognize him.

He took the photo from three different angles.

His hair was dyed in at least three different colors.

I'd like a totally different look in the kitchen - something brighter and more modern.

I always check the prices of different brands before I make a major purchase.

Let's compare the prices of five different detergents.

Life today is different than ten, fifteen years ago.

People are all so different . You can never tell how they will react.

The bookstore has many different books on Kennedy.

The drug affects different people in different ways.

The word can have completely different meanings depending on the context.

Things are different now, since John left.

This computer's different from the one I used in my last job.

We've painted the door a different colour.

You look different . Have you had your hair cut?


All of us have different levels of tolerance to the demands on our mental energy.

And each opinion produces surprisingly different results.

He kept his reputation intact to run again another day, with a different result.

Tables 6.6 and 6.7 give two views of this shift, considering different time periods and employing different classifications.

The religion took different forms in the islands where slaves were taken.

Their members may have different professions, different beliefs, different sets of skills.

There are four variants of this system, all of which have different shoot requirements.

Whatever the factors underlying the different growth rates, it is consistent with the uneven relationship emerging in the inter-war years.

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