Meaning of DIGITAL in English



a digital camera (= an electronic camera that does not use film )

The magazine has a review of the best digital cameras.

a digital channel (= using electronic signals sent out in the form of numbers )

You can’t record one digital channel while watching another.

a digital clock (= that shows the time as numbers that keep changing )

A digital clock at the finish line shows runners their times.

a digital photo

a digital photograph

a digital signal

Digital signals can be compressed to take up less space.

digital divide

digital signature

digital technology

Digital technology is bringing the media and communications sectors together.

digital television

the switchover to digital television

digital television

digital watermark

The card has a digital watermark detectable only by electronic cash dispensers.

personal digital assistant




Bells had no place in the digital age .

The broadcasters say they need both analog and digital channels for 15 years to ensure a smooth transition to the digital age .

HyperCard was a primer for the digital age .


Of course the other important contributing factor to the success of the personal digital assistant will be software.

I expect these so-called personal digital assistants to dribble slowly out this year.


Claimed applications include image processing, digital video and digital audio .

It also integrates PostScript graphics and fonts, supports PICs animations and QuickTime, and has digital audio .


Significantly, it allows us to utilise our extensive content and brands in an already established digital business .

The division will develop partnerships and joint ventures with third parties and will fast track digital businesses and development.

Emap Digital provides us with an exceptional base for developing a scale digital business .

Some of the larger digital businesses may in time trade with their own equity currencies.


It's solid, well-built and looks more like a conventional film camera than the other digital cameras featured in this test.

The new QuickTake 200 is a digital camera that records photographs in computer memory.

Digicam buying advice With digital cameras improving all the time, take some advice before buying.

High-tech digital cameras are used extensively in astronomy to capture dim light from distant galaxies.

I recently made one of the best investments with my digital camera .

On the down side, affordable digital cameras have limited memory.

For video work, I have used both a camcorder and a digital camera as a source.

You also can use a digital camera , which records pictures electronically and uploads them straight to your computer without using film.


Her gold watch and her digital clock agree that it is nineteen minutes past eight.

Smith looked at his watch, at the wall clock , at the digital clock.

As she descended the escalator towards the platforms, she noticed the digital clock in the ceiling.

I look at the digital clock , built into the bedside.

As I move round I see the numerals of a digital clock .

The digital clock was counting down towards the performance.


The general-purpose electronic digital computer Let us now try and define rather more precisely the type of device that we are considering.

Awkward simulations on digital computers have given way to special processors and high-powered chips.

A human neurone is about a million times slower than a switch in a digital computer .

Later, electrically powered calculators and analog computers bridged the gap to the first primitive digital computers.

Most research in the field has concentrated on modelling logical-sequential computation, which is well suited to general-purpose digital computers .

Although digital computers have to simulate this parallelism, true neural network hardware will really perform the operations in parallel.

But computer designers are still divided over GaAs's tactical value in world of digital computers.

Of course the brain is a digital computer .


For example, some types of multimedia applications will involve online systems which combine live television information with other digital data .

A video program, once digitized, looks like any other digital data .

These are then traced on a touch-sensitive drawing board to make digital data signals which are dumped in the computer memory.

Computer power is becoming cheaper, digital data more readily available, and GISs are becoming hybrid systems involving other technologies.

No conversion from analogue to digital data is needed.

They also describe three digital data sets.

These are Optical Disks which contain digital data .

The network will initially support global voice, voice band data and circuit switched digital data services via dedicated or switched access.


Thankfully, efforts are already under way to bridge the digital divide .


If we translate analogue information into a digital form , we can suddenly manipulate it freely in almost any way we wish.

But more important, they stored their data in the digital form that computers so readily digest.

An increasing amount of cartographic data is becoming available in digital form .

The equipment compresses the radio signal into digital form , then adds buffers to make up for any sound lost in transmission.

For thematic maps the principle cause of error is the original map document and its conversion to digital form .

Without protection schemes, songs in digital form can be copied ad infinitum over the Internet.


This is the place where the image is converted from light to a digital image in your camera.

The information is then fed into a computer so that animators can bring the digital images to life as game characters.

The later text, much darker in the picture than the earlier one, can then be edited out of this digital image .

Want to experiment with digital images ?

The digital images held in the memory banks are converted to television signals which are displayed on the monitor.

This chapter contains an introduction to methods of digital image processing applied to Landsat image data.


Many issues in multimedia involve the interplay between analogue and digital information .

The new version of the software automatically indexes, stores and retrieves digital information .

They require a great deal of digital information to describe them.

Far from reflecting continuously varying values, digital information is based on just two distinct states.

Swamping future historians with vast amounts of digital information may impede their research as they attempt to navigate through it.

Instead, it allows the analogue and digital information to co-exist.

This machine gives the computer digital information about the last's freeform surface.

To further contrast analogue and digital information , we can return to our wristwatch parallel.


He also helped start Etak Inc., a digital map maker in Menlo Park.

A digital map is essentially a numerical description of these lines and symbols.

The development of mathematical models to represent the uncertainty characteristics of digital map databases; 2.

A single digital map currently costs £85.


Still, there are technical obstacles to be overcome before a major shift from film to digital media can occur.

The new digital media are still evolving.


Time Warner has announced that it will open up a digital music download site developed in conjunction with RealNetworks.

Anyone examining the tape with a computer would see only digital music .

The future of digital music is a bit murky.


The advantages of digital networks include more accurate transmissions as well as more versatile and economic employment of lines.

The fiber-to-the-curb architecture provides high-capacity switched digital network services to optical network units serving multiple residences.

Customers who want to roam from system to system may need a phone that works on both analog and digital networks .


They are planning a 100 percent digital phone system that will enable voice images and data to be carried on the line.

According to industry officials, a new breed of digital phone transmits in computer code that is much more difficult to intercept.


The digital recording is good, although a bit lacking in sonority and colour.

When binaural recording last found favour, 10 years ago, there was no low-cost digital recording equipment available.


AirTouch has said the digital service could be ready as soon as this year.

If you want to switch from one digital service to another, you will need a new phone.


MPEG-2 sets the standard for the compression of digital signals , the most complicated and expensive element of any digital broadcasting system.

Time Division Multiple Access converts conversations into digital signals and assigns each one specific time slots.

Sending such digital signals lends itself well to using light along optical fibres rather than electrical signals along copper wires.

With digital signals , though, the problem is almost nonexistent.

It enables your loudspeakers to produce music by converting the digital signal to an analog waveform.


It uses digital signatures and requires recipients to download free software to read the electronic postmark.

Some one who uses different computers at home and at work will need two digital signatures .

If the fingerprints do match, however, then Y can be quite sure that the digital signature is authentic.

Already, even before digital signatures are widespread, we are afflicted with Pin and password overload.

Therefore the digital signature verifies both the identity of the sender and the authenticity of the data in the document.

Encryption techniques are used to verify digital signatures on business contracts.

Unlike encryption, digital signatures are a recent development, the need for which has arisen with the proliferation of electronic commerce.


Call for a catalogue and discover the world of computer digital sound .

The outfit comes with six speakers, including a subwoofer, a digital sound processor and a digital remote.

What a pleasure it is to hear some of these pieces for the first time in clear digital sound !

Recent shows at Ronnie Scott's saw blistering fretwork augmented by some snazzy digital sounds .

So I washed it through a digital sound program.


These are terms used in digital electronics to designate the basic logical operations on which digital systems are founded.

At issue is the national switch from the current analog broadcast system to a digital system.

Our present system is analogue and the requirement for computer system links and data transmission may justify changing to a digital system.

It means the phone company will hook your house directly to its digital system .

The reason is that, with a digital system , small variations do not corrupt the message.

Cellular will have the same problem as its begins the move from analog networks to a digital system .

The digital system is then transmitted along the channel of communication to the distant end.


The company had hired a standard Sony digital tape recorder which was hooked to Johnson's own analogue-to-digital conversion system.


Piper's use of digital technology is significant.

Lehman said the shift from analogue to digital technology is increasing costs but without yet causing an increase in revenues.

It is a schism which may have contributed to the stalled development of GaAs as an alternative in digital technology .

Archivists are therefore thinking of combining digital technology with robust media.

Can the demands of privacy withstand the advance of digital technology ?

This approach works perfectly in the Digitopolis section which shows how digital technology will affect our lives.


In brief, it is another kind of digital telephone connection.

It also makes digital telephones being installed on jetliners.

Inexpensive modems went inside PowerBooks to make them communications centers digital telephones and fax machines.


Interference and ghost images caused by reflections of the received signal are more easily cancelled out in a digital television .

Hey, how about that new digital television revolution?

Color televisions evolve into digital televisions capable of showing several pictures simultaneously; videocassette recorders into camcorders.

Then again, the transition to digital television could take much longer than expected.

A digital television immediately decodes the incoming sound and picture signals and converts them into an 8-bit digital code.

The potential bounty lies in a slice of the public airwaves designated to be the home of advanced, digital television .

If a Federal Communications Commission deadline stands, the changeover from analog to digital television will be complete by 2006.

People must buy either a new digital television or a converter box to use with their old set.


Manufacturers currently are working to establish industry standards for digital transmission and reception of the signals.


Claimed applications include image processing, digital video and digital audio.

Our digital video strategy meandered around in the desert for 40 years.

Digital cameras and digital video cameras began to appear last year.


Sir Clive, 51, also invented the pocket calculator, home computer and the digital watch .

He must have watched his digital watch flick away each precious minute and second.

You can synchronise your digital watch with the countdown to ensure you start exactly as the gun goes.

He'd seen something rather more promising than digital watches under Mr Schofield's work bench, something in a small bag.

Zoltan's company, Cyanamid, plans to license its pending patents to makers of digital watches .

You can always tell some one who is using a digital watch .

However, there is an instant when a digital watch is speechless.

The working parts of a digital watch .


The technology of virtual reality uses a computer to map a user's body and senses directly into a digital world .

Within the digital world , however, there are even more acronyms to learn.

Linking their changes to a digital world will be difficult.

After Macintosh, these digital worlds began to weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life.

The digital world of cyberspace can recreate complex natural structures or fashion totally new illusionistic environments.


a digital clock

This camera can take digital pictures.


AirTouch has said the digital service could be ready as soon as this year.

As she descended the escalator towards the platforms, she noticed the digital clock in the ceiling.

First, the new digital seismometers had unleashed upon geophysicists a flood of sensitive, accessible data.

HyperCard was a primer for the digital age.

In digital terms, the sky would normally require about 0.4 megabytes of data.

The guru of the new digital Army is Gen.

The same arguments for use of digital electronics apply equally to communications systems, test and measurement, broadcasting and consumer electronics.

These are terms used in digital electronics to designate the basic logical operations on which digital systems are founded.

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